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Father, son, brother, friend, and guy
Father, son, brother, friend, and guy
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This looks like a good idea, but I already use Google+ location sharing and sometimes Glympse.

I'm just disappointed their "Thelma" demo user doesn't have "Louise" in her contacts.

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Last night, I took a few photos in Chicago with my new Pixel phone. I think they look pretty good.
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A suggestion for election night coverage everywhere: With the whole country watching for the results, air a piece with details about how hard it would be to rig an election. Go into detail about all the safeguards. If possible, show the people involved, and talk to them on the air. Local stations should do this so people can see how it works in their own neighborhoods. National news should do this. Air the piece repeatedly or in many parts instead of cutting to some talking head when you need filler between calling states.

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Usually if I mumble my name, it sounds like "Carl."

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You detonated a thermonuclear bomb and destroyed a city! What's the matter with you?

You can't see that tools that do nothing but kill have no place in peaceful society! What's the matter with you? 
Here we go again...
The President and the media are once again blaming the tool for the evil.
Did you know that on the same day of the Sandy Hook massacre, there was another school massacre in China? I'll bet you didn't know that, since that Chinese attacker used a knife.

Stop blaming the tool.
Start blaming the evil.

They don't blame the knife.
They don't blame the claw hammer.
They don't blame the baseball bat.
They don't blame the automobile.
They don't blame the airplane.
They don't blame the passenger train.

Why do they insist on blaming the firearm?

Comments are disabled because the people who want to take away all the guns also want to take away your right to an opinion. Therefore, they don't get an opinion here.

In the last week, I have had reason to contact support for both Google Play Music and Clash of Clans (Supercell), and the difference was enormous.

With Google, I got on a live chat with someone who told me how to solve my problem right then. There was some automation, and there was some waiting, but I definitely got a live person to interact with me. I did their feedback, and my only complaint was that the solution to my problem was harder than I'd like. The support itself was excellent.

With Supercell, it was an ordeal. I wound up contacting them three times. Each time started with a few rounds of automatic FAQ replies followed by replies from people who didn't seem to have read what I wrote. Replies took a long time, so it was not like an interaction, and it wasn't with a single person. It was a different person picking up the "conversation" each time. The only good thing I have to say about them is that they did eventually solve my problem. The support itself was terrible.

If you ever have to deal with Supercell, be ready to explain your problem multiple times. I'm an even bigger Google fan than I was before.

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What's wrong with this picture?

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My response has been recorded.

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Sigh, 03 was my favorite.

Dear +Jeb Bush,

A better term for "anchor baby" is "American citizen," or simply, "American." You might also call them voters of the future.

Hope this helps.
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