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So prepping for my final 50 Fathoms game and I know there were several posts documenting their endings on the forums. I was hoping to review those for ideas and to prep before my game. I had even booked marked a few to read for final prep.

The forums says hopeful go live is the 6th, but they are still down.
Have they been down this whole time? Anyone know an ETA when they might be up?

Thanks :)

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My friend +Stan Shinn has a pretty cool Kickstarter going for Adventure Location Cards. They are playing deck sized cards with a map and location seed, great aid for the GM to have in his back pocket.
Check it out! The KS is allready funded and he puts out great products.

Thanks :)

GMing question for you folks,
So in my game I use Adventure Cards and I had a player play one that "got him out of trouble but causes a unforeseen complication" So basically he finds this girl who he takes under his wing and offered to be "bonded" to him and be he assistant.

I have plans that she is a spy for an opposing group, but don't know if this is a breach of GM/player trust. So far my friendly NPCs have never really betrayed the group, or at least those they know and fought for personally. The betrayal will cause some pretty serious issues if left unchecked but makes sense narrative wise for this group to try such a thing.

Is this ok? Will this cause the group to never trust my NPCs ever again? What are your thoughts and how do you handle it so they have a fair chance.
I have a hard time hinting at things without giving away too much(no poker face), so one slip up by me will make the player know something is going on.

Going to run a demo game of IFZ for some friends and wondering if you folks can suggest which Adventures that are published would be best for a 2-3 game mini campaign.


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Another successful #owlcon with my friends +Alex Camacho+Derek I+Oscar Cavazos​ had a great time. This is the first year I didn't GM anything but was nice to just play.

Games played:
-Shadowrun 5th ed
-Call of Cthulhu 6th ed
-Savage Worlds - Last Parsec

Numanera was a new system for me but it really stood out.
Had a nice balance of story driven aspects like fate but with some dice rolling. Will look into it more for sure. 

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#owlcon 2016- Call of Cthulhu with +Alex Camacho​ and +Derek I​

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Shadowrun fun with +Alex Camacho​ and +Derek I​!

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Good Deadlands one shot?

So I am running a Deadlands game for my brothers over Christmas and was pondering: What do you think the best "one/two shot" there is out there?

Looking to get them into the horror and craziness of Deadlands really quick.
Also planning on running the Christmas Special "Silent Nigh, Hungry Night" but looking for something else to fill the docket.


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My good friend +Stan Shinn recently started a Kickstarter for his World of Redmark D&D 5e Adventures and Maps...and it is already funded!

I know this is a Savage Worlds group, but the adventures and maps could easily be used for any Fantasy Savage Worlds game with little effort. His World of Redmark is a great place and I love gaming in the setting.

I have seen Stan's work in person and can attest to both the quality and care he puts into his work. We game regularly on both sides of the GM screen and I am always impressed.

Please take a look and share :)


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50 Fathoms New Adventure Log (Spoilers)

GM Notes: 
The group got A LOT done this last game and managed to get their hands so far on a fair amount of gold.
When we started this group they wanted to go from zero to hero type thing and definitely didn't want the world to treat them "special" because they were the PCs. I tried hard to make them work for their money and for the people in the world to treat them as nothing special.
We are 10 sessions in and I think they now have enough to get a decent ship...but have also made a name for themselves. Particularly in freeing Jomba Town..the word will spread fast.
I plan on ratcheting up the "people have heard about your" type things which could bring trouble.
As a GM I want to give them cool stuff but also had to temper it with the campaign charter we did:

This charter really reminds me what the group wants in this game.
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