+Wil Wheaton Recovery

Tonight, +Wil Wheaton was trying to root his HTC One and failing miserably. He was able to get recovery installed, but couldn't figure out how to get Superuser installed through recovery (some issue with mounting, blah blah).

Tough bootloaders call for an even tougher recovery. I'm proud to announce the new Wil Wheaton Recovery. Wil Wheaton will offer to root your device if root access is missing.

Will Wheaton Recovery is a limited edition recovery, exclusive to the HTC Ones (AT&T + Tmobile) and Wil Wheatons. Enjoy!

Download Wil Wheaton Recovery and flash it with fastboot:

Boot recovery, then just reboot back to Android once in the recovery menu. Before recovery exits, it will automatically prompt you to install root if it is missing.

Once rooted, just install Superuser off Google Play. It will finish off the rooting process:
May 2, 2013
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