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The best part of G+? Being able to choose who you share your status update with.
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I would like to be able to choose a group to individually NOT share with. Haven't figured that out yet.
Hmmm. Couldn't you create a circle of people you don't wish to publish to and then just not add it to the tagged list? I agree though, there should be an easier way to do that.
Well, yes, but if those people are in another group they still see the post. My example has been boys. I want to create a circle with every male friend in it. If I want to discuss a female issue, I'd like to NOT send it to the boy group, but my brothers would be in my family group and would thus see the post. It would be great to be able to turn off a person/group of people in whatever circles they are in.
"Excluded Individuals Circles", that when added to something you publish, remove any matching friend names from other circles in the posting. I like it. Sort of an on-the-fly transient blacklist. Send that to Feedback!
I sent it about a week ago. Maybe YOU should send it, too! ;)
Like the little creatures in the Toy Story claw machine?
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