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ClockworkMod Recovery 6

The recovery builder is now building version 6 of the recovery. The main changes are as follows:

Backups are much faster. 4-5x faster. (Bug fix due to excessive status updates of the UI and new backup technique)
Incremental backups are smaller. Way way smaller. Only 15-20MB each for each additional backup of a ROM. This is done using a new tool I wrote to dedupe the files between incremental backups to eliminate duplicates.

Here's a test build for maguro (Galaxy Nexus GSM):

And the builder site:

Still in alpha, please test.

Update: Here's the touch version as well:
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Wow thank u man I can never get used to touch recovery thing. I like to navigate with volume button.
I'm somehow lost here, meaning i need to upload the stock CWM Recovery?
What! 15-20mb. Nice...if toroplus is available I'll test now.
Any chance of getting a touch recovery on the HTC Amaze?
Nice work, keep it up... What about shot off the system from the recovery?
Two questions: will this be a touch recovery, and will it work with Jellybean?
Touch Recovery will only work on ICS and later kernels.
+Aaron Echols I am using (downgraded from touch) but the type is so small and the volume up/down selection is hit or miss.
Does it work on Razr running 4.0.4?
Everyone can build his own touch-version with the builder. Works fine for me as a touch-version.
Awesome.  Thanks for all your work!
Kudos, I haven't been using backups for these specific reasons: size and time. Can't wait to try this version. Thanks.
Awesome work +Koushik Dutta! V6.0 backing up and restoring were smooth (though I admit I miss the touch interface).
+Louis Castrogivanni You probably need to provide datamedia for /sdcard. I'll be fixing up the build servers to automatically pull from the CM repos as well to remove the requirement of needing a input recovery image.
Koushik I wonder if you could give me some advice? I have a samsung SGS 3 at&t. I attempted to root with: I tried using sgs3 toolkit, worked all the way to Odin said succesful. But when toolkit attempted to finish the root it said adb was out dated and looped that about 6 times. Then it said root successful it looped adb issue again then said ther was an error rooting and phone turned off. Wouldnt turn on only flashed "samsung" for about a second then back off. Cant 3 bitton DL or fecovery luckily jig worked and after about 20 times literally was able to flash att stock bootloaders ba k and now its ok. Issue is now when i try to flash ANYTHING using odin it recognizes phone get blue com connection and "added" but fails communication with com port every single time. Any ideas? I want to root a stock ROM and remove Bloat... but Odin only partially works. I am not comfortable with ADB sandalone.
+Koushik Dutta So this 20mb files are what exactly? .. I mean if I wanna restore now .. the phone need to have the ROM that the nandroid taken from at least? ... I don't understand the technique that this version use
I have to say that I feel a little bit discouraged to test an alpha BACKUP software... :P

Anyway, kudos for the great work!
Does it fix the bug with /data maximum size limit ? I just lost my 2Gb+ using the version installed from RomManager .....
+Joshua Sheard i download your version and it worked perfect, does the backup n restore working for you, im flashing the recovery now, so im unsure right now...
+Koushik Dutta i was able to restore that JB 20mb nandroid backup on AOKPb40 and installed aokp b40 specially to test if that 20mb backup is real .. so how 925mb backup is reduced to 20mb backup ?
Not sure if it was just me but the "wipe data/factory reset" had an extra "no" option which pushed the formatting a bit off
I tried 2 times backup and restore and got stuck on bootanimation (Freeze). I'm on JellyBelly RoM .
Any plans to add the ability to flash multiple files in a queue?  Speed and the queue are the only reasons I use TWRP on my VZW Nexus, but it looks like you are taking care of the speed.
Anyone get a toro build working?
I used the stock-toro-recovery.img from Koush's server and the toro recovery.fstab from Koush's github
My build is 2755742bf499abf5d4a6375e3786a7e3.img
+Tony Pettinato You can, just turn on advanced mode via ROM manager.

What do you mean queue zips in recovery? Just install them one by one. How does a queue even help? You just click install from sd card again..? You literally save only one button click.
It saves you the headache of when you walk away/get distracted and only the one file you selected flashed, when you could have had the other ones queued up and flashing while you're not staring at your phone. I know, it is a major firstworldproblem.
+Chris Ennis They do if you backup before you flash anything, which you can add to the queue with TWRP+Goo
dude datz insane.. mi mean if yur Changlog is authentic den man u vl rule android world:-P
Good job.  Best step it up; cause teamwin be on it over there.
This still in testing? Are toro builds expected sometime soon?
I just wished Rom Manager had the option to flash a custom recovery from an img on the sdcard...
The touch version seems to have problems like the phone shutting down during backup and restore, but it works if its charging.
So for the Toro version up above, do I flash all of the files using Fastboot? Does it matter what I order I flash in? This is one app I want to make sure I get right when installing. Thanks.
Got a succesfully build recovery for alwinner a10 but when I reboot it boot back into recovery >.>
Finaly found my mistake, had a wrong vold.fstab :P
How about adding the duping capabilities to yaffs2 filesystems?
+Koushik Dutta , I am on Nexus S and even though the actual backup is much faster, the "Freeing space" message takes as long or even  longer making overall backup process very slow. I don't know if this is a bug or just this device. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?
+Koushik Dutta I noticed the same as above on Galaxy Nexus. I'm using the Touch version. Last time. the whole backup process and reboot took over 20 minutes!
+Koushik Dutta I was doing several things at a time so can't really tell exactly, but I checked a couple of times while it was freeing space and then again while rebooting. It took a lot longer than usual to reboot.
I'll do a backup now and time it in case it was a one off.
Right, seconds more or less, it went like this:
Loaded ROM Manager, selected to do a backup.
18:58 Reboot into Recovery
18:59 Freeing space started
19:03 Freeing space finished
19:03:20 Backing up data started
19:07 BkUp data finished, Generating md5 checksum
19:07:30 Reboot started
19:10 Reboot finished
So 12 minutes in all. It didn't take as long as the previous time.
Does it look normal?
Yes, Google Music. Do you think that might cause the long booting time?
quick question about backups, whats all this thing with bloops folder which is humongous and backup folder which is tiny? reverted back to and backup folders back to normal. im i doing smth wrong?
+Koushik Dutta, any update on the Google Music issue? It causes my blobs to balloon to enormous sizes. Right now I currently just delete / recreate my backups/blobs every once in a while and it shrinks right back down. Thanks! Great work btw.
I've got a Visual Land 7L and I can't seem to find it in the supported devices. Is there a way I can get this tablet to be a supported device?
+Koushik Dutta First off, thank you for your hard work.  It is much appreciated. 

My backups are taking 20+ minutes to complete (Touch version on Toro).  Any advise on what to check?  Any way to "reset" the backup DB and start from scratch?  Something is obviously not right...
hi, newb here! where do i find the stock recovery image of my device to use in the builder? thx!
build 83338215749f8e983e215bf9ec2d6256:
grep: build/target/board/generic/recovery.fstab: No such file or directory
find: src: No such file or directory
build/core/tasks/ ********************************************************
build/core/tasks/ * Kernel source found, but no configuration was defined *
build/core/tasks/ * Please add the TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG variable to your *
build/core/tasks/ * file *
build/core/tasks/ ********************************************************
make: * No rule to make target `out/host/darwin-x86/bin/unpackbootimg'. Stop.
ls: out/host/**/bin/unpackbootimg: No such file or directory
unpackbootimg not found
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Finished: FAILURE
Is it just me or CWM 6.0.15 doesn't support fstype2? 
Getting errors on building for my rockchip device... My build was Build b3162abb1bb986fc2cff30bcd67ef52b

----- Making recovery image ------
/Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/host/darwin-x86/bin/mkbootimg  --kernel /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/rk30sdk/kernel  --ramdisk /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/rk30sdk/ramdisk-recovery.img --base 0x60400000 --pagesize 16384 --output /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/rk30sdk/recovery.img
error: unsupported page size 16384
make: * [/Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/rk30sdk/recovery.img] Error 255
build error!
Build failed.
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts
Finished: FAILURE
halo koush i try to build cwm with the builder and it say always the img is the same,if i give y a recovery img can y build it for me? thanks  
Hey Koushik...plz build me CWM recovery for Micromax A57 and plz give me the download link after you build that..
I tried your method of Recovery after flashing it i show a black screen and nothing else!
So...plz plz plz build it for me!
Hi! Great tool for recovery building! Quick question: can i build recovery img for x86 eabi device? (Samsung P5200 on intel atom). Is it possible?
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