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Five Fandom Fridays - Favourite Fictional Mums
Here we are again, only this time it's actually Friday and I'm following the correct prompt, I'm hoping for these to become a regular fixture so let me know if you like them! Edit: It's now Sunday, this was meant to post itself on Friday afternoon but didn'...

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Five Fandom Friday - Games I Love to Play
So I know that this was last Friday's Five Fandom Friday, and that it's not even Friday, but I didn't want to miss out on making a post about something that I'm pretty keen on, so throwing rules aside, here we go: Five Games I Love to Play I've focused only...

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BEDA #9 - BEDA fail...
Well that went spectacularly well didn't it...let's just continue as if I never fooled myself into thinking I'd be able to blog for 30 days straight. On Easter Sunday we had a little get together for a friend who's moving to the Netherlands in a couple of d...

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BEDA #3 - Good Friday
But he was pierced   for our transgressions,      he was crushed  for our iniquities; the punishment  that brought us peace  was on him,      and by his wounds  we are healed. Isiah 53:5 This morning I joined members of all of the churches in my town in our...

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BEDA #2 - D2 Massive
I've been giving the queen of procrastination a run for her money today. I've been for coffee with an old school friend, spent ages going over old photos from first year (thinking about that Project Life album I intend to make) and have written a total of 1...

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BEDA #1 - Resolutions Revisited
So I've certainly done a great job at neglecting this blog, and what better way to counter that than by attempting to blog every day for a month. Not entirely convinced I'll make it all the way to the end of the month, but here goes nothing... Waaaaay back ...

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January Reading Wrap-Up
As I mentioned in my New Year's Resolutions post, I'm aiming to read 25
books this year. To start off the year on the right foot I should have finished 2
books by now, with just one week left in January. Am I? Well surprisingly (to me at least), yes! Read: ...

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Hello 2015
So now that we're a couple of days into 2015, and I've had a chance to recover from a wonderful New Year spent in Newcastle with friends from uni, it's time to start looking forward to another year. I'm a chronic procrastinator, especially when it comes to ...

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Baking Escapades #1 ~ Raspberry and Coconut Iced Cupcakes
This Christmas, quite a few of my presents were baking themed, which is absolutely perfect, as there's nothing better than baking some yummy treats to cheer yourself, or someone else, up. I received cake tins and cookie cutters from my housemates at uni for...
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