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Olafur Margeirsson
PhD student at the University of Exeter, UK
PhD student at the University of Exeter, UK

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The Icelandic Debt Relief: A Quick Look
Well, not a full-blown jubilee, but a partial one. And no clay tablets were broken or dissolved during this one. I described in this post the Icelandic debt jubilee and how they were going to do it. Now, a milestone in the matter has been reached: 90% of th...

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Interest rates and national savings in Iceland
Pétur Blöndal, MP of the Independence Party in Iceland, recently claimed that the reason for the high rate of interest in Iceland is that people don't save . In other words, if the people would save more and the amount of savings rise the rate of interest w...

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The State of the Icelandic Economy
Despite the long silence I am quite healthy and fine. As I've got time from my PhD work - hopefully in its final stretches - I've got time to revive this blog, at least for this one time. Not the least because the Icelandic economy is, according to the gove...

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An Icelandic "Fisher Moment"?
Irving Fisher is one of those economists that many know. At least, many economists know his work, and some of his work is better known, and acknowledged, than other. Fisher is the guy who brought us The Fisher Equation (real interest rates, nominal interest...
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