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Shipping client type 1 - walk in customers sending documents overseas

We serve walk-in customers who need to send documents overseas securely and urgently. Normally the documents can arrive within 1 week anywhere in the world, 1-2 work days to most of the countries.

If you are looking to send important documents, we are the specialist!

Shipping clients type 2 - Sending parcels within Australia and overseas

Well, if you have been using post office for your parcel delivery, you might wish to think out of the box. We send parcels to anywhere in Australia, and to the rest of the world. We use courier services, that means you will get a tracking for your parcel that works. Price? There is an old say, you get what you paid for. Well, we tend to disagree, you will get more than you paid for! 

Shipping Client type 3 - Corporate that requires shipping management

We have helped multinational companies to print and ship magazines to 6 different countries with more than 10 locations. The project was completed within 10 work days (both printing and shipping). 

Oh yes, we have even sent car tyre to Vietnam :) and skiing gears to Colorado, and award trophies to Belgium. 

What to know what we can do for you? We'd love you to give us a call on 03 9972 9922
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