Yesterday was the 46th anniversary of the series premier of Star Trek, so I spent the day celebrating in my own way. I took the time to watch the remastered version of The Galileo Seven and painted and detailed a Starline 2500 Federation Battle Cruiser christened the U.S.S. Wil Wheaton.

One of my personal crazy dreamer goals this year, has been to get +Wil Wheaton  to attend JonCon 2012 as guest of honor. JonCon is a small, invitation only, weekend of gaming in Victoria, B.C. Canada. This year marks our fifth event.

To that end, my friends +Mike Gruber  and +Angela Gruber delivered an autographed copy of my Darwin's World Savage World setting to Wil at GenCon. Inside was a letter that included an invitation to attend JonCon 2012.

Not having received a response, and not knowing whether he actually saw the letter, I decided to create this tribute, and publicly announce that, if Wil attends JonCon 2012, this hand-painted beauty will be his to take home with him. My hope is that I can generate some "buzz" around it in order to get a few minutes of his attention on the matter. (It would truly suck if he didn't even know he had been invited). 

So to paraphrase Wil from Tabletop... "Come on Google+. Make it happen."

PS: I was going to bid on his crappy ping pong ball, but it skyrocketed way too high...
USS Wil Wheaton
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