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What did you wind up using? That doesn't look like electroluminescent wire to me...
It is! Want to bring your bike to OrdCamp and I'll bring you a kit!
I'll have my Segway at ORD Camp--I wonder if that would work :-)
In that case there's a whole lot more saving that has to be done. I'll bring you a whole bicyle.
+Brian Fitzpatrick it is 5mm aqua blue EL wire.

Great job +Ben Berkowitz ! Looks sharp! I'll try to bike down to VHS tonight, you can see my bike if you come down. Maybe we could glow-ride.
I've got these kits for sale, I'm happy to sell some to Ben to take back to the east coast! :)
What a salesman. Luke, we might actually want a bunch for a project. Mailing them might be the best.
Let me discuss with the team. Also, let's get together with Kevin before I leave. What's early next week like for you guys?
Just saw the glow ride comment Luke. Was in Seattle yesterday being an american and such.
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