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Ben Bederson
Computer Science researcher in HCI, social, human computation, mobile, children's education.
Computer Science researcher in HCI, social, human computation, mobile, children's education.

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G+ Friends: Please help me figure out how to know who you are sharing with. There are 3 Allison Druins that pop up when I type in her name under "To" when sharing (two with pictures and one listed as "Colleagues", and multiple versions of just about everyone else I know. There is no additional information on mouse over, so there is no possible way of knowing who I am sharing with.  Seems like the core social model of G+ is completely broken.  I've been waiting silently, assuming this would get fixed on its own.  But still unusable.

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Google voice rings all my computers (via Hangouts), and there is no way to turn it off.  Especially annoying is that there is no visual indication what is ringing. EVEN WHEN gmail is open, there still is no visual indication that it is even gmail that is ringing, or how to answer it. You have to open Hangouts and THEN you see it.  And if you have switched to another tab, then good luck figuring out what is going on.

When I am at work, I have a desktop, laptop, and at least one phone that  ALL RING, and there is no way to stop that. This is a horrible experience and seems to be by design, and completely uncontrollable.  After 4 years with Google Voice, this is a sad development.

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My reflections on attending Google I/O in San Francisco last week.

Another G+ problem: It was showing in my public profile summary that I worked (only) at Zumobi. This is an annoyance because I have two current jobs, but UMD is my primary appointment. I couldn't find any way to tell G+ to list UMD instead of Zumobi in my profile (or better yet, to list both). In fact, I have UMD listed first in my settings, but it still shows Zumobi. My workaround was to unselect the "current" box next to Zumobi. This solved the problem, but now incorrectly lists me as no longer working at Zumobi.  Sigh...

Hating G+ more day by day.  Today, displayed a suggestion to wish someone a happy birthday. Should I: 1) never visit again; 2) leave G+; or 3) just tell everyone how much G+ is irritating me? My answer is #3 for now, but am close to moving to #1 and #2.

Google, please make it EASY to NEVER see notifications for things you never asked for!

I HATE Google+'s way of letting people add me to events, then ANNOYING ME every time someone posts anything to that event. Do they actually think that making your customers hate you multiple times per day is the way to breed affection?  And yes, I have already investigated settings multiple times to turn off emails (successful), but can not figure out how to remove myself from the event, or to mute that event. Sigh...

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This is a great way to introduce your students to computational thinking, algorithms, AI, and more. All while having a bunch of fun playing TicTacToe.

+Ben Bederson and his students were awesome enough to open source the code so give it a try.

via Exploring Computational Thinking Forum (link to post)

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Evening baking project w/ kids.  Turns out kneeding is hard work for an 8 year old!
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