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sad state of affairs ....

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Very cool tunnel book - check it out!

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Please grab a cuppa (or a high ball glass o'!) and visit the wondrous world of Zim and Zou who create lifesize fantasy-scapes from paper!
And, while there, please leave a comment - you know I love to read them!

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Forest Folks in Out-of-this-World Display
Is there nothing Zim & Zou can't magic out of paper? Give them a piece of paper and a pair of scissors and something enchanting and wondrous is sure to be handed back to you! For their latest project, the French artists - Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman...

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Tristan Robin Blakeman commented on a post on Blogger.
what a fun idea!

I don't understand why - for YEARS - all my posts show up in doubles and sometimes triplets! Almost every one of my posts has 1 or 2 copies of it immediately following. (Only the posts <i>I</i> write)

I've tried everything.

At this point, it's ridiculous. Any ideas how and/or why Google+ is making my life crazy first thing every morning LOL?

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"Hold 'yer hats and halleluljah, mama's gonna show it to ya'!"

YEP - two posts in a week. I must need to see the doctor.

Please grab a cuppa, stop by and stake a tour with me through a real-life Miss Havisham mansion right here in the U.S. - and it's for sale for less than $500,000!

Please be sure to let me know you stopped by and leave a comment while you're there - you know I love to read your notes!

"I used to have hopes and dreams - now I have gin and Facebook" (stamp from Altered

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Inside a Real Miss Havisham Mansion
I t’s quite an exciting moment when you find
that mysterious, abandoned house you’ve been stalking on the internet
over the years– never quite certain whether it even really, truly
exists– finally appearing on a realtor’s listing, announcing its

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Inside a Real Miss

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