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Guess What? Pre-Season Doesn't Matter
I looked at NHL team's goal differential in the pre-season and how they went on to do, by goal differential in the regular season. I found very little evidence of correlation between the two. Last seasons edition of the New York Rangers had a calamitous 29%...

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Can Player's Impact Their On-Ice Faceoff Percentage?
This is a question that's popped up recently due to the new adjustments we've had for zone starts. It's obvious that zone starts effect a player's on-ice outcomes, and Tyler Dellow has proven how much a faceoff wins or loss can further impact a player's per...

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Shot Suppression Is The Name Of The Game
As  the “Summer of
Analytics” wraps up and various NHL camps get underway, there is a palpable
urgency apparent from some NHL front offices to find the key to success by
expanding their analytics departments. The task teams are currently undertaking
is to i...

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Updates: Sept 8th
Shot Quality After some serious fence-sitting I've decided to do what many have been asking for: Adjusting Shot Quality, and therefore Expected GF%, by the player's previous shooting% record. This means that Exp. GF%, shot quality and all the other statisti...
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