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Vitamins at a Glance
This super easy-to-read infographic shows us at a quick glance the basic vitamin, the body parts that it protects and the foods that you can eat to get those vitamins. It serves as a quick reminder which you can print and post on your fridge or keep as reference in your pocket when you go food shopping! We found this on Pinterest:

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What is your favorite tea?

We love this list of reasons to drink tea (with their amusing videos). We especially like the reason that it can calm you. We are all for anything that brings us in focus and relaxes our bodies and minds! This list may be tongue in cheek but there is some truth to these reasons. 

Included is also a list of health benefits. We especially like that it boosts functioning In older ages, because after all, we need that boost at any age.

Read both lists here:

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+Dani Flanny Such a good choice! We love the antioxident banefits. Such a good choice when you have a cold or feel one coming on!
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A list of 20 healthy and detoxifying foods for you to remember to eat! 

From  +Vision Times 
Thank you for sharing @Siew Wah!
For You: A list of 20 Detoxifying Foods to Add to Your Weekly Shopping Here is a list of common and less well known plants for helping to detox and lose weight by getting unwanted fluid out of the body in a most natural way. 
In China, foods have historically been considered to have medicinal qualities. Here are 20 detoxifying foods that will help make you healthier. 1. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes contain digestible fibre that can facilitate bowel movement. The best way to eat them is to bake them and eat unpeeled.
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Is it true? Well, it doesn’t mean you will never get sick, but apples are a rich source of vitamins that encourage strength and fighting free radicals. So, it can help, yes.

Our bodies sometimes crave various foods. Why? Our bodies, even our internal organs can feel things. Foods, nutrients affect them. If we crave a certain food, something sweet or something salty, there is a reason for it. Maybe we ate something that is the antithesis of the food, which then in turn makes our body feel or react in a certain way which is a tell-tale sign of needing the food you are craving. If you are in tune with you body, you may be able to sense what you need in your diet by listening to your body. Certain cravings are connected to certain internal organs.

In this short article, it gives you an idea of a few cravings you may have and why you may be having them and what you should eat to counteract the craving. For example if you crave something salty, this could be coming from your liver and a symptom could be stress. They suggest to switch to sea salt and eat foods with magnesium in them to calm the nerves. Read here for more interesting examples that you can keep in mind:

We love this infographic by @hungryhouse that shows you in a quick glance what your organs need. We added the apple because, well, an apple a day never hurts!

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Songkran / Thai New Year Celebration
April 13-15, 2015

One of our most fun festivals is held this year from April 13-15th.
Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai has a lot of activities planned:

Procession and bathing of Phra Buddha Sihing, local Lanna women riding a Kang Chong (a Northern vehicle) procession, bathing and paying respect to elders by pouring scented water (nam op), building sand pagodas, local art and cultural shows, Lanna’s man and lady beauty contests, water splashing around the moat of Chiang Mai, and enjoy delicious international foods along Urban Culture Street.
Come and join the fun and festivities!

(And by the way, bus operators have added some 200 additional bus services to ensure more passengers reach Chiang Mai for the festivities:

#songkran   #songkran2015   #thailand  
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Avocados are filled with nutrition. This is a great article about it's nutrition and health benefits.
Avocado Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
Avocado is an interesting fruit, with a very low carbohydrate content (it’s not sweet), but rich in healthy fats and fiber. Originally from Central America, avocado is now grown in all hot or Mediterr
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How To Meditate (And Get The Most Benefit Out Of It)

"Mindfulness teaches us how to be unconditionally present; that is, it helps us be present with whatever is happening, no matter what it is."

Read more about the health benefits of meditation and how to do it. This is a thorough article with videos:

Have you had any significant changes due to meditation?

#meditation #mindfullness #mindfulnessmeditation #relaxing #healthy
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Chiang Mai Weekend Special. Save 50%!

Sometimes a weekend getaway is exactly what one needs.

Check-in on Friday or Saturday and receive 50% OFF your room rate.

Maximum 3 night stay. This offer is good only until October 31st.

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Promotions. Booking Make use of our special promotions to get best deals and packages. We are constantly working on giving you a great deal for your holiday in Chiang Mai. Be it Early Bird rates for travelers planning their holiday in advance, Last Minute and Weekend Promotions for the ...
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Happy Coronation Day to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej!

On 5 May of every year, we rejoice and express our affection and loyalty to him by celebrating his coronation day. Here is a bit of history and also The Royal Anthem.

‪#‎Thaicoronationday‬ ‪#‎Thailand‬ ‪#‎celebration‬
Coronation Day (วันฉัตรมงคล [wan chat-mong-kol]). The coronation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej took place on 5 May 1950. His Majesty is the ninth King of the Chakri Dynasty. On 5 May of every year, the Thai people rejoice and express their affection and loyalty to him by organizing a ...
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Great photo from the past
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Detoxification Packages in Chiang Mai
Are you feeling sluggish and unhealthy after a long winter? It's time to refresh yourself!

Come stay with us in one of our calming and zen-like rooms (as seen below) and do the detoxification package for 7 or 12 days. Our location is quiet and relaxing, our spa facilities comforting and our kitchen holistic and health oriented.

Check out your daily itinerary and book it right here:

Here is a good article on 12 benefits of detoxing the body, just to remind you how good it is for you, as well as make you feel and look healthy!

You can book on our website and you will get the best prices available on any site.

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Exploring Chiang Mai?

Looking for some places to go in Chiang Mai? Or want to see what the surroundings look like? Here is a fun video made by some expats about local places to go. See a bit of culture, food, nightlife, some homes and of course some elephants!

#chiangmai #thailand #thailandvacation #summer
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Yoga Power Poses

Yoga trainer Alexandria Crow shows us in a few short videos, some poses that might immediately help you feel confident and powerful. These are great for anyone to do, whether you are a yoga master or someone who never does yoga. If you sit at a desk all day, or before an important meeting, first thing in the morning, these short poses can give you a quick burst of confidence that will continue throughout the day. Open your chest and be proud. Let us know how it works for you!

#alexandriacrow  #yoga #confidence #oprah   #own  
Yoga trainer and teacher Alexandria Crow demonstrates some of her favorite yoga moves that will make you feel empowered in a few short minutes.Follow her on instagram @alexandriacrowyoga.
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