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mkdir Store
cd Store
git init
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please for the love of god yes! u make that store, u make it good!!! xD
Traderoutes.... or just plain old Cymarket. or something exciting that i can't think of cause it's the middle of the night.
ha.. im pretty sure koush is in code land by now.. probably wont hear from him until like.. tomorrow.. x.x
Wouldn't it be cool if they could use Google In-App Billing in the Cyanogen Market to handle billing? Is that even possible via various TOS?
if it were possible google would be like.... eff u! and block it
+Alvin Brinson Might be possible but would be a pita. Everytime a new app was added it would have to be added manually to the app both in code, and on it's android market page, which it might not have
Git is the shh[fill in the blank]
+Braden Litke oh I know that. Just didn't feel like typing it this time. Taking a small break.
I am 100% confident that this will be a major success and it will most likely be more popular than Amazon :) . It will become part of the root step-by-step guides. Good luck and make sure you involve some key people from the Android community when the project evolves, you will need help later on when Google or others try to mine the project.
I can't even think of a reason why this wouldn't be a good idea. <3 CM Team!
Btw, what phone do you all have?
EVO 4G, but now that Sprint announced the Nexus, i'll be waiting for that
CyanoMart or some variant! man, I really need to get some sleep.
Git init slogan :for when you wanna get some shit git init
Eze Uba
I love this guy Koush, he's always thinking up great stuff, but can he really pull this off? I mean, this is huge...
Shop smart, shop S-Mart.

I just couldn't resist.
git clone
I love you. This whole thing is going to be badass.

(I still think it is funny that one of the main points to have the "CyanogenMarket" is to allow for one-click root apps... but you will already need to be rooted and running a custom ROM to have access to the market)

EDIT - unless you sideload the CMMarket... then install a one-click root app and root.
If the downloaded one-click apps saved the apk itself to sd then that would make it useful. Return to stock then reroot would be easy given that the apk is already on the sd card.

*Edit: Just now read about tether being removed. ...Seems as good a reason as any to build cmMarket. Just saying...
Problem is that some apps will not be open source, like koushs paid apps. It's got to be named something else.
If you do it, do it like Cydia on iOS. Use repositories so we can add and remove different software sources and developers are free to host whatever they want if they provide their own repo.

Alternatively, CM can maintain their own private repo and a list of trusted ones on first install. The user then can add additional repos or remove ones that came bundled.
Even though I had success with windows side app on my Toshiba Satellite Notebook running win7, when I install on a Gateway emachine pc running windows vista, here is the log output when I start the tether application. It seems to start and then disconnect... have rebooted and restarted on the pc side and on the android Nexus S as well. Just wondered if you had any sugguestions.

C:\Program Files\ClockworkMod\Tether
"Local Area Connection 2"
Checking arguments...
Setting IP Address, mask, and gateway.
netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection 2" source=static 1
The RPC server is unavailable.
Setting DNS server.
netsh interface ip add dns name="Local Area Connection 2" index=1
The object is already in the list.
netsh interface ip add dns name="Local Area Connection 2" index=2
The object is already in the list.
Adding Windows Firewall Exception
netsh firewall set allowedprogram program="C:\Program Files\ClockworkMod\Tether\win32\node.exe" name=Tether
Starting Tether...
C:\Program Files\ClockworkMod\Tether\node-tuntap
opening tun device: null
adb binary path: ..\win32\adb.exe
Checking phone status...
Waiting for interface to get ready... (waiting 5 seconds)
List of devices attached
31321C8DE35E00EC device
Checking if package is installed.
STATUS: Connected to phone. Waiting for tether connection.
Phone detected by adb!
Starting the Tether application on the phone...
Found that APK is already installed. Starting tether on phone.
Setting up adb port forwarding to port 30002.
adb port forwarding results:
{ '0': null, '1': '', '2': '' }
Results from starting Tether service:
{ '0': null,
'1': 'Starting service: Intent { cmp=com.koushikdutta.tether/.TetherService }\r\r\n',
'2': '' }
Results from starting Tether activity:
{ '0': null,
'1': 'Starting: Intent { cmp=com.koushikdutta.tether/.TetherActivity }\r\r\nWarning: Activity not started, its current task has been brought to the front\r\r\n',
'2': '' }
Whatever you do, make sure it doesn't get called the Cyanogenmod Root APP Store...
+James Dunne Sorry, but it does suck. That's just my personal opinion, I don't want to make anyone too defensive. After all, I'm sure everyone responding to this post is a Linux junkie. Here are some of my arguments against it:

- Documentation is horrible
- Status messages are confusing.
- GIT in general is just confusing and makes no sense, simple operations are complex.
- GIT is horrible on Windows (my primary and only development environment)
- You can't always be sure you have "latest" since everyone has their own repo, and the changes aren't centralized.

SVN has its faults, I will admit. Branching & merging in SVN are definitely not as good as say Perforce, but I still like it. There's also something about having a central repository that just meshes so much better in a corporate environment with large teams. Agile practices are easier to implement (such as Continuous Integration) on SVN than a DVCS (not impossible; just better).

I will say though, if I was on a POSIX OS, I might like GIT a little better, but right now SVN holds the market on Windows and is still far superior.
I have to agree with Robert. I only ever really use git if I'm working on a closed-source project and I just want simple versioning if I screw something up.
Shop smart, shop S-Mart.
+Robert Dailey Not only do I think Git and SVN have their own pluses and minuses, but I think there are specific uses for both. You are right about some tasks in Git taking longer than they should. For a linearly developed project that you don't expect to be branched and modified by a bunch of users in the public space and don't anticipate features to be published and shared among projects, Git is unnecessary. SVN does a simple job of it with little effort.

If there is something expecting a lot of forking in public (hehe) then Git really shines. Another cool use for Git is just creating a repo in a folder on your Dropbox account. If you are a sole developer you can just push and pull from it as a source and you have a quick and easy repository on all your desktops. You can then share the folder or make it public for anyone to pull from.

In an analogy... nobody is making you chose between a hammer and a screwdriver to build your house. Just use the right tool for the job.
+Ian Fijolek Great response. I'd love to try GIT more, but as I said i'm on windows, and TortoiseGit isn't really that great.
You have had community support since day one... Lets make it happen!!!!!
+Robert Dailey
The reason why git is bad on Windows is the reason why Windows is bad as a development platform. If I wasn't always using cygwin+ssh or a VM, I would kill myself.

As for a CM Store, from a user's perspective, this provides nothing. From the developers' perspective, it provides a revenue stream. There aren't any applications that you can't get from the Android Market with the exception of those that are illegal and won't be on the CM market anyway. To my understanding, if you change your build.prop to avoid carrier censorship, you can get pretty much anything from the Android market. The types of apps listed by Koush: one-click roots: I've never seen one of these, emulators: legal ones are on the Android Market, tether apps: tethering is built into the OS nowadays, Visual Voicemail: these are in Android Market - I use Google Voice
+Jimmy Zelinskie You wouldn't eat soup with a fork, would you? Then why do Linux dev on windows? I never use Cygwin. CMake is better on windows anyway
+Jimmy Zelinskie WiFi tether for root is blocked by Sprint / not part of the OS they ship. There also may be a reason you haven't seen a one-click root ;)
+Koushik Dutta, have you considered supporting bitcoin as a currency for payment? I have not seen it mentioned here, and I think it would be a very interesting experiment, and a nice fit with the purpose of the app store.
What about forking some of the open source app markets, like apktor or f-droid?
+Ian Fijolek made a comment about allowing for a repository-style system, and I love this idea so much. But don't stop there, I think it would be epic if CM actually compiled it's updates into repositories. Then we wouldn't even have to reflash to get to a new version or release, we could just pull updates from the repository with a package manager. That would put android soooo much closer to being a legit Linux platform, but it would also heavily simplify the updating process. Think apt-get, ipkg, pacman, yum or something similar. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssee?
Since the different distros have names of desserts how about naming the store THE BAKERY
I think you're looking at things wrong +Robert Dailey, I'm not doing "Linux dev"; I'm doing "dev". The platform that should be soloed out here is Windows, not GNU/Linux. Windows is the one doing things differently and making it hard for people to port important applications to their platform so that they can lock developers into their own platform.

You wouldn't give everyone chopsticks when they all know how to use forks. Would you?
Chopsticks to eat soup?! Are you crazy!? ;)
Whatever you do, please avoid using the term "app." It implies that each program is insignificant, and should be installed on a whim. This is especially untrue for programs that require root permissions.
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I kind of gravitated towards CyanogenMart, but honestly, does it really matter? It's gonna be awesome no matter the name. But seriously, can we have a discussion about repo-based updates? Every Linux distro uses them because they are so much easier for both devs and users. Less bandwidth is needed per update and it would finally allow for OTA updates for ROMs safely. How can that not be a huge plus?
Cyanogen App Store (drop the Mod for this one - makes it a little clumsy. Heh, did that sound like "drop the 'the' "? ; ).

Then we can wait for the law suits from Apple.
Cthulhu opts for CyanoStore or BlueBasket.
Wei Dai
I noticed this from one of the eariler post:

> bundling their AppStore in CM if they gave CM a cut of the sales

I'm glad that CM is not actually doing this to its users. I hope the CM Market would set an example of an open market. I use CM everyday and I don't want to see a closed, commercialized CM. Keep up the good work!
CyAPPogen... It sounds better in the mouth than it looks written...
CMportal , CMhub , CModStore , CyanMart , Cya9ogenStore (for CM9) ,7yanogenStore
Douch Store Store Market Cyan Market Cyan Store Cyanogen Shop CM Store Kondik Store Kindik Shop Kondik Market - Just a few ideas....
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