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Sharing Our Blessings - A Thank You Blog Hop
Today, I have the pleasure of linking up with 13 other wonderful educational bloggers.  In celebration of the true meaning of Thanksgiving, we would like to share our blessings and give away a few items. Everyone will be giving away a special gift (paid pro...

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Pumpkin Math Investigations
Are you looking for new ideas for hands-on Fall math activities? Look no further, I have a great math activity just for you, Pumpkin Math Investigations! Using read-alouds to teach math concepts is a great way to engage our kids. One of my favorite Fall mat...

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Fun Halloween Math Activities
Try out these fun Halloween themed math activities in your
classroom. You can differentiate each one of these ideas and use them in your
Kindergarten, 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd grade
classrooms. Webby Math
Representations Use a web template and attach a string t...

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Mobile Math Task Cards for the Busy Teacher
Every minute of the instructional day is precious.   There is never enough time to do it all!  How can I help kids review math skills in a fun way, but
still make sure they are learning? It has to be easy to implement and meaningful.  These were some of the...

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Ten Frame Calendars - A New Twist on Calendar Time
Put a new twist on calendar time by using a Ten Frames Calendar to teach concepts like odd and even, counting on, composing and decomposing numbers. All while making note of special school events and holidays. A Ten Frame Calendar can help students: see how...

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Building Number Sense through the Tens Frame Calendar
Welcome to the Tens Frame Calendar.  I hope you enjoyed the FB Live Session in which I showed you how to use this amazing tool. Just a reminder that the Tens Frame Calendar helps students: see how 10's are built easily understand how to decompose numbers de...

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Interactive Number Lines: A Number Sense Builder
Have you been looking for a hands-on way to build number
sense in your elementary kids? Look no further, I have just the thing.
Interactive number lines! All you need is painter’s tape, index cards and
sticky notes. What is so great about interactive number...

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Rounding 101 - Number Lines, Games and More
Why is Rounding So Important? If you live in a state that
uses math common core standards (3.NBT.1) or some variation, students are expected to know how to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 and
100, by the end of 3rd grade. Even though rounding is a

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6 Strategies for Teaching Skip Counting
Let's talk about skip counting!  This skill is sometimes viewed as an arbitrary math skill or something you recite on the playground.  Skip counting is so much more. It helps students see patterns in numbers as well as lays a great foundation for number sen...

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The Power of Making Tens
Hello! This is Greg from Mr Elementary Math and I am excited to be taking part in the first I Teach linky series.  I wanted to talk about one of my favorite math strategies "Making Tens".   Making Tens is such a powerful strategy because it reinforces relat...
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