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If you think you understand it... Think twice!

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Timelapse of my colleagues at Bosch rigging a Tesla for autonomous driving. 

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New robot from the former Unbounded Robotics team. It looks very similar, with different colors and slightly different specs. The target is warehouse automation. The main features are robustness and splitting the task between fetching and transporting. Looking forward the research version!

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Can't wait to go to ICRA 2015, this time in Seattle! 

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Yesterday two very interesting news were given in the autonomous car and drone market:
1) UBER, the app-based taxi company, teams up with CMU on self-driving cars
2) KMel, the drone UPenn Startup, gets acquired by Qualcomm
I think very exciting things are soon going to come!

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Watch this video and think about it.. Every dot is a star, possibly with a bunch on planets like our solar system. Don't even think about counting them, try just to focus on how many there are. It gave me a sudden headache. 

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Truly amazing. El Capitan is the height of three Empire State Buildings stacked atop one another. The climb was up a straight, very flat wall, using only their own strength, not ropes and equipment, for upward propulsion.

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Interesting survey, I'm looking forward seeing the results
Have an opinion on things like biking through stop signs?

If yes, then fill out this survey for a study being run by the University of Colorado.

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My Posts of 2014

It's been great fun to be on Google+ over the past year and thanks to everyone for the comments and interest. Although I will keep posting about various other nonsense that sometimes interests me, clearly people are paying most attention when I'm saying things about SLAM and robots so I made a list of the most +1'd posts in 2014. For me the really big events have been thanks to my relationship with Dyson --- the announcements of the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner, and of the Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College which is now fully up and running.

Other big themes in robotics, vision and AI which have interested me a lot this year and have been discussed in many posts have been all the start-up and acquisition activiy, deep learning and a return to work on general AI, and increasingly serious discussion about possible super-human AI and the Singularity.

Raspberry Pi Robotics course (January) +83 +47

Google Project Tango Launch (February, reshare) +63

Announcement of Dyson Robotics Lab at Imperial College (February) +114

Simultaneous Mosaicing and Tracking with an Event Camera and BMVC Best Industry Paper (July) +133 +45

LSD-SLAM from TU Munich (July, reshare) +68

My IROS Plenary Talk (September) +61

Dense Planar SLAM (September) +54

Dyson 360 Eye Announcement (September) +65 +39 +58

SLAMBench (November) +84

PM, James Dyson and the 360 Eye (November) +65

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A picture is worth a thousand words... Or 1.54679542 feet, 65.86539 inches, 45%&%$86 yards and an uncountable weight in ounces
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