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Pulling myself out of my bad[ass] mood
I've been too busy
and frustrated over the past week or so to write. I felt the need to
dive into my masculine side and get shit done financially, and I
worked hard to do so. As often happens when I push myself too hard, my
body decided to push back and for...

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Happy Full Moon Sept 2016
I've been through a lot of shit lately. Experiencing situations which I had been afraid of for a very long time, learning to fully accept parts of myself which I did not feel free to do before recent times. My personal energy feels quite male, I'm better ab...

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I like to go fast...
Summers during my childhood were almost picture perfect. Oregon in summertime is heaven, don't tell anyone though please, because there are enough transplants here already. Green and lush our gorgeous state shines like a precious emerald, the days stretchin...

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You are Most
Sometimes I don't shower for half a week, my hair forms dreadlocks that take too much time and pain to brush out, and my under-arm hair gets so long that it itches and bugs me. Truthfully there is no real excuse for this disgusting behavior, other than I of...

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Smokin' Mamas: The Beginning of a New Era
The time has come. Everywhere mom's who smoke are starting to come out of the shadows and connecting, especially online. With the legalization of marijuana in Oregon and Washington over here on the West Coast it seems like more and more groups are popping u...

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Yurt Stay 2016
Being that I'm from Oregon I've been on a lot of "vacations" that aren't exactly the kick back with your feet in the sand kind. Coverned in beautiful mountains and landscapes you tend to gravitate more toward outdoorsy adventures when taking a weekend away ...

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Restraining the Inner Mama Bear
The anger I'm feeling right now isn't logical, I know that, but still I can't help but get carried up in it. We just got home from a eventful trip to the park, we go there in the afternoon after Naomi's nap sometimes so that she can play with other kids, an...

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