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A Reality Lesson on the Beatitudes - there is also a link to presenting and going deep with the scripture.

Oh yuck! Was out on patio to get something out of the shed and a big RAT, not mouse - RAT - ran down the wall. I think I will cry.

Wierdest thing - just sitting here working in Word and suddenly it sounded like a fireworks display on my computer. Nothing is open that should do that. Any ideas of what it was?

I think I may have broken my outdoor thermometer. I put it in the sun just to see how hot it is in the sun. It has gone as high as it can go which is over 120. Am I in the desert?

Went to Chic-fil-A and couldn't even get into the parking lot. Cars were out to the freeway. That was 1 p.m. when we left subway at almost 2 you still couldn't get into Chic-fil-A's parking lot. The line of people standing was way out into the parking lot. How was it at your local Chik- fil-A?

A squirrel is eating my peaches. I've tried the hose on him but he is stubborn. UGH!!!

Join Gov. Mike Huckabee next Wednesday, August 1, for Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. Chick-Fil-A has taken a stand for Godly marriage and are being hit hard by the left. 

I just had a surreal moment - I was looking through Google Images roses and saw this beautiful rose. I decided to take a closer look. It was from my Blog The Laziest Of Gardeners - it was my rose. It is nice to know Google likes my roses too. 

What price would you pay for your religious freedom. A timely film.:
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