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Geral Sosbee
HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE against torturers & assassins associated with fbi/cia/nsa.
HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE against torturers & assassins associated with fbi/cia/nsa.

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Many of us see the encroaching dangers of government programming of citizens to kill each other.
This report briefly reflects my own observations on topic:

Armed & Dangerous Citizens With fbi/Police secret Authority

During the past 30 years I have witnessed an emerging and often discreet form of fascism which is fostered and expanded nationwide by fbi agents and operatives who operate under the authority of corrupt federal magistrate judges.

On many occasions, including currently, my neighbors come near me brandishing handguns and suggesting that I will need a firearm. I wonder whether these fools know what they have become.

The fbi comes into my neighborhood, spreads the lie that GERAL SOSBEE is a murderer due to his combat service in the U. S. Army, that he is under fbi investigation, that a federal court order authorizes a blanket surveillance of him , and that public cooperation is encouraged in fbi activities against him.

"...a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government." Merriam Webster.

Thus, one may notice in my reports and similar accounts of other Targets of illegal, government sponsored, gang stalking: the Spector of a civilian population gone mad. See my reports on "The Living Dead". See also my several papers at and:

So, all the laws and constitutional protections previously touted by teachers, lawyers and politicians are undermined by a creeping and stealthily organized fbi campaign (supported by Congress and SCOTUS) to turn this nation into a Nazi type dictatorial and murderous State.

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I thought that I would never get old. I was right, and without such spirit, I would not have prevailed during the past half century.


Life is long, considering that our work far outlives us; so, prepare now for your loved ones, but live each day fruitfully and as though you will live forever.

Love at least just one someone because self love is of limited duration.

Anger serves only the moment for hysterical venting; letting go frees the mind for productive, infinite and rich explorations.

Fear is born of the clash between an acute awareness of good and evil; the mind in heavenly mode overcomes all startling episodes.

Memories are double edged reflections of bitter/sweet times (both real and imaginary); so, continue with love always in your heart, a smile on your face, and a joyful expectation that the next moment of your existence is always the best yet to come.




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Components of my main website which represent a criminal indictment of the fbi for atrocities including treason:

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Fbi and search engines seek to obscure my "World In A Box" on the internet.

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See the fbi History Book, Turner Publisher,1996 and note that the complete history book of the fbi as MAFIA is being written now by ME, former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE who defines most of his former colleagues and current fbi agents and operatives
for the most part as criminally insane for engaging in torture, mayhem & murder most of their careers.

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Continuation of reports on recent fbi crimes, 2 parts


Part One of this report show photos of items stolen and tampered with by fbi.
Part Two shows new verbal assault by fbi operative, a lesbian lunatic.

--------- --------- -----

Part One:

See evidence of crimes by fbi which I have submitted to the IG at VA.
The Report of fbi's theft and destruction of government issued hearing aid items is found in my posts on July 4, 2017 at

The photo of the (now replaced by VA) stolen part is marked as item 1 and the photo of the useless part that fbi planted in my residence is marked as item 2.

In the attached photo item #1 shows the CALLDEX apparatus issued to me by VA yesterday when I notified VA of the theft; item #2 shows the non serviceable fixture that fbi thugs placed in my residence knowing that I could not use it. For details see my letter to VA in the link above.

Part Two:

Tonight the fbi sends another psychopath to park next to my car and just as I tried to enter, she launched a continuous and contrived string of non sense and gibberish directed at me. I realized after a minute that this female, lesbian thug driving a late model Mercedes, seemed to want me to comment on her/his insanity. The fbi records all such criminal assaults on me for the corrupt federal magistrate judge who is also eager to take action.

Fbi expands their use of Mexican nationals to harass and provoke this war veteran. The Mexican thug is about 70 years of age, drives a suv with Mexican plates, is accompanied by wife, and joins with his daughter and dangerous son in law to assault me frequently in my residence.

The fbi gives safe passage to Mexican assassins entering USA to commit crimes against my person, while the fbi directs ICE and DHS to criminally stalk and harass me frequently.

The indignity of facing these little monsters sent at me by fbi is matched by the realization that I defended this overthrown regime which is now controlled by cowards and half wits in fbi intelligence offices.

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A Sad Story For Millions:

After decades of my publications online and extensive efforts to inform the public of the murderous corruption of the fbi, I at long last must accept the reality that few people, few government leaders, few academics and almost no one in power cares much about the unlawful torture and killing of Targets and the simultaneous overthrow of the constitutional government of the United States of America. 

My recent work with alternate link:

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fbi Crime Spree Is Supported By All High Officials

This paper presents evidence of high crimes committed by the fbi whose crimes are authorized by federal magistrate judges (i.e.:fmj, and other federal juges across the country). The importance of this study, aside from actually showing how the fbi ‘sets innocent people up’ for imprisonment or death is 1) to suggest the emerging macabre nature of society at large in wrongly accepting fbi’s sterling public image 2) to intimate that a global police state is underway wherein the enforcers are trained by the fbi and the cia.

For the past almost half century the fbi has tried to silence me from reporting their crimes. Many assaults on me have been apparent attempts to torture and kill me. A few such assaults are nearly impossible to prove, but include fbi’s torture and attempted murder of my person while I was unconscious in the hospital in El Paso, Texas, recovering from a service connected injury.

Other episodes of clandestine assaults by the fbi to cause serious bodily injuries include a) the planting of dangerous chemicals in my food wherever I eat, resulting in hospital treatment for injuries b) the pumping of toxic chemicals into my residences everywhere I live c) the assaults of my person by directed energy weaponry (DEW) which continues now for about fifteen years , 24/7/365, apparently for life.

*Note that other assaults on me and my property include regular destruction of my personal property such as my car, my clothes, small appliances, etc. The constant physical and electronic surveillance by the fbi occurs everywhere I go globally. Such surveillance is authorized by fmj and is accompanied by clever, but crude, psychological assaults by fbi operatives and by members of the community at large. For the names and a few photos of these people see My Story In Detail and my other reports online.

I have also documented online public statements by anonymous fbi operatives who, while torturing and harassing me around the clock, suggest that I am a public threat. In this regard the fbi operative falsely announces online that, as I served the USA in combat, I am therefore a “murderer”; he further states that maybe I am a potential mass murderer.

While this may all seem normal for police and fbi to engage in provocations against their subjects/Targets, I suggest that in all such instances of fbi/police brutality and abuse, the law enforcement community actually causes great harm and deaths of innocent persons. For example, see the reports on how the fbi drove two men crazy by assaults by DEW. Aaron Alexis (2013) and Myron May (2014) were tortured by fbi via DEW and their stories are reported online. Around the same time that these horrible, fbi orchestrated events took place, the fbi was busy attacking me with DEW and also announcing that I am a threat to the public.

fbi's Monique Abu-Jamal 25.Feb.2014

fbi's paint me doubtful 26.Feb.2013

Further see my reports on other fbi subversion of law and society:

One might ask what he would do when the most powerful and murderous group of thugs in government
(i.e., the fbi) hijacks or takes over his life in a manner that I describe.

*I have also documented other efforts by the fbi to falsely charge me with other crimes:

See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014.
My other reports on fbi hacking into social media and making fraudulent entries in efforts to portray me as a public threat:

Thus, the general population, the Congress and the judiciary are all complicit in the fbi's unprecedented crime spree. We have in the USA an untenable mess that can't be fixed because the authorities in the highest offices benefit from their own crimes and those committed by the fbi in the name of the United States of America (USA). The fbi considers itself as the heart of and semantically equivalent to the USA.

Alternative link:

After I posted the above report/paper the fbi took revenge by applying extreme assaults on me by directed energy weaponry (DEW, and extremely low frequency sound waves), causing a temporary incapacity associated with extended sleep deprivation. The fbi seeks to silence the intellectuals of our time and thereby allow the propaganda machine to seize control of a primary source of public information. I submit that this report must not be hidden, even at risk of offending the very assassins of fbi who threaten academic freedom and freedom of speech and thought.


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Geral's interests: destroy fbi/cia as they exist because the fbi and cia are today the equivalent of sovereign state terrorists unanswerable to the people.
The 'still sad music of humanity' is made even more cacophonic from the screeching wails of the victims of fbi/cia/dod/nsa/nsc atrocities and crimes against humanity the world over. Their cries echo throughout the infinite spaces because the Gods cannot rest until supreme injustices are answered in kind by a force from the heavens. 
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