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I'm going to be using it for a full blown web app soon for our microbloging platform(twitter clone).
wait, so is this a twitter clone or a CM app store?!
the twitter bootstrap just makes it easy to use nice design elements quickly. Has nothing to really do with twitter the service.
Ohh, makes sense. using google before posting seems like a good idea.
It's not just pretty, it's pretty awesome! Using it since 1.1 and don't wanna miss it anymore.
If you need any help for the Italian translations please ping me!
Need German translations? Would be an honor to help; just drop a msg.
Be careful about using the name "App Store", unless you guys have a specifically stellar legal department.
Erich W
please make sure it has a web version of the store like android market thanks
Looks great. Have you given any consideration to allowing a minimum app price less than a dollar?
Why is a price below .99 necessary? .99 is too cheap as it is. These people need to make money, they deserve to make money. Don't be a cheap ass.
+Aaron Kasten slow your ragemachine down a bit buddy. The ability to price something below $.99 != the developer having to price it below $.99

Giving someone the ability to price something for 50 cents is just that. An option. You don't seriously think including that as an option is going to make a developer that has a $4.99 app go "OH HAY! LOOK! AN OPTION! WHY NOT CHARGE A FRACTION INSTEAD?!?!"

There is no need to be a giant dick because you feel that apps should be more expensive. While I believe that there are plenty of $.99 apps that I'd have gladly paid more for, and that there are far too many people that complain about $.99 apps being too expensive, jumping down someones throat because they asked about a possibility of an OPTION is pretty lame.
I support options, I don't support people just looking to spend less on apps.
+Aaron Kasten Wait... contradiction much? You're jumping down this dudes throat because he asked if there would be an option. What if he's a developer asking if HE could charge less because HE wants to?
+Aaron Kasten I'm actually speaking from the perspective of a developer not a consumer.

There is a place for sub 99 cents apps. I'm not trying to suggest that all apps should be that cheap but a lot of little 1 off apps don't really merit the price of 99 cents. Sure you can make your apps free and then put ads in them but the ads don't really work in a lot of apps .

For instance I have a live wallpaper that is moderately popular that I've distributed for free because I didn't think people would pay a dollar for it. I also didn't want to put ads in the live wallpaper for a variety of reasons. If the option to release my app for 5 or 10 cents would have been available I would have done it in a heart beat.
+Stuart Layton sorry for the misunderstanding I see your point but still believe too many people undervalue mobile apps.
+Aaron Kasten as do we (I'm assuming he does too, could be wrong). Being sarcastic after realizing your wrong is pretty classy man. You can jump all up in some dudes shit but when you're corrected it's suddenly wrong for anyone to call you out on it? Cmon man, cmon..
+Aaron Kasten come on man, don't be butthurt. Never said I was classy, I'm probably the furthest from it. Just hate to see you go down that road (as you seem to be today).
On a completely different note (since we are making irrelevant requests), can this store please put an end to the *.99 nonsense? Seriously, charge $1, it's not that hard. I'm tired of seeing things cost $2.99 when they could just as easily cost $3, and no one would care. Just because Wal-Mart decided to start a trend doesn't mean we all have to follow it.
+Chris Sewell I'd have to care to be butthurt, no worries here mate (I think I just went Australian)
+Kiril Vatev Unfortunately studies show (iirc) that $.99 sells better than $1.00. People really think it's better than a dollar by all that much. I entirely agree with you though. I'd love to see things cost even dollar amounts. I'd gladly spend the extra penny. But I think that it's here to stay for quite some time because of the mentality of the general public of not paying the next full dollar amount is saving enough to give any fucks about.
+Kiril Vatev "Just because Wal-Mart decided to start a trend" - you don't actually think that do you? Kids today...
Hola. Creo que sindudas es una tremenda idea. Que va a cambiar al mundo android
+Kiril Vatev some places do the .99 thing to track inventory. For example I am at wally world buying item X it is regular priced at 5.99, when it is on sale it is 4.98, when it goes on clearance it is 2.97. This way they can track how many items were sold on clearance. At least that was something they did when I worked at a retail store about 13 years ago. I doubt it is necessary anymore do to better inventory and sales systems. Probably just something that has stuck around. I have read it's a psychological thing too, people are more willing to buy something at 1.99 as opposed to 2.00
I wish places in the US included Tax and made the amount even. When I visited New Zealand everything there included tax and equaled an amount most people might be carrying with them in cash. Maybe it's because the US has become so credit card centric?

Explains it how I see it. These days inventory isn't kept via paper transactions. Barcode scanners and computers keep an accurate count of what is sold (with minimal error which is generally budgeted for). How would pricing something $2.97 vs $3.00 effect how they tracked if it was sold on clearance or not? Does it not being a rounded off number really make that much of a difference in how they track what price that item was sold at? O.o
+Chris Sewell I know about the studies -- I've read a few. It is apparently a psychological thing of not considering cent amount as "actual money". However, this store has a unique opportunity to change that. It seems like the potential market for this store is content on paying for apps (and some have said they pay for apps to support the dev, even if they don't really use the apps). This mentality means the consumers are operating under a donation (or community) model, rather than a conventional business model -- such as "a dollar now means I can ask this dev for stuff later". This is the perfect environment under which to cut bullshit like $.99 (on that note, it seems like even less money if you don't use $) -- unless this store gets ruined too, in which case all bets are off.
+Kiril Vatev I'm ALL for changing it. Couldn't agree more. Was just saying that because of this foolish mentality that it's going to be a bit of a battle. If it starts here, great. Absolutely great. Was just giving a reason why it might not start here (or anywhere else atm). It's gotta start somewhere though, right?
You are right. There is absolutely no effect whatsoever. Computers make mundane tasks easy, and that is why we love them. But it is sooo annoying. If it is going to be easy anyway ($2.97 or $3), why not at remove the annoying part? This store is taking a stand anyway, why not take a stand on a bunch of things we don't like?
And I don't mean to change the subject (again), but I have an actual serious comment. Can there be a way that the CM store is linked to the Android market? Meaning, I buy an app in the CM store, and that app is connected to the Market so that for all intents and purposes, I get updates from the Market (unless of course, the app is banned from the Market). This might make average users more likely to use it since it provided a safety net ("if it somehow disappears, I don't have to re-buy the app or lose support"). I know that's one of the problems I have with the Amazon app store.
I don't think that's possible tbh. shrug
Bummer. I know Titanium has the whole link/unlink from the Market, so I thought there might be something there. I'm sure that a work-around implementation can be made, but I don't know if the work is worth it. Might be a good question to discuss around the CM dinner table though. (Does that exist?)
You keep mentioning it, guess it's time to check it out.
This is just what we need keep up the good work
+Kiril Vatev no its not possible to do, the only way to do this would be a unlocker from the cm market and downloading the app from the Android Market, this is up to the dev but more and more are adopting this model in order to accept PayPal payments from people in non market supported regions
Sweet, tyvm the market has been a real pain on my C Nook
Bootstrap makes everything look like twitter! What a nice idea.... (not)
+Thomas Lekanger Don't be an idiot. Making the developer portal look pretty by spending weeks on an original design is about the lowest priority task on the list of things to do.
Thats true. Still not a fan of bootstrap though.
Plus, he sucks at design, so there is another reason.
The design doesn't matter. I'am looking forward to a cyanogenappstore!
Hi Koushnik, if Amazon didn't like the idea, how about you try with us: We are a truly independant appstore, and we can bring you 7MN customers in 2012. Add me in for a chat!
Really good idea! A trusted source for buying the apps that have been removed from the android market would be really awesome. The alternative open markets now are all problematic for me so I only really use the official market. Would definitely use an alternative market from cyanogenmod though, have been using your ROMs for years, and I trust the market would be well maintained!
I can help a little bit with Russian localization. Simply write on this address
I liked the pages in background. Can tell a lot about how things will be.
+nan Lee Drupal is based in PHP and there's python documentation open ;)
Hi, any beta tester needed? I could do localization for Malay language :) Regarding the price tier, i am suggesting that you just show 2 type, free and premium, with premium got a price range, and somebody need to test the apps before so they can justify their apps price.
hi........ i just need your screen shot application apk.......... where it is available.............?
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