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ROM Manager

New version of ROM Manager is up on the market (it may take a bit to show up). If you are on Android 4.2, ROM Manager will now once again look at the real SD card root for your ClockworkMod Recovery backups.

Direct link:

Superuser for Android 4.2

I've also posted a fixed Superuser on ROM Manager's +ClockworkMod section, and the +ClockworkMod website. If you are on Android 4.2, you need to upgrade to this version until Superuser can be properly updated by +Adam Shanks on the market and the official Superuser website.
Alternatively, you can use SuperSU by +Jorrit Jongma.

Direct link to my custom fixed version:
Gist of the su binary patch:

Remaining Bugs

It seems MTP and USB storage mounting on Android 4.2 will now mount the user specific area of the sdcard, rather than the actual /sdcard root. This is problematic, since the +ClockworkMod backups are stored on the sdcard root.
I'll probably add a feature to ROM Manager that lets you browse your backups and pull them down as self contained zips.
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+Alan Wilkins Oh, that's the fallback option. It will just say unsupported device, and assume you have another unofficial CWM recovery. Still safe.
Koush I messaged you here on G+ regarding my CWM touch code. Please get back to me when you get the chance.
Great work as always. 
Using I flashed on N4 with 4.2. Rom manager reports a successful flash but I get the android with the red triangle when booting to recovery. 
i am on 4.1.2 (Gnex) and i just installed the new rom manager and the new recovery. Can i update to 4.2 without getting in the 0 folder issue? 
Great news. Thank you!
What about saving backups to /sdcard folder on Nexus 7 ?
I have this version, but despite paying for the app, I have ads. Bought it months ago.
hey koushik is there a fix on why I can't delete or rename my backups on Verizon gnex
Koush, don't know if you saw my post. No premium at top, but I did install premium, open it up, and it registered the app.
hey koush what about the rename and delete issue
lol no worries I thought I did something wrong was going crazy .thanks koush
Same results. Going to uninstall and reinstall
+Koushik Dutta Hey Koush, is there any way to change the location where clockworkmod creates its backup files? I used to use an app to folder sync them to cloud storage for backup purposes, but under 4.2 it can't pull them out of the system directory even with root access.
Koush I was wondering if you would put the lg optimus v (vm670) on the new version
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