Morning everybody!---

You know, it's funny. I wrote a huge journal this morning over on deviantART, a site where I was once so entrenched in, so dedicated to, that I actually decided to become a gallery moderator on there for photography-animals, plants and nature. I don't spend hardly any time on there anymore and logging in there makes me feel so...well I can't describe it especially. The atmosphere and comfort zone level of G+ compared to there is day and night for me though. I feel very relaxed here, among very much like minded people, who take their photography seriously and are keen to share the wealth of knowledge among others.

In the few short 1 1/2 months I have been on here I have made several friends, not just online mind you, but also in real life, shooting with several of you and just having a great time. Thanks everybody for making this site completely just epic and making it everything that it can and should be.

G+ is now officially my photography home.

So how about you all? What has your experience been like so far on G+? have you found it as good as I have?

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