ROM Manager

New version of ROM Manager is up on the market (it may take a bit to show up). If you are on Android 4.2, ROM Manager will now once again look at the real SD card root for your ClockworkMod Recovery backups.

Direct link:

Superuser for Android 4.2

I've also posted a fixed Superuser on ROM Manager's +ClockworkMod section, and the +ClockworkMod website. If you are on Android 4.2, you need to upgrade to this version until Superuser can be properly updated by +Adam Shanks on the market and the official Superuser website.
Alternatively, you can use SuperSU by +Jorrit Jongma.

Direct link to my custom fixed version:
Gist of the su binary patch:

Remaining Bugs

It seems MTP and USB storage mounting on Android 4.2 will now mount the user specific area of the sdcard, rather than the actual /sdcard root. This is problematic, since the +ClockworkMod backups are stored on the sdcard root.
I'll probably add a feature to ROM Manager that lets you browse your backups and pull them down as self contained zips.
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