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Oh and I dreamed about a pie that I now what to make...

so, 37 quarts of salsa, 13 quarts drunken peaches that are trying to ferment, and a batch of spiced peach jam later, and I still have to do some of my peppers, and then my mom's apple tree...

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Mr. Al Dhubhani wont agree on this...

Via Steampunk Fashion.

First day of hunter Ed class, and I hit a deer on the way there. Only me.

Fate is cruel. I forgot about the last Wildstar stress test beta, but got an invite for this one. I remember, and the first event is today, BUT I can't play! I have a thing to do during that time. I WANT TO CRY. Must. Make. Tomorrow.

So I don't know if it's just me or what, but right now it feel like colleges have made it a lot harder to get into and take classes! I guess part of it was last time I attended I paid out of pocket where as this time I'm not. With the way things are going now I don't think I will actually get into ANY classes this fall, and that really pisses me off. 
So much for trying to better myself and make it easier for me to find a job.

Woot! I got a Wildstar beta key!

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