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+Wil Wheaton Recovery

Tonight, +Wil Wheaton was trying to root his HTC One and failing miserably. He was able to get recovery installed, but couldn't figure out how to get Superuser installed through recovery (some issue with mounting, blah blah).

Tough bootloaders call for an even tougher recovery. I'm proud to announce the new Wil Wheaton Recovery. Wil Wheaton will offer to root your device if root access is missing.

Will Wheaton Recovery is a limited edition recovery, exclusive to the HTC Ones (AT&T + Tmobile) and Wil Wheatons. Enjoy!

Download Wil Wheaton Recovery and flash it with fastboot:

Boot recovery, then just reboot back to Android once in the recovery menu. Before recovery exits, it will automatically prompt you to install root if it is missing.

Once rooted, just install Superuser off Google Play. It will finish off the rooting process:
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Former trek member now has a board game show and ROOT access
+Koushik Dutta at first i thought you're a month late for april fools', but this is a great idea for hijacking his phone :) who wouldn't install a recovery especially made for oneself by the prominent creator of ClockworkMod Recovery
This can't read my mail! 1 Star until it's fixed.
The question that remains is why? Got too much time on your hand? :) if you're running out of things to do, i'd love seeing automatic synchronization of app data between two devices in carbon, backup of more system settings or carbon making backups of carbon settings (i.e. for remembering which apps to automatically backup regularly)
I hope the backups are labelled with the relevant stardate?
I wonder if +Wil Wheaton has seen this. If he hasn't, he should definitely use this! I just got my One yesterday, so thanks for this!
+Wil Wheaton should be here any minute.  You just have to call out his name at least three times and he appears.
Does it include a Slap to Unlock option? If not, it totally should...
Prash D
The yes/no options should be renamed 'Make it so!'/'Shut up Wesley!' if they are not already.
He really should offer you a nice homebrew for this.
Will it work on the Dev Edition?
Rich S
Don't use Crusher, clown sweater is the superior +Wil Wheaton graphic. 
+Rich Stone Actually, the picture should change from redshirt to the clown sweater after it gets root.  
I....I have no words. I feel as though my soul is so happy, it's riding a unicorn over a rainbow, while "Highway To The Danger Zone" plays in the background!
When does the Sparks McGee version for Sprint HTC One come out?
Not going to lie wish i had an htc one now lol
It's this a touch recovery as well? 
Thanks!  That worked great on my Developer's Edition.  It does not seem to be a touch recovery.  I used the vol buttons to navigate.
Wil Wheaton Recovery... Lay in a course to the planet Root in the Koushikdutta System, warp factor 9 . ENGAGE!
a) This is fantastic. b) I had no idea +Koushik Dutta was a Spartan. As an ND alum I now feel somewhat dirty having bought his software... but I'll get over it. And at least we can agree Michigan sucks :)
+Koushik Dutta please tell me you can at least put an easter egg for him after its done w/ picture of Picard Facepalm.  Maybe bootup screen?
Do you count lines for your version numbers? :P
I was going to wait till there was a nice ROM to flash but I suppose I'll have to unlock & root. I must have whill wheaton on my recovery.
+Koushik Dutta great job. Indeed.

Would love to ask you something (maybe it has been asked earlier): is it possible to put some kind of dialog /script / whatever in order to enable flashing several zips with just one "install zip from sdcard"? :) It would be so helpful. Thank you.
C'mon... I need this for the Sprint One!
(Rivals the pink Care Bear on my G1!)
This just makes me wish Googlebombing still worked though. I'd Googlebomb "Whil Wheaton" until it would go "Did you mean: Whil Wheaton?" when you searched for +Wil Wheaton 
This thread may be the most entertained I've been by g+!
Even if the recovery won't work on the Sprint HTC One, thank you for that +Koushik Dutta 
You, sir, are a wizard. I am honored and humbled. If you'd care to point me to a manual or something I can read to understand what (if anything) I was doing wrong, I would be ever so grateful.

I now have root on my HTC ONE, and I am the Platonic opposite of the way I felt about 24 hours ago.

Thank you. I owe you a beer.
+Wil Wheaton I couldn't tell you what you were doing wrong, but you certainly exposed a problem during the process of rooting your phone with the current tools:

Rooting requires way too many independent moving parts. Ie, flashing recovery should also offer to root your phone if necessary. Obvious things like that are often non-obvious to the developers, as this is basically muscle memory to me at this point.

For what it's worth, the change I made to offer to root your phone will be going into the open source project, so it's not problematic with other users/phones in the future.

In any case, there is no manual, as I would hope that any software I write does not require one. If it does, it means I've failed :)
And now we've gone where no one (recovery) has gone before. Lovin it! 
Looked up Wil's post from your link.  My first reaction?  "Damn, he's hot!"
Will this work with the nexus device line? Being a treky this would be amazing to have 
Aw man. Koushik, now you have to tell us which file to swap out, so we can make our own backgrounds for CWM Recovery :) Please?
if you know how to use linux or cygwin so i guess easy on a certain level you need to unpack the recover.img get the ramdisk folder go to res then images and you will see the grey stitch.png thats what u replace
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