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Twist Back and Turn Left
Watching from
the outside, the wooden planks that make up the enormous barrel of the DemonDrome Wall of Death pulsate like a beating heart as the motorcycles race around
on the other side.   It seems like
a big step, taking a motorbike from a ramped wooden ...

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Your Jeans Are Over 100 Years Old
“For over 130
years Our
celebrated and original XX denim overalls Have been
before the public. This is a
pair of LEVIS They are the
original jeans And have a
reputation for durability known the world over. Only selected
materials have been used in their man...

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Hallowed Ground
As a tribe,
we gather in unusual locations.   Our
meeting places, where stories are shared and surf culture is perpetuated are
not, I would argue, in the ocean - that is where we surf.   In the water our conversations are often
stilted and broken, interrupt...

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Outside Food: Bashed Crab
Last summer I published a couple of posts with recipes and suggestions for food to be cooked and eaten outside in the fresh air.  This summer (because of various weekend weddings and work commitments) I had to snatch outside opportunities as and when they a...

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Excuses, Excuses
I have an apology to make to those of you who are dedicated readers of this blog, because over the past couple of months the regularity of my posts (which for over five years went out almost every Sunday) has wobbled somewhat.  The reason is that for a litt...

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SAS, Somersault Festival, and a Sunshine Sandwich
It would be fair to declare this year's  Somersault Festival , which took place this past weekend, a "Sunshine Sandwich" as the fledgling festival (now in its second year) enjoyed a Saturday of glorious British summer weather bookended on the Friday and Sun...

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Like a Leica
For the past few months I've kept an extra camera slung over my shoulder alongside my go-to kit.  It's a Zorki 4K; a Russian rangefinder that I stumbled across in a vintage store at a price that made it good value as a bookend, let alone a functioning camer...

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Fly Fishing / Flicking Fluff
I am an awful fly fisherman.  I started “picking up” new hobbies to
compliment surfing at around the same time that I started to get really busy
with work (perhaps as some sort of subliminal rebellion against me giving up
more and more of my own time), so n...

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The S-Factor
Flashback to the middle of winter:  I am bloody freezing.    My hands are doing that claw thing where they
get so cold that you can’t close your fingers together and that, along with a
thick, heavy wetsuit, makes paddling anywhere more mission than movement...

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SurfSite Tin Type: An Interview with Photographer Joni Sternbach
In these digital times a culture is often
defined by the imagery that portrays it, and the way that it is presented to
the wider world.   By and large, modern
surfing imagery is action-oriented, so what happens when an acclaimed
photographer with no previou...
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