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Modern | Bold | Feminine | Handmade
Modern | Bold | Feminine | Handmade

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Allison Glass Mini Quilt 2
Last Saturday, I shared with you the mini quilt that I made for Stephanie! Today, I'm sharing the second mini quilt that I made for the Allison Glass Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram. Why two? Sometimes in swaps, people have things come up and swap angels are n...

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Alison Glass Mini Quilt{s}
One of my favorite things to do is to swap mini quilts!! It's such a fan way to stretch myself as a quilter!! This past summer, I signed up for the Alison Glass mini quilt swap on Instagram! I had so much fun with this swap. It was hosted on Instagram by......

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Insta Happily: June Edition
Hey yall!! I'm late... again... but better late than never, right?! Heres a snapshot look at my June! Follow me on Instagram  for more on our life of four and my fabric fun! See my  January ,  February ,  March , April , and May  posts too!

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Me Made May 2015
Hey yall!! I'm still catching up on different things that are on my blogging agenda - but I wanted to share with yall my Me Made May pictures! If you're not familiar with Me Made May, you can find more information out about it here . In a nutshell, it's a c...

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Alex's Newborn Pictures
This week, Alex is 7 weeks old!! Hard to believe my little man is almost two months old!! We did his newborn photos when he was two weeks old. I'm super excited to share them with yall today. I had Candice of Candice Leigh Photography do his newborn photos....

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Insta Happily: May Edition
Hey yall!! I'm slowly starting to get back into the swing of things - or rather, adjusting to life as a family of four! Last week, I went back to school for the last week. It was great to see my kiddos and my coworkers but oh boy, did it wipe me out! So, fo...

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Mini Capsule Wardrobe: Fabric Selection
Hey yall! I hope that everyone is taking care - and enjoying this beautiful weather! The heat has definitely hit South Carolina, and this girl is happily enjoying the air conditioning. On .... I shared with yall the nine patterns that I choose to use for my...

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Mini Capsule Wardrobe: Pattern Selection
So, to continue our discussion of my mini capsule wardrobe... Today, I'm sharing with yall the patterns that I selected to use in the beginning of my capsule wardrobe. Just as a refresher, the contest that prompted this required that each participant sew up...

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Insta Happily: April Edition
Hey yall!! Clearly, I am a bit behind in posting my April Instagram favorites. I can't imagine why I'm a bit behind... ;) But, better late than never. And April's Instagram photos show some major changes in our happy home. We spent most of April waiting anx...

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Mini Capsule Wardrobe: Silhouettes
Hey yall! Today, we are continuing on my adventures in creating a mini capsule wardrobe. If you're just joining the party, be sure to check out my first two posts here and here . Today, I wanted to share with yall the silhouettes that I have selected as the...
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