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Hey! I know, I know, I disappeared again. I'm mildly drowning in homework, and I haven't had as much time to myself as I'd like, and I am sorry. I've also been feeling a bit empty, not exactly starved for ideas but something along those lines. I guess I hav...

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Take a Walk, Girl, You've Earned It
      I think often we don’t even realise how much pressure we’re under every day. We’re supposed to do lots and we’re supposed to look good doing it. We should be good wives and mothers, or we should be preparing for this role if we don’t fill it already. ...

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Somebody that You used to Be
     Nothing is sadder to me than when someone says they "used to be pretty". I actually cringe every time I hear it. Used to, before what? Before you turned thirty and decided you were old? Before you gained weight? Before lack of sleep or depression or st...

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Opening up to the New Year
         I’m not always very good at being honest. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. Being honest with other people, and being honest with myself, especially when I’m struggling with something. You all know someone like me—the press on, keep going, “...

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Let's be Real
It all comes down to a choice.      Every second of every day, you make a choice. You cannot escape making choices, and you will not always know what those choices will bring. Sin is a choice. So is redemption.      I heard a story once about a woman who th...

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Prayers and Comfort--Reaching out to Paris and Beyond
      What is prayer? I mean, we know the theory, that praying is talking to God and all of that. But really, that's a very vague description. If I say that I'm #prayingforParis , what does that mean? Especially in times of disaster and trouble, prayer seem...

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I'll Title It--wait, someone just liked my status!
     I never used to be big on social media. I didn't even have a Facebook until about six months ago. I have since discovered that what they say is true: social media really does start to take over your life. I tried to document the amount of time I spend ...

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A Beautiful Rest
     I was up before my roommates today. I'm the sort of person who generally doesn't get out of bed until you drag me out or lure me out with food, but I woke up at about 7:15 and just didn't feel like sleeping anymore. I slipped out of the apartment and e...

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My Response to the Oregon Shooting
     This doesn't strictly relate to beauty, but it's important. It's something God sort of put on my heart and I need to share it. I think it's important to remember that God has called us to courage, to something better than this life.      Most of you ha...

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Defending Beauty
     I made a mistake today.      I came home and hung out with my roommates and some friends in our room for a while—because, you know, I live there—just talking and stuff. Then they started talking about this girl who goes to the school, making comments l...
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