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This was a 360 test rendering from Lightwave - It may not work!
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My Pic!
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Well, after playing with Oculus Rift, I must say that Palmer Freeman Luckey
First Impressions of the Oculus Rift - out of the box:

has done a good job with his "Fun" Virtual Reality Headset. Now if I can only get my hands on a set of those controls - Oculus Touch!

What impressed me most was the use of eye tracking dot that is used in the menus in Oculus Rift. Though this may seam to be a very simple tool to some, it dos has a purpose (Intentional or otherwise) of forcing the user to concentrate on a spot while using the head to pivot more aggressively than usual. This is an action that in some could easy contribute to the nausea that one gets wearing the headset, but in this case does not do to the fact that you're concentrating on an object (the Dot) that is a proven medical treatment used in combatting Vertigo - a problem that I suffered from as a result of an ear infection some years back!

So my conclusion is that the people at Oculus put more than just some smoke and mirrors into this product, but some real practical science in it as well. Such forethought in a product is necessary in anything you put forward to the consumer that contributes to the quality of the experience that I feel was one of the big goals of this product.

Moving Along: I went along to test the Oculus Rift in Unity with a VR demo that Unity had made. One thing to note is that to run apps using Oculus, you have to go to the General settings in the Oculus Rift server menu and turn off the strange program safety on the device - a necessary evil to develop for the device! After that, you can test the app in the editor w/o any issues (even if your system meets the minimum requirements). In the demo, I was able to use the dot to aim at objects and the controller (in this case, the XBox controller) to effect action upon those objects.

While I'm at it, lets talk about the XBox Controller:
Clearly, if their is any chink in the armor, it is that Oculus was not able to ship it's toy with the controllers that was intended for this unit, and I'm sure that they feel the frustration for that just as much as I do, but this was because of a government regulation that is being ironed out as I speak - I'll leave it at that! Most of the apps that I have tried have been built with Oculus Touch in mind, so the question is how do you get by with the XBox Controller?

Granted that I have never read the Manual for this, so it's just based on observation using the Unity demo, but here it goes:

The A button is the trigger (in most cases).
This is the button that you press and hold while aiming with the dot in menus.

The left joystick was useful in one of the games in the demo to move left and right.

In the demo game, I used the menu button (the little black button at center right) to exit out of a game. It also worked in some cases for the menus in Oculus in general though the most control seems to be button A and B (like it is in Oculus Touch).

Oculus Home World:
Like the HTC Vive, Oculus has provided us with a comfortable base environment that we can poke around and select from the many selections that are offered in the Store.

Oh one more thing: If you bought your Oculus, remember that you had to set up an account and use a credit card to buy the Rift? well that account is your pathway into your Oculus World and, yes, they keep your credit card handy, so you may what to disable it for now!

Back on track: If this is sounding familiar to you Steam users, it is! Oculus Home is clearly a copy of SteamVR's Store menu in many ways. Call it a good design that was so good that it had to be mimicked - my only other criticism so far!

Oh! I almost forgot about the display itself. Clearly using a 4K display at 90Hz is the way to go. My view angle was wide enough to feel that I was in an immersed environment though there was times that I could sense that I was using a limited field of view, it was the exception more than the rule. I did see my share of god rays in the picture out of the box. I will see if I can mitigate this in the adjustments and using the provided cleaning towel on the lens.

Well, for now, that's about it! Have any questions? Let me know!

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This weekend, I got a SteamVR Driver update. One of the cool things that I saw off the bat was this Display Mode that I don't recall seeing before. Anyway, it is very Cool! I can now get a look at my Unity Development Screen from within the VR Headset!
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This was my first 360 Not sure how to get it to work in a browser Yet!
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So, before I forget, is a more interesting VR demo in the SteamVR Plug-in for Unity and that is this seance that get to toss balls around. This is a test on how to toss objects from your hand control and how they can be effected by the velocity of how you toss them with your control. Yea, kinda like real life, Right?
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The Official Google+ Page for D Glenn Entertainment
Started in 2005, D Glenn 3D Computer Graphics & Media Systems (now known as D Glenn 3D Computer Graphics Entertainment) was started by David Glenn when one of the companies that he was working for was falling on hard times. Most of the development staff was laid off, but David agreed to stay on as a contractor that started out as a sole proprietorship.

At the start David was working on a one month contract, but as time went on, the one month project turned into nine as they gave David more stuff to do.  Then, David decided to take on other companies projects in order to diversify and build a client base. 

This kindled an old idea he had for starting a consulting business that he called D GLENN Entertainment.  

Note: the term "Media" was added because David also develops 3D Media Elements that are also widely used with the tool sets and other media elements of a project.   

The origins of the name "D GLENN" was a very simple one. David Glenn's very first e-mail address as a student at Cal State San Bernardo (where he got his BS degree in Computer Science) was - no longer active!

The main focus of D Glenn has been to develop computer graphic tools and elements. These are used for a variety of  Industries from Entertainment to Defense. These tools ranges from tools to aid artists on "figure dynamics" for computer games, and 3D Display aids and viewing systems to aerial digital mapping tools and aids for the U.S. Navy Air combat training. 

David Glenn's Background is as varied as is the products that he makes. Having worked at Texas Instruments, Raytheon and The U.S. Army Infantry Simulation Center, 

David has had allot of exposure to figure dynamics that went along with his work in the Gaming Industry working on First Person Shooters. 

Before David got his exposure in Computer Graphics, David had worked many years in the Entertainment and Amusement industries including a long tenure at Walt Disney Entertainment. He has an extrusive experience in many facets of the Dark Ride and Theme Rides based on the Disney Model as well as exposure to movie and animation production while working for Disney.  

To this day, his  exposure with Disney is still considered one of the most important aspects of  David's life, not only for the work exposure he got, but also the Disney's business philosophy that formed Davids goals in business. 

While at Raytheon, David worked on the DOD's first and at the time only successfully working re-configurable simulator (the ACRT). Also wile at Raytheon, David developed 3D evaluation tools that where used in the analysis of missile dynamics and even direct to consumer  Digital satellite systems that would became Hughes Dish, and DirectTV networks.

As mentioned before, David also produces some of the media that is used in areas of virtual and augmented realty simulations that also used in many disciplines - including entertainment.

David currently works in the Southern California area where D Glenn Computer Graphics tool products are developed and used in many disciplines, throughout the world. 

Chances are you have seen some of David work, but David is a silent partner in most of his endeavors! The goal of D GLENN is to aid the artiest and not to dominate him. As the Slogan of the company clearly states:
To give the dreamer, a sharper lens to realize his vision. To shed the light to make a better future for us all!  

That is the promise of D GLENN!   
Bragging rights
Develop the current Digital Aerial Combat Display tool for Navy Top Gun! 3D single and multiple plane Lenticular backlit Stereo Display & software. Also worked on elements of the Space Shuttle Display software dynamics! Has given two talks at SIGGRAPH! One on a terrain building tool called Virtual Planet Builder and the other on a Google like terrain system called "osgEarth".
  • Cal State San Bernardino
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3D Computer Graphics Software Specialist
Computer Graphic Software Development, Computer Graphic Media Development, Computer Graphics Systems Integration.
  • D Glenn Entertainment
    Computer Graphics Software Specialist, 2006 - present
    Develop custom display systems for use in training and entertainment.
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