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I don't normally post these, but it is hilarious. #starwars
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Let's see. Jar Jar Binks was a clumsy idiot who through sheer luck did something good and was rewarded for it with a government position that was way over his head, where he was manipulated by a hidden evil in order to destroy democracy.

That's about right.
It is yet another obsession with a whole mountain of source material that you can sift through that goes far beyond anything that the movies contained...
Also, it's awesome.
Geo Bits
Change the bottom caption to "How both candidates see you" and you have a winner.
TJ Lee
That is the sad and sorry truth!
I think basically nobody actually likes or admires their favored political candidate these days. It's just that they hate the other guy so much that they really want their guy to win anyway.

It's true, though, that if people could step back and look at things more objectively they would find pretty much all politicians are Jar-Jar (i.e. ruining shit for everyone.).
+James Soddy When you are offered "boiled liver" or "hagus" how can you call it "favored"?  These aren't my candidates - I'm a Libertarian.
true true..... the french
Replace Darth Vader with Emperor Palpatine and now you have the true political process.
2 oyx


Wish I could have thought of that!
Jim Ott
Romney & Ryan - May the farce be with you!  (Obama #One Kenobi)
(Dick Chaney is still currently completing work on the Death Star.) 
awww it's so cute and hilarious i love it thank you for sending it tp me yay
sycophants r red asses r blu
Mgoin green how bout U
wat did u say srry i went to go do something so wat did u say
thts the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth.
wtf it is so hilarious i love it even thou i dont watch star wars at all whatsoever i think its stupid but the picture you put on this i think it was hilarious and cute send me more pretty pretty please thank you so much
wat r u talikng about the truth its hilarious like totally and no im not a girly girl i am a tomboy so ye hahahahaha
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lol you guys are stupid and hilarious
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Thanks for this... and shared :-)
That's true even for countries with more than two candidates, just add more bad guys.
Political Visions Are Very Encountered, No Body Win, Except The Politicians.
Good luck USA we're all counting on ya!
I don't have a clue what this picture represents but it does seem about right!
mesa no gettin it.  why yousa maken fun of mesa?
That is great! There's more than a bit of truth in this.
love it, you hit that nail on the head
I think that all political people think that they are Luke Skywalker and act moor like the Darth Vader.
say that part again, like the i dont normally post these one, and stick to it...
vote for the rent is too damn high party.
Shit!!!My dog looks like chewbacca.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the political candidates see us as jar jar binks judging by some of the rubbish policies and comments they come up with!
Their candidate actually is Jar Jar.
For the last few elections, they both have been Jar Jar's
My wife says that Republicans are the party of evil, and Democrats are the party of the stupid.
i ges there running for president
So technically, the other candidate has a death grip and can kill you? Hmmm... makes sense. And your candidate would give his life to save others. Aha! Seems legit
Would it be Jar Jar Obama or Barrack Binks?
This is almost true. As someone said earlier, change Vader with Sedious and it's perfect. Sad part that no one really sees is the problem isn't the president it's Congress. Hard to get shit done when your set up for failure. Do the knowledge. Can you digg it?
Momo d
lol that is hilarious
Who Cares which is Romney or Obama. Their both politicians and want the job. Maybe we ought to grab some grandmother who's barely getting by that lives on a budget for office instead - maybe then we'd clear most of the debt.
GOD'S HOLLY SYMBOL HAS APPEARED IN SPACE, Google WHIRLPOOL GALAXY and you will see it for yourself
May the force be with America.
Okay here's the deal ? Obama is a lawyer and mitt Romney is a very success full business man? What does the economy need ? A hole lot of talking? Or doing ? Obama had his chance Now it's someone's else's turn .!
Maybe Obama will run again in a few year's when the economy is better ?
What ever happened too lawyers where sharks? Obama is a lawyer?????????????????
The Republicans really are party of the dark side though.
Yeah!  Whats wrong with Obama?  It shouldn't take more than a couple years to fix a problem it took Bush & Co. 8 years to totally f**k up.
Political parties try to deceive us with the thought that if their party gets elected, things will change.  That's a load of hogwash invented to distract us from the truth that government is the problem.
D. R.
Wow I can see why u don't post these things sheesh...
this stuff is sort of tight. biblical?
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Thumbs up for the jedi mind tricks.
Any of them are better than julia gillard n tony abbot...
Politicians power hungry attention whores
His ability to speak does not make him awesome.
The line under jar jar could also read ,How they see us.
Make Jar Jar an idiot savant and you gor it.
But even though everyone hates Darth, they also think he's awesome!
Hahahaha......that's great...
Not a Star Wars fan, but Soo true!  
Too bad there is never a Yoda to vote for

If Jar-Jar were in this election, it would be a tough call between Johnson or Jar-Jar.
Good to see and good to read
Finally a place where I appreciate Jar Jar.
like in mexico with enrique peña nieto 
nice. i might switch jar jar and vader though...
Oh crap. I think I'm the one who did that Jar Jar pose. 
And just like Jar Jar, either one will probably screw the galaxy! Lol!
Replace JarJar with Jabba the Hut and you got it.  Politicians are not idiots - they're criminals!  Get it right!
Gary D
Koush this is right on! Hilarious.
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