ROM Manager

This is a fairly minor update, but one I am pretty happy about:

More Support: Developers are porting recoveries to devices faster than I can add support! I've been getting a lot of requests about "can you add support for X into ROM Manager?"
I've fixed this by enabling generic/unsupported devices so they are able to use ROM Manager. However, ROMs may not show up in the list of downloads for unsupported devices, and you will need to have flashed ClockworkMod recovery manually.

Less Ads: I found the startup and registration ad shown when ROM Manager was opened was causing the load time on ROM Manager to be excessively slow. If it was annoying me, I'm sure it was annoying users. I also feel that signup ads and full screen ads cheapened the ROM Manager experience.
So, I just removed that particular ad network altogether. That ad network was generating around ~$1000+ a month in revenue, around ~$15000 a year. So, I hope you crackflashers appreciate it :)

If you are a ROM Developer and you haven't listed your ROM in ROM Manager, you really should! It's super easy to sign up and host ROMs on the free ROM Developer portal:
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