No.1 Locking Wheel Nut Remover. 07821126599. 100% SUCCESS. None of this, "We can remove 99%", We remove 100%, all of the time.

Haha, "Weld it with a MIG", this from a begging website. Try that on an X5 when it's 4" deep. We will undo them with no damage to the wheels OR the bolts/nuts, usually all four in about 10 minutes.

Here are a few pointers;
(1) Get all four locking nuts removed, especially if you have no key.
(2) Make sure the website you are looking at actually offers a service and not just 'advice', if they don't do it, they probably have no idea.
(3) Ask them "Do you guarantee to get them off, and with no damage?"
(4) Tell them, "If you fail to get them off, do not expect to charge money for failing". Tell them it's payment for removal of the nuts, not just attending.
(5) It's a 10 minute job to remove all four, so if they tell you "It'll take an hour a wheel", someone's being smart.
And finally,
(6) If they talk about Welding or Drilling you are definitely talking to the wrong people.

We have 100% success with no damage to your wheels, so why risk welding on those nice wheels? We would usually have all four off in less than 10 minutes.
Locking Wheel Nut Removal. We remove locking wheel nuts, it's all we do. This means you will never hear us say "Well, we'll give it a try".
We've seen it all, when they've been welded, drilled, air chiselled, sockets hammered on, and still, we just undo them.
You won't see on our website, 'We can remove VIRTUALLY all wheel nuts', because we can remove ANY TYPE of wheel nut every time, and NO damage.
They told you how long?? All off in about 10 minutes.

You've seen the begging sites "It's only your donations that keep us going", well they've never removed a locking wheel nut, but they'll tell you how to do it.

Just take a look at our facebook reviews.

Peugeot, Citroen, Jaguar, Volvo, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, Fiat, Transit van, we mean ANY type on any vehicle.

You've seen the begging websites showing "How to remove your locking wheel nuts and bolts,,,,, 'It's only your donations that keep us going'".
If only it was that easy, don't fall for these scammers, ask your local tyre centre, they won't ask for a 'donation' to give advice.

A new key? It might work, you will usually have to wait a few days for it, it will cost no more to just get them taken off in minutes while you wait.

Facebook reviews (easily verified);
Alex Jewell reviewed Locking wheel nuts removed —
5 star
September 7 ·

What a legend. If you're slightly mechanically minded, and can't get your wheel nuts off, the chances are you're not going to. I struggled for days, bought all the tools from eBay, videos on Youtube, even had a mechanic round with that 'supposed' best Dynomec tool, all to no avail. Save yourself the hassle, phone Lyndon, it took him all of 5 minutes. Really nice chap too. Thanks mate.

Do not go anywhere else!! This guy is the best and can save you a great deal of heart ache, worry and money!! Easily removed a knackered Peugeot locking wheel nut in minutes (and they are known to be a nightmare). Other garages wouldn't touch it!! Nice bloke and fair price - thank you very much. 23/03/16

This guy provides an excellent service and great value for money he is without a doubt worth every penny had my locking nuts removed today and he literally took no time at all to get all 4 off , he is also a very friendly bloke and I highly reccommend his services. 12/3/16

My locking wheel nut had failed within the wheel, main dealer didn't want to know, independent garage tried and failed, but this lovely gentleman managed to remove it within minutes with no damage to the wheel, highly recommended! 4/9/16

Highly recommended!!

I had only one locking wheel nut to take off from my Audi a3. It was badly seized. Few garages tried their luck (chisel, weld, sockets etc) and also damaged my wheel.
It literally took this guy 2 minutes to remove it without any damage.
My log nut was very badly damaged and he still got it off.
People, save your trouble - if you see your locking nut is badly seized, just save your nerves and time and go to see this man!
If some garage tells you they can give it a go just turn around and leave :)

Thanks again! Lauri Leek 15/1/17.

Mark Telkman reviewed Locking wheel nuts removed —
5 star
November 14 at 11:29am ·
Lovely bloke, great service!
Completely mangled and seized locking nut on a BMW X5 removed within 20 minutes (and 10 of that was us chatting!)
These nuts seize tight and are incredibly deep in the rim - if he can get these off he can get anything off.

Chris Thomas reviewed Locking wheel nuts removed —
5 star
October 8 at 2:46pm ·

I cannot recommend this Gentleman's services highly enough!
Do not let other slap dash inexperienced rip off merchants near your alloys!
Call the best! My Galaxy's locking wheel nuts were badly over tightened by someone who should of know better!
I have a beautiful set of Diamond cut & powder coated alloys which cost alot. Of money!
A truly professional job was done with NO DAMAGE to my precious Alloys!
Best £50 Iv ever spent travelled from Dartford over 1.5hrs and was truly worth while to see someone who knows exactly what their doing!

Thankyou again!
Chris Dartford (Red Galaxy)

Chris Soteriou reviewed Locking wheel nuts removed —
5 star
December 11, 2016 ·

Took my Jaguar X-Type to this chap. Took him all of 20mins to take off all 4 locking wheel nuts, I cleverly lost the key. It would have been quicker but we were chatting while he was working. Well worth the drive from North London and no damage to my wheels. I have no hesitation on recommending this gentleman to anyone. And the coffee was lovely.

Pete Fulton reviewed Locking wheel nuts removed —
5 star
July 15, 2016 ·

Great guy i took my.sons pug 207 which had a lost key.... ten minutes and all done no mess or fuss if you have a problem with locking wheel nuts use this guy all the major dealers and garages do once they have failed but they charge you much much more !!!

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