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And now I have a 4 year old. People like to say "where did the time go?" and "Wow she grew up so fast!"

I disagree with that. If you're paying attention, even a little, 4 years is a LONG time for us humans.

She's grown incredibly, she's amazing to watch even when she's throwing a tantrum, and I can't wait to see the next 4, and the 4 after that... maybe skip the 12-16 years... then the 4 after that!

She told me yesterday at bedtime that she wanted to learn to read. I had to explain the word "goal" and what that means (like when she decided last fall she'd learn to write her name and she did, never mind that it looked like LTnA for the longest time). I could read before I went to kindergarten. That gives her about 14 months, and I don't think it'll take that long.....

Oh, and I had to explain "research" because she wants to find out what kind of noise an alpaca makes. I don't think it's "alpaca alpaca alpaca" in a high-pitched voice but hey, you never know.
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