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kathe welch
Four Oceans Press, Art Teacher at Oakland Military Institute, I live in Oakland, CA,
Four Oceans Press, Art Teacher at Oakland Military Institute, I live in Oakland, CA,


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Waiting for a proof...
All of the editing and reediting is done and I am waiting for a proof before going to the next step... I am very happy to finally be done with my first book. I am proud of the story I wrote, the way the words fall together to create a certain level of suspe...

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A small film preview of a scene from my book. The book cover. Here is the description from the back of the book: A thinking chair, hungry sharks, and angry toasters? But, who am I? The artist
looks back on a childhood of being taunted by sharks and toasters...

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The Last Monkey is in editing...
I have finished my first illustrated book and sent it of to the editors. It has been a long process with many things taking my time away from the project. The book is complete and has been sent off for editing. The last Monkey is a story about irrational fe...

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Top grafting Apple scions in the field on Spring Equinox...

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Pulling a print: Cable Cars.
Here is the Video of me pulling my latest print. It has been a long time since I made and videos or used any videos editing software, so there is a bit of a learning curve and this is my first very simple video. It was fun playing around with it and trying ...

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2017 Goals!
My goal for the coming year is: · to create one finished linoleum print each week. · finish my illustrated book “The Lasts Monkey. · and start selling produce we grow on our farm. Your support and encouragement will help me get there. Thank you in advance. ...

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East Bay Open Studios 2015 – This weekendand Next!
I am participating in East Bay Open Studios this year.
I though some of you might be interested and I would love to see you there. The show runs of June 5 th to June 30 th . If you
can’t make it for one of the weekends there are other opportunities to see m...

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Open Studio 2015
Miguel Angel Mandoza Zacarias is one of the young teachers who disappeared in September 2014. This print is part of Printmakers for the Ayotzinapa 43 a tribute to him and the other young men lost... This 11 x 15 print is Oil-based Ink on 11 x 15 Rice Paper....
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