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Every phone in my house just went crazy (long alerts and nonstop vibrate) at the same time and showed an Emergency Alert Blizzard Warning notification... I don't have an app installed for this. I guess this is a carrier/FCC thing.
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Is there actually a blizzard headed your way?
IIRC TouchWiz has settings for these. Never seen them any where else though.
You can opt out of these notifications if you want to in your settings menu
It is the carrier system. I don't think at&t has fully implemented it yet. 
Why do you need shortcut for both the dialers ;) 
The Google Voice app doesn't make phone calls
Actually there is settings turned on by default for this... Under settings -> more -> cell broadcast 
Oh ..never seen voice app as its disabled in India
You have a large deposit, may want to clean that up. 
"Large Deposit alert". Things that could be sent by Mint or by an Internet-connected toilet...
I especially enjoy, in an off topic sort of way, that you took a picture of your phone instead of just taking a screen shot. :-P 
+Koushik Dutta linked in isn't too bad. Now that they integrate with more HR recruiting tools... HTC seems to like them. 
+Koushik Dutta it happened to me here in Florida on Monday when we had a Tornado - I too was like, wait a minute... I thought it was spam at first, until every device had it.
my internet radio(TuneIN) popped up an audio warning automatically during hurricane sandy. I never configured it to warn me.
Volume down + power = screenshot on ICS and above.
I got the same alert on 4 devices +Koushik Dutta and at first my thoughts were carrier ( happened first on my VZW SIII and toro) but a little bit later moved on to t-mo devices and a non carrier tab? And all this while sitting in the hospital as my wife just had our daughter. I thought the warning was pretty local to our area in Oregon but it must be the entire North West. Can we come stay with you Koush? :)
I got similar warnings for Sandy... It even included links for gas stations with gas during shortage
Yeah that is the CMAS system. Various carriers are implementing at their own pace. Basically it is part of the modernization of our emergency alert system. Europe has something similar going on with SAIP. This system allows licensed government agencies to send out alerts (down to the County level).

On your phone you can configure what level of alerts you are interested in. I have mine at to presidential only.

+Keith Rea You can't turn it off. Only reduce the noise. 
All the alerts need to change to Ali from Family Guy.

Hey Ali, what's the weather like?

It's Gonna SNOW!

Thanks Ali.
Well crap... apparently T-Mobile doesn't do those alerts for their prepaid people. I'm about 3 miles north of you +Koushik Dutta and I didn't get that...
Wow yeah it's snowing hard in seabec but not at all in Bremerton ..
You can turn the local alerts off, I believe.
+Thomas Choptovy I'm actually enjoying the lack of snow in Toronto, I haven't gotten around to putting on snow tires yet :P
Yea Google Now does this as well, pretty cool
they wanma run like google drives do!but they gotta stay homeless and rott moth. Kitty kat witches.
Youre in Seattle night? The alert is for the mountains but people further south in the sound get em too haha
Hears that this was being tested in Chicago too. Or something similar. 
My phone has the App on it.. Even has Presidential Alerts on it.  Ill post a picture of it.
Off topic - can you share that background or link to the source?
+Luke Tidd maybe people who don't want to know theres a chance of blizzards in then mountains hrs from where u live?
Lmfao!Right is always roght and wrong is dead wrong!Justice will prevail monetarily and aporitually as always. Thanks for any support!
Reminds me of the constant earthquake warnings we got in Japan following the big one in '11. At least a month of good aftershocks. The cool part was that the alert would hit about 30 seconds before the tremors hit, normally.
I didn't get any alerts and but I'm in Snohomish county.
It's a Google thing I'm pretty sure
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