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What is ibogaine success rate? Check out our new article: 6 factors of ibogaine treatment success rate.

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Ibogaine drug addiction treatment explained in 2 minutes, enjoy watching :)

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Another two, new and excellent reviews of our ibogaine treatment centre on ayaadvisors :) have a look :)

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Thinking about Ibogaine? Whether for addiction interruption or psycho-spiritual journey just go to our page. On the banner, on the right hand side type your name and email to schedule FREE and not obligatory skype/phone consultation. Get your doubts and questions answered :)

We just got another 2 testimonials from a couple who has been in our centre few months ago :) I used to be a ‘man of success’. Good job, fast life, pretended happiness. I did not notice that, day by day, step by step, in silence, I was losing contact with what really matters. Finally, I lost myself.
Insomnia, depression, anxiety and fear of next day became my reality for months, almost two years. Looooong years in black and white, with no hope.
I decided to undertake iboga treatment. Now colours are coming back. What’s the most important, hope is back. Self-esteem is being rebuilt. Things, like blocks, are coming back to their places in proper order, click by click. Tranquility inside. Tomorrow: why not? Yes: why, the hell, not?!
Iboga Tree is the place. You land in and take off from Alicante/Spain. Adam and Edyta meet you at the airport and drop you off there after the treatment. Between these two points in time you are safe and perfectly taken care of. It takes about a week. You get everything you need (and you are even not aware of) before, during and after the process. Permanent presence of the hosts. Friendly support and care in all terms. Professionalism and very high standards.
One more thing: I got the treatment together with my life partner. I still cannot tell what it did to us, but we both feel it was good. We are closer, deeper; quality of our relationship has risen. Iboga definitely works for the couples.
The place itself is beautiful. Surroundings, accommodation, food, para-medical care – everything friendly and supporting. Thank you, Guys.
John S.

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Ibogaine heroin treatment - the only way known in the world to give realistic chance for a person to get clean from opiates long term. Hugo share his experience after ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction:

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We are looking for a FULL TIME DOCTOR
Ibogaine treatment centre providing ibogaine treatments for addictions, mental disorders and psycho-spiritual journeys near Alicante, Spain. We are rapidly developing as there is a huge demand for our treatments and tremendously high success rate of retreats. Great opportunity for someone who wish to enrich their professional experience in working with plant medicines. Relax and friendly working environment.
Key tasks/functions of role:
• Deliver patient care to the highest standard utilising a ibogaine treatment protocols
• Writing patient care plans
• Prescribing medications
• Working closely with staff, especially nurse
• Monitoring pulse, ECG, blood pressure and temperature and other indicators
• Observing and recording the condition of patients
• Checking and administering drugs and injections when necessary
• Assisting with tests and evaluations
• Responding quickly to emergencies
• Communicating with and relieving the anxiety of patients and their relatives
• Educating patients about their health
• Maintaining patient records
• Emphatic patient listening
• Licentiate in Medicine
• ACLS training and experience
• Experience in hospital is a bonus
• Experience in resuscitation
• Communicative English
• Basic knowledge of ECG
Professional and detailed training for medical safety in ibogaine treatment provided** Please send your application to:

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Son of Pablo Escobar released a book in which he talks about connections of CIA and he's father. This truth was exposed though already long time ago by Gary Webb who has been murdered for this. No wonder why government does not want to introduce ibogaine into mainstream if this is against their business. Here is more about it:
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