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Seems DeskSMS is getting DDoS'd. Here's a 7 minute window on requests.
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You have our full support and patience sorting it out! DeskSMS is a great service!
Damn. Might have to rate-limit based on address? Could probably ban ranges as well. If maybe, say, the top x number is y% higher than the average, auto-ban.
DDos can be a real pain...
A few days ago Spamhouse had the biggest (recorded) DDos is history...
I have a service called spammer hammer that bans IP and ranges either manually or from abuse (by looking in the logs). 
I was just trying to use it and was wondering what the heck was going on.  Thanks for update.
Sent an email, but I just saw this. Thanks!
Forgive me if this is a dumb request, but would you be able to keep us updated about this? I use DeskSMS, but that's now why I'm asking. I'm actually wondering what can be done about something like this, and what you'll do, and if it works.
Heh, well that explains why it stopped working today then. Please post any updates about this problem. I'm a big fan of the app.
Most DDOS attacks are fast right? Can't you rate limit? Would any texter need more than 25 connections per sec or something like that?

Problem with banning IPs is you might block legitimate users whose IPs are being stolen as part of the attack. Or after the attacks are over or unsuccessful, those addresses may get freed up.

I would rate limit or max tries or max connections per IP.
+Koushik Dutta  Is this on App Engine? They have a bug that shows 1000 for all the requests in their blacklist page. Few of my apps show the same all the time.

Edit: Sorry for being trigger happy. Looks like you are over quota. So, can't be a bug.
Yeah, I'm not familiar with App Engine, but all you need is a domain name to point at the AE service. I would imagine that's possible? 
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