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The Galaxy Nexus one is for CDMA and GSM.
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I regret selling my galaxy nexus now D:
Thanks! This works fantastically well on my Nexus S!
have verified to work on nexus s 4g. I am loving it. It makes using clockworkmod recovery so much easier.
amazing as always! verified working swell on the CDMA verision! you've done it again!
yep, i made a backup and it works perfectly.
Guess im about to take a penitentiary chance with my 4G...
koush that it works too. Somebody asked him in the first 3 or 4 posts if it works for cdma and he responded "both"
how is this different to the other touch CWM recoveries that are out there? I already have the GN one and its great- has battery % as well as gestures and soft buttons.. just a question. will flash it and try it for myself when i get home from work
I dont only want this i NEED this my rockers dont work so i been stuck on the same rom for 4 months and is a rom disaster! Please help me ..ATRIX 4G
awesome! Thanks! I'll give it a try :)
+jeffrey graves not to hijack the thread, but you can use twrp that has touch controls on atrix. Works great on mine.
Flashed on my nexus s 4g...havent done any backups yet.
I am getting an error when trying to flash roms (status 7) on cdma version. Other zips seem to work fine though. Is anybody else getting the same results.
+Paul Hummel yes i have heard of it but wouldn't be so nice to touch CWM its got to feal so good .
Well, all my roms gave errors when trying to flash them, cm nightly, gummy nexus, etc. Might use rom manager to flash back.
nexus s 4g - I flashed a kernel with no problems
have you tried to flash any roms yet?
Can anybody verify these same errors in the gsm version?
I love the hard work tho koush! Its cooler than that RZ touch recovery
Great work bro..appreciate the hard work.
Thanks Koush, works great on my cdma galaxy nexus!
Works perfect on Nexus S, nice one!
Flashed in cwm with a flash able version, working great.
works great, like the bigger field display, but would like vibrate confirmation, because it's "touchy" lol
Flashed on the nexus s 4g was successful. Backup and restore successful. Upgrade successful. Love the touch interface just a little too touchy.
Awesome. Works great! Thanks for this!
Yes it will, but you have to use fastboot to write the recovery.
Works flawlesly! this man is da greatist bar none....
Definitely needs a back button. If you enter for example test keys there's no way to exit. (at least none that I figured out)
Nice work. Haven't tried to flash any zip file yet but I have one request ( :) ):
Is it possible to sort the files better? Currently the files are sorted case sensitive. Maybe they should get sorted case insensitive.
+Koushik Dutta I love it! You took made a mod better once again.. I had one problem I went tried to flash a ROM Liquid ICS and got status 7, got it with RootzBoat as well. Any ideas? or direct me to a forum to go through? I was able to flash AOKP no problem. I flashed the RootzBoat before.
I'll also have a try even galaxy s galaxy nexus.
+Bo Allen +Bolton Alford i'm able to flash .zips just fine, granted they're kernals but there shouldn't be any difference between the two aside from size
+Bolton Alford Actually I am able tou flash ROMs so nice trolling attempt. +Ryan Laliberte It was only those two ROM's that is why I brought it up, I had flashed the RootzBoat archive before.
Still no fix on the asserts? This negates most of the advantage of having a custom recovery (aside from being able to make backups).
Works beautifully on my Galaxy Nexus!
You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.
Awesome. Had been waiting for an official version!
I used to be able to use flash_image from Terminal on the phone on previous phones but on the Galaxy Nexus I get an error that says something to the effect of "cannot find recovery image". Anyone else?
Great work! Makes it sooo much easier.
+Koushik Dutta I unlocked, flashed, checked, was awed, rebooted & then locked, and rebooted and the recovery is gone.
Should i keep it in the unlocked state?
Thank you for a not working CWMR Touch and for taken 2 Bucks for it and for the ignorance of not answering my Mail.
There is a balance for all on this earth and even you will learn one day that injustice won't pay.
Wish you a good day and you will remember my words one day.
I want a refund STAT. I don't get why there are two versions of clockwork mod touch on the market. That is ghetto as hell. Not Happy with G Play and the way the payment system / app configuration is working out! I call Bullshit!
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