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Carbon Beta 2

New Features:

Dropbox support
Save Groups/batches of apps
Select All apps for backup
Backup app data only

Backup/restore window now only pops up once, instead of once per app.
"Backup now" and "Restore now" button is now automatically pressed.

This version still requires root. Next beta will include a non-root release.


This beta will stop working on January 25th. There will be one more beta (with non-root support) before the Google Play release.
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How much is the final version going to cost?
Koush, this looks very cool! Thanks very much, and keep up the hard work. Can you re-post think link to the .apk please?
I'm just curious (but i may have missed your other posts) but is it possible for app & data backups instead of backing up the app it will download it from Google Play and then after installation it will restore the data?
Sorry if it works like that! :)
And now I've just expanded the post and seen the link shame
Take my money!! dammit! :)

Great work +Koushik Dutta, are you going to price it around the same as TiBU? 
Do it fast. I can't wait to buy it!!! :D
Downloading now to try again. Are the backups on GDrive organised this time, or still all in one folder?
The most useful app in android world.. and it does in amazing way... btw, I want a N4 :(

Keep it up.. 
Wow! This is such an improvement on the previous one!

The new icon is great too +Koushik Dutta, the final one?
Got a error on connecting to Dropbox, something about checking internet connection... Using two-step authentication if that's the issue?

Otherwise, I love the app. I finally feel justified using 2 phones. :p
It's coming at a perfect time :D
My new Nexus 4 is getting delievered right now and now I can sync my settings from my Nexus S to the Nexus 4 as soon as I have rooted it :D

I will report if I ran into any troubles
Getting a dropbox error. It says make sure you're connected to the internet.
How's it different from the "DataSync" app? 
Another fantastic job Koush.. I do have a few questions though - will you do a subscription based model or a normal model? Is there anyway to enable tasker support? I'd love to have my phone connect to my home WiFi and automatically sync my game progress i made while at work to my Nexus 7.. That would be awesome :-)
+Koushik Dutta Yeah. I'm willing to try with it disabled if you think it'll help narrow it down?
Jojsp G
Koushik gracias por tus grandes aportaciones, probando carbon no me deja hacer respaldo ni en Dropbox ni drive, dice que revise si tengo conexión de Red y claro que la tengo y full. Sony Xperia S. 
I get the same error, no 2 factor authentication
This app is gonna be big. Finally something to back up and sync data files easily on multiple devices... Android needs something as easy to use as Carbon...

I am having problems using my dropbox account though. Google drive is working fine but since my dropbox is larger i would prefer saving the data on it. It's saying that I'm an invalid user. Lol
Beautiful app. One suggestion: Make the arrow indicating that the bottom tab can be pulled up either bigger or more obvious. It may be that it's early in the morning but it took me several minutes to realize I could drag it up. I almost gave up on it before that, thinking that there was no Select All option. Also showing sync progress in status bar would be nice.

EDIT: *two suggestions
I am having the same issue with DropBox integration.
When I click accept, an error pops up saying check my internet connection when I don't have any internet issues.
+Koushik Dutta i have the dropbox app installed. the login opens in the dropbox auth, which normally (with other apps) works without problems
Hi all, I found the Dropbox problem. The app is still in "development" status in Dropbox's system, so their SDK limits me to 5 accounts max. I have applied for "production" status. Once that has been granted, more people will be allowed to connect with Dropbox.

+Christopher Nee  +Simon Rüfenacht 
Thanks for looking into it Koush, I look forward to testing this app with dropbox since my drive doesn't have enough free space.
+alex miller haha i just noticed in the Dropbox control panel that you managed to sneak in and grab one of the 5 tester spots ;)
Thanks for looking into the Dropbox issue. Tried out a few things and everything else works perfectly. Can't wait to buy app once released.Very helpful.
Really liking the app, functions great and is well laid out. However, some views from my side:

1) It wasn't obvious to me that I could scroll the black bar up in order to get to the "data only", "Select all" and "Save groups" settings. Can this be made more obvious? At first I kept clicking on the four blue boxes with the dashed border as usually that means select all in Android.

2) Can the app display and update a progress bar in Androids notification tray?
FANTASTIC!  Batch uploads seem to work fine.  Mines chugging along right now.  I cant wait to give you my money!
+Mark Hands  I agree, I didn't notice that until you mentioned it here.

Also would it be possible to add a button to cancel backing up?
+Søren Siim Nielsen I don't think Carbon and Titanium Backup have the same aim though. Titanium Backup has more options, such as backing up SMS, system settings and other power features. 
no way to bypass google authenticator to backup its app data ? sucks not being able to copy the data to a nexus7 for example
in beta1 i could back up authenticator. now i cant.
+Mark Hands True, but Android has been saving those settings for a while and there are better ways to back up sms. Carbon does what I need and is so much more intuitive than TB. And looks about a zillion times better. Add scheduled backups and TB will be off my Androids for good. 
Warning:  If you select all, it WILL upload your google play music cache, which in my case, is about a gig.  Oops :)
The backup/restore API lets an app developer selectively control what portion of the app's data is stored / restored.  An example of why this might be important is something like the core phone app, where if the configuration for a CDMA device were blindly backed up and then applied to a GSM restore target... bad things happen.

That selective control also gives the developer a way to indicate that the app's data must not be backed up off-device at all.  Google Authenticator explicitly uses this -- there's already a standard workflow for migrating your 2factor master from one device to another, and it's viewed as a major security risk if it were to be possible to clone your 2factor endpoint onto multiple devices simultaneously.

(And the issue of application opt-out comes up in other domains as well.  For example, applications that handle HIPPA-domain health records need to be very stringent about what data exposure might be possible.)
this, is gonna be epic. i have loads of friends that dont' root that are always asking how to backup app data. now they will have a way, some time in February!
Do you think Carbon will eventually also access Box? 
+Søren Siim Nielsen but that requires yet another app, if you want one to specifically backup SMS/SMS. One feature I like about Titanium Backup, is the ability to restore a devices previous ID because it prevents Google Music from registering your device as 10 different ones, when you install a new ROM and then telling you that you've reached the device limit. Agree that Carbon UI is very intuitive and easy to use but that's to be expected when it's designed to have 20% of TBs features.
Koush I love your work. But let's up the convenience factor and get Steve to bake this into CM
Could the app list be alphabetically sorted in the next version to be able to locate a single app from a long list easily?
+Mark Hands Very true, horses for courses and all that. For me, (and all my friends who don't even root) Carbon looks like a winner. 
another request, have the groups/backup folders to be created prior to backup and list at the top instead of below, allow reordering etc and editing of groups
+Søren Siim Nielsen it's definitely a great application and I would prefer to do away with the need to root my devices because Sky Go (UK satellite TV service provider) doesn't run on rooted devices. Unfortunately, I still need to use the likes of SixAxis Controller that requires root because game pad support isn't consistent enough on Android. I would say a fair comparison is Carbon vs DataSync and Carbon does seem to have a lot of advantages over DS but then again, I've not really used the DS Beta.
I'm having an issue where it gets an error on the first app when I try to back up to Drive that causes it to stop. Any ideas?
+Koushik Dutta only thing I would like to see is a notofiction icon while backing up like tb so you know when its done. Awesome job cant wait for the release.
Moved apps from one n4 to another without issue. It worked so quickly that I thought there must be some kind of mistake!
Great work - thanks so much for filling in the gaps that Google leaves behind.
We can add that to automatically detect the update function? Thank you?
Koush you are a GOD in the Android community 
+Koushik Dutta A couple features I would like to see add especially the last one.
1. Scheduled uploaded/download.
2. Download/uploaded when changing or on wifi(with or without the schedule).
3. The ability to automatically restore my application after flashing a rom with Rom Manager(could be for the premium version of Rom Manager). 
Wow, nice work Koush! There was a small hiccup the first time I tried to steal an apps data off my N7 via this app, but was successful the second time. Once small kinks like that are worked out then this app will shoot to the top of any "Must Have" lists for users with two or more Android devices!
got a couple errors which should be sent to you.  one backing up all apps > data only (~70 apps).  Then backed up 13 apps > app+data = worked fine.  Then backed up 3 new apps and 3 of those 13 apps > data only and that errored, but each set of 3 separately > data only worked fine.

Other comment is when backup starts and you can encrypt with password, that screen only stays for like 1-2 seconds, not enough time to read or respond, then backup simply commences.

As far as feature requests, I like some of the simple one click options Super Backup has as far as backing up SMS/Call Log etc, not sure if that is in your scope as this looks like user apps only.  
other than that the UI is beautiful, pretty user friendly.  i echo that i almost missed swiping up the bottom panel though.
This is very nice, but it's almost impossible to delete an app from a group when that group has more than 20 apps..
Liking it so far.
Nice surprise on the save group option.
Only issue I am having currently is screen rotation. Portrait only for most screens, rotation active for others (G drive restore). It would be nice to have rotation active on all screens.

Best addition would be scheduled synchronization, or synchronization between devices after application or user data updates. Preferably selected on a per application basis so that natively synchronized apps like evernote could be ignored while non-synchronized apps like games could by synched through carbon across devices without having to manually synch when switching devices.
Very nice app. Should have option to save to SD.
would be nice to have an option to detect and only backup apps with updated data or apps with new versions.  
Jojsp G
Hi Dutta, e borrado drive y dropbox reiniciado el móvil y reinstalado todo de nuevo y sigue sin funcionar carbón. El error continua siendo el mismo me gustaría comprar esta excelente aplicación cuando salga pero la quisiera 100% funcional gracias por tus aportes 
the backup to PC option is nice, but there should be "select all" here too.
Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus on 4.2.1 (died backing up, it sent logs), it doesn't remember selected apps, there is no select/deselect all.  Not sure how it backs up but I'd prefer to be able to backup all to one file or individual (that way if one app prevents restore you haven't lost everything).
Great app and I like the styling of it. Is there any chance of adding backup scheduling?
Time for my talents to shine...

Hey, +Koushik Dutta, I think you should change it to "Deselect All". :D
Are we getting,gasp Skydrive support?
I had an issue with Dropbox too (chrome beta), I tried regular chrome and it worked flawlessly. Awesome app! 
Had a few problems getting my 2 devices (Gnex, n7) to load the other's list this morning, but after a few minutes of messing with it I got it working. I updated my ROM before hand, maybe that caused it. All is good now though. I love this app!
+Koushik Dutta Thanks again for updating this! The Select All is nice, as is the saving it as a group. Things I've noticed:

1. Still won't upload to Google Drive w/ 2-step authentication turned on (Verizon Galaxy Nexus, CM 10.1, rooted). Tried doing it while connected to 4G and it failed (possible loss of signal issue?), and then when I got back on my home network (was on the home network continuously; still failed after trying to back up some apps). Upload folder still shows up on Google Drive, but nothing's in there.
2. Doesn't work at all on my TF300T tablet with CM 10.1, rooted. Tries to start, then says it fails.
3. After creating a group name for selected apps and going back, it doesn't seem to save the group name. Couldn't find it.

Sorry if these have already been mentioned. Thanks again!
+Nathan Humphries 

3. I think it is throwing the saved group at the very bottom of the list. If you back out of the app and reopen it, you should see it. Please confirm! I fixed this bug just a bit ago.

2. Root permission dialog ever show up? I think CM disables root for apps by default now. May want to check that.

1. Let me turn 2 step on and see what happens...
+Koushik Dutta 

2. Yeah, it showed up previously and I accepted it, so that part should be fine. I restarted my tablet and I'm retrying it and so far so good, it's backed up 5 so far to the SD card and still going.
3. Huh, you're right, it's there, at the top of the app list. Not sure if I'm an idiot or not. We can chalk it up to that. :)

+Nathan Humphries

3. Nah, it's just a bug that fixes itself after a restart. I fixed it so it doesn't go to the bottom of the list.

2. I think there's also an issue with the first usage of root. I have to figure out what the problem is.

1. I turned on two step. Works fine. After it asks for a password, it then asked me for a verification code, and once I entered that, it worked.
+Koushik Dutta Huh, that's odd, I never got the part about a verification code - that's what seemed weird to me. I'll try logging out and logging back in and see if it comes up.
+Nathan Humphries I don't think it should matter. I'm doing a full wipe on one of my test phones to check 2 step.

With 2 step on, do any apps get backed up at all? Try just one, and see what happens. Log out and back in too.
+Nathan Humphries Also, let me know if you can view your google drive backups (an empty list means it is working).

If it gives an error (vs an empty list) when viewing your drive via the app, then there may be an auth problem.

Also, still working for me after a wipe :/
+Koushik Dutta It shows 32 of my 84 apps in the list (must've failed the backup around then), but I don't see them anywhere on Google Drive. Where does the app store them? Nothing's in the Upload folder in my account. (One time it did mention an error when I tried to pull up the list, but the other 3 times it showed the 32 apps.)

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and when I go through connecting Google Drive, it never asks for a code. I allow Superuser at some point in the process, and it just says the account was connected successfully. Weird!
+Koushik Dutta Hmm, no folder labeled that in my Google Drive account. Must not be connecting still, and I'm assuming it's because of 2-step since I don't get the same "enter code" screen that you do.
Only noticed a couple issues. The big one I'm having seems to be all my backups not showing up in my Google Drive through Carbon. When I look in my Drive account they are all there, but Carbon doesn't show them all. Not sure if that is known or there for a reason.

The second one I noticed was when I started deleting the backups I selected one then deleted it without un selecting it and it left the option to restore even though I had deleted it. The restore option stayed there until I backed out of Drive.

Hope these are helpful.

+William Kane can you take a screenshot of your google drive carbon directory, and a screenshot of carbon while viewing google drive? That will be helpful.

I'll fix the second bug.
Will it get a BOX account support??
+Koushik Dutta same here with the Google Drive backups, I upload 63 apps from my i9300 but the Sensation only see 20+ and fail every time to restore those, haven't tried Dropbox yet.
Another thing with restore:
1. choosing something in portrait mode and switch to landscape, the list is refreshed and the selections is gone.
2. you can't choose restore all as you implement under the backup.

will keep testing once beta 3 is out.
Question.... I want to play with another ROM (am using stock on Galaxy Nexus)... assuming I wipe the device (factory reset), and install new ROM (e.g. CM 10.1) , then Carbon, will restoring my apps/data (storing on Dropbox) just work?
Hello from Michigan and keep up the great work! Thanks.

There are some screen caps from my Drive and phone. I just selected all that were available and took the picture so I didn't have to take several caps, hope that is alright. I took one then uploaded some more and took another. From the looks of it, it limits me to 32 apps visible. Once I start deleting them from Carbon, back out, then go back into it the ones that were missing show up.

Hope these are what you needed to see.
+William Kane Thanks. It seems to limit the number of files returned in a google drive list to 100. Each backup has 3 files (json, ab, png).

100 / 3 = ~33. Which is why you see roughly 33 backups.

I think I can fix that.
I really need this App... it is really annoying to loose all local App data on the internal partition when moving to a new device or doing a full reset. This should be part of stock Android! 
Really enjoying the app. Its simple and very effective. I only use that to backup my game data for saves and high scores and find it highly annoying game devs don't all make it easy to cloud save/sync data and this does it all for me.
Sync from devices is epic.
Shame Google Drive is a tad sluggish but doesn't worry me much.
Perhaps something like this should indeed be part of stock Android. As you have a Google account to use Android/PlayStore/backup and restore, they could even link it into GDrive to manage data saves!
Awesome, looking forward to the non-root release!
The Android backup manager does not yet support backup/restore of secondary users.  You can assume that the Android team (a) is aware of this and (b) considers it a significant bug....
+Koushik Dutta I'm sometimes having problems with one device seeing another device's app list. After a few tries on my n7 I refreshed my shared devices and that fixed the issue on my 7. But I'm still unable to get my Gnex to see my 7. Keeps giving me the "An error occurred while retrieving you app list" error. I have had it work in the past. Any suggestions?

Edit: after a restart and another devices refresh i finally got it to load the list. 
+Koushik Dutta one other dumb question that might have been asked/answered before, but will this be able to backup sms messages?  I would love you forever if it did! :)
Love the changing grid size. Awesome addition.
Does anyone know where on the SD Card these backups are stored?
+Koushik Dutta any chance of backup to FTP/SFTP? 

Probably not widely used, but useful nonetheless.
When I hit "backup" and choose the service, I get a very fast window with space to enter some text... but it goes straight through to "performing backup" before I can see it. It starts with "a full backup..."

After two tries each with both Google Drive, Dropbox and then SD card, I eventually (after 1-2 min?) get the error "An error occurred while performing your app backup. A log of the error has been sent to ClockworkMod." Rebooted, didn't solve the problem. 

The integration with Dropbox and Google Drive look excellent!

Is it possible to specify a custom folder for the backup in Dropbox? 
Hi +Koushik Dutta  When I try and back up directly to Drive it craps out after a short period, usually only half way through the first App, backing up to SD works perfectly.
+Koushik Dutta Hi Koush do you know when you are likely to have a non-root version ? I am wanting to root my phone but know that when i unlock my bootloader i'm going to lose all my info so was going to wait for a non root version of carbon before i go ahead.
+Rick Jagger He said that there would be one more beta version after this one (which expires Jan. 25th) that would be a non-root version. Just a few more days! :-)
+Koushik Dutta I can't seem to get it to backup at all. Got all my cloud drives connected (even using 2-factor on Dropbox), but when I try to backup, it brings up the ADB backup screen, that goes away, I get a Performing backup... screen, then it errors. No files get created. Doesn't matter which backup destination I use.

It says it sent logs. Is there anything else I should try?
+Koushik Dutta Ah. I am rooted, though not versed in the usage of logcat.

* Fire up terminal emulator.
* su for root
* cd /sdcard
* logcat -f carbon.txt
* switch to Carbon and try a backup

Should that work?
Very Nice! All of us NON-root people are patiently waiting, Looks great! Clean and to the point on test device. 
+Koushik Dutta Hmm, this seems relevant:
W/System.err(30973): bad header
W/System.err(30973): at com.koushikdutta.backup.parser.AndroidBackupInputStream.<init>(
W/System.err(30973): at com.koushikdutta.backup.BackupServiceHelper$7.onContinue(
W/System.err(30973): at
W/System.err(30973): at com.koushikdutta.async.Continuation.start(
W/System.err(30973): at com.koushikdutta.backup.BackupRestoreService$1$
I/System.out(30973): bad header

How should I get you the whole log? (I did find logcat -c so it isn't quite so long)

This is on a Galaxy Nexus (VZW/toro) running stock 4.1.1 ROM (just rooted). At least for now. Going to install another ROM (hence trying the backup).
I've not managed to get this to work as advertised, when backing up to Drive over Wi-Fi it fails, local back up works fine, I have then flashed my phone back to stock and rooted, installed Carbon and attempted a restore, it fails every time, I did manage to get one app to restore (Angry Birds Star Wars) but it didn't actually restore it's state, any ideas.
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