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Haha, love it!

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I dare Carlsberg to start this campaign, but i doubt that they have the balls nowadays.

I dont think everyone will get it, but those who does might understand why this came to mind after seeing the usual: Every good thing starts with...

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Math is just a theory :-D

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Illustrating one of the main flaws in pascals wager.

Doesn't look like our odds are that bad.

Grrr, nVidia... nVidia. I am not pleased by the Shield tablet recall, but i can accept it and i think it is good you react to prevent damage before happening. However, what i have difficulties to accept is that when i contact the support, i do not get any clear answer.

[09:00:26 PM] Hi, my name is Stephen. How may I help you?
[09:00:33 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: Hello
[09:00:47 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: I got a few question about the Shield tablet recall
[09:01:10 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: 1st, i rooted my tablet and i have changed the recovery image, will this affect me?
[09:01:31 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: I mean, is that an issue, and if, would it help if i re-flash the original recovery image?
[09:02:07 PM] Stephen: Well,it should not be an issue.
[09:02:14 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: ok, sounds good
[09:02:38 PM] Stephen: Please fill that form with the right information and wait for the recall team to get back to you .
[09:02:35 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: 2nd, will the  replaced tablet be refurbished ?
[09:03:05 PM] Stephen: It will be a similar device that you have.
[09:03:43 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: I will do so, i just wanted to make sure it would not be an issue before i did, because i read that you will deactivate the device, so it wont be usable when finished the recall application form.
[09:03:58 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: Well, what i mean is, will i get another ones used device?
[09:04:07 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: or will it be my own device?
[09:04:11 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: or will it be a new device?
[09:04:22 PM] Stephen: It will be next to new
[09:04:31 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: so refurbished i guess
[09:04:34 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: thanks for your time
[09:04:40 PM] Ronni Rasmussen: have a nice day
[09:05:01 PM] Stephen: You too
[09:05:13 PM] 'Ronni Rasmussen' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').

No straight answer here, just made me frustrated and feel it was a waste of time, and did not want to start to get impolite, but seriously?

Answer to my first question was: SHOULD not be an issue. Should not? Guess he didnt have any intentions to find out if it would be an issue. I kind of expect a straight answer, not a should or probably answer!

Then he state that i should fill out the form, without stating what form, all i can assume it will be the recall application form that can be launched in the tablet, but why would he assume i would even know about this form? Specifics would be nice, when you ask someone to do something!

For my 2nd question he first kind of avoid giving an answer by stating "It will be a similar device that you have.", which is very unclear too. I know they should give a similar device, which would mean, if i had 32GB LTE version i will get 32GB LTE version too, but avoided to answer if it would be refurbished or not.

Then i try to ask once more, where i leave 3 options he can use to answer out from, yet the reply are "It will be next to new", WTF is next to new anyway? Again my frustration kicks in, and i must assume that it will be refurbished.

Will try to contact the support again later and see if i can get in touch with one who actually feel like giving a clear answer to my questions. If that aint going to help, then i guess i will get in touch with a higher level and tel how unsatisfied i am, not about their product or about the recall, but about the shitty support that cannot give a straight answer.

I will freak out if i send my tablet back, and i will get a tablet returned with scratched display or something like that.

I feel embarrassed by being danish now, after it is announced that our new science minister believe god created earth and he got a PhD in theology. I dont have much hope for this guy to be able to separate his personal world view and education with his current political position.

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Great tribute to a great man who has inspired so many, he was a true hero.

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Great post written by Michael Runyan but posted by the friendly atheist Hemant Mehta.

I just noticed the subtitle of this community is "There are no Gods". I think that the founder should consider to chance that, so it doesn't state it as facts, but stated as what atheism is about, lack of believe in god(s).

Atheism is about what we believe, not about what we know, and to claim that we know there are no god(s) can somewhat only be based on argument from ignorance, and i honestly don't think a group called "Atheism" should be going there. No matter how many evidence we have collected proving one or the other god to be false, then we are still unable to proof that there are no gods.
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