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One More Thing...

Nexus 4 Recovery:

Nexus 10 Recovery:

These are also available on ROM Manager. Please test and let me know if you run into issues.

I recommend using fastboot first for early adopters, rather than the ROM Manager flash. Leave any issues in the comments.

I don't have these devices yet (shipping), so I am testing via proxy.
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Awesome! Just got my n4 and am enjoying it a lot so far. Can't wait to see what CyanogenMod and other developers end up doing with android 4.2!
I just flashed the Nexus 4 recovery with fastboot and it's still showing the "opened android with a red triangle above it" picture.

EDIT: "fastboot boot" works flawlessly, though. Thank you so much for your work :)
The N4's bootloader has a "Secure Boot" flag, I think this is why nothing is flashing via fastboot, only booting.
Recovery font too small on your Nexus 10? I've got a larger Roboto font is on the way!
On the Nexus 10, the device reboots to Android after spending about 20 seconds in CWM. But flashing zips works :)
I have unlocked the bootloader, I have rooted my nexus 4 using the insecure boot image method as described here:, and then I flashed your recovery using fastboot. I get the "opened android with a red triangle of death above it" picture when I try to boot into recovery. after a couple of minutes the device reboots. any ideas? oh, and thanx for your work!!!
+Nikos Tsaousis Don't flash the boot image! Use "fastboot boot recovery.img" there is no way to permanently flash CWM to the N4 yet so you can only boot into CWM, it doesn't flash over the stock recovery.
+Koushik Dutta Yes I realise that flashing a custom recovery gets re-written upon boot with the stock recovery, I was explaining that booting (not flashing) the custom recovery doesn't flash over the stock recovery.
hehe. I can wait for as long as it takes... especially now that I  found out about "fastboot boot"..
"Rom may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE." when I choose to exit clockworkmod touch recovery. Yes/No?
it exists on my nexus 4 (UK), I used the root browser included in rom toolbox. however the trick did not work. the phone fails to boot in clockwork recovery and reboots into jb
I have a UK N4 too, I did flash factory images also but I would have thought they still included /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/ Strange as I definitely haven't deleted them.
If you boot into cwm it will prompt you on reboot that the rom may flash stock recovery. Choose yes to prevent that and fix the reflAsh problem.
Well I don't have these files so it doesn't actually reflash the stock recovery anyway, but it won't boot the custom recovery that is flashed, it starts boot, shuts down then starts a normal boot to android.
Great work as always. Oh and Reece the reason why you don't have those files is you mentioned flashing the system images. Those files are generated when you get an ota update of a rom
I think +Google should have mentioned these changes prior to 4.2 release so that developers would have been ready for the change. Many apps will be troubled by these directory changes.. And it's annoying to have latest version of Android that doesn't support your old apps and utilities.. And having developers rush to fix it.. :(
Thanks OP! Waiting for gnex.
Still getting the red triangle after fastboot booting and choosing yes. Appreciate your work and will wait for a fix. Thanks!
Flashed the N4 recovery in fastboot, now I can't get into recovery. I tried the key combination, I tried adb reboot recovery, and I tried booting into bootloader and selecting recovery. Just boots normally every time. Any ideas?
Touch, 16, I'll try the non-touch if you think it will help. I don't really have a preference. 
Tried non-touch. Same deal. Sending...writing...success in terminal. Rebooted Bootloader via fastboot command, then selected recovery. Just boots normally. 
Dan E
Yea, doesnt work from Rom Manager. Is it safe to flash from fastboot?
Now I'm in recovery but power for "select" doesn't seem to work. In other words, I can scroll up and down but not select anything.
I got it to work well enough to root by booting the touch recovery image in fastboot (fastboot boot recovery.img). That got me to a working recovery so I could at least flash superuser and busybox. 
+Koushik Dutta Mine is doing the same thing as +Mikel Sigler's. I can boot into recovery with fastboot boot, but if I flash recovery (after clearing recovery-from-boot.p), it always just boots into system. It looks like it flashes at the google logo, so it appears to try booting recovery, fails, and reverts to system. If I fastboot flash the stock recovery back on, that works again (get the red triangle).

I tried a flash through ROM Manager, as well as several fastboot flashes. 16gb device.
+Brint Kriebel Weird. I didn't compile off the AOSP vendor, and just generated one. Give AOSP a shot if you can. IIRC, the build was busted from me using a 4.2 device tree on 4.1.2 though.
+Brint Kriebel It looks like mkbootimg changed between 4.1.2 and 4.2, so that may be the issue:

commit dd7fafb34bf86b8fb41043e568bf0dd1005a49dd
Author: Doug Zongker <>
Date:   Thu Aug 2 14:50:24 2012 -0700

    add command-line arguments to mkbootimg to move kernel, ramdisk, etc.
    Bug: 6918260
+Brint Kriebel I'm out of town right now so I can't debug this myself, but I'm guessing its the mkbootimg bug which causes the failed boot.
+Brint Kriebel Er, wait I just realized you said fastboot boot worked.

Some people are mentioning something about secure boot. Any idea what that is about?
Gotcha. Heading to sleep now and busy tomorrow morning, but I'll see if I can test some things this weekend.
for some reason the N4 has a secured boot. So the CWM doesn't stick or wont boot past start up. 8gb 
I am getting the same issue as some above. Fastboot boot recovery works but fastboot flash recovery does not. When trying to enter recovery it hangs for a second then just boot normally. Same thing when trying it with rom manager. I have the 8GB. Managed to get root by using the boot method.
+Gad Krumholz would you be able to do what you did for the nexus 10 with the nexus 4 or would it not help?
Ed T.
Hopefully a recovery supporting 4.2 is in the queue for the nexus 7 ?
Amen to that +jonathan capellan! AT&T version here. It seems like.. almost amazingly that all of the Note IIs are incredibly similar to the International counterpart.
I had an issue where I flashed it and the power button did nothing, Volume up and down were fine. Kinda freaked for a second since i can't easily pull the battery to reboot.. ADB saved me quickly. 
I think nandroid backup isn't working on Nexus 4, as soons as it finishes the "/system" partition backup, the recovery just reboots itself and the backup is left unfinished.
Do you mean or is there a new version? I'm using right now and the bug is still there.
KD, CWMR is being trashed daily on Rootz Forums as slow, not handling 2.4 correctly and limited. As opposed to TWRP. Get in there Man!
+Koushik Dutta Thank you very much for the explanation about CWRM being erased by the ROM, and how to avoid that !
Anyway to flash this through Android Terminal instead ADB or Fastboot?
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