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This is a fairly minor update, but one I am pretty happy about:

More Support: Developers are porting recoveries to devices faster than I can add support! I've been getting a lot of requests about "can you add support for X into ROM Manager?"
I've fixed this by enabling generic/unsupported devices so they are able to use ROM Manager. However, ROMs may not show up in the list of downloads for unsupported devices, and you will need to have flashed ClockworkMod recovery manually.

Less Ads: I found the startup and registration ad shown when ROM Manager was opened was causing the load time on ROM Manager to be excessively slow. If it was annoying me, I'm sure it was annoying users. I also feel that signup ads and full screen ads cheapened the ROM Manager experience.
So, I just removed that particular ad network altogether. That ad network was generating around ~$1000+ a month in revenue, around ~$15000 a year. So, I hope you crackflashers appreciate it :)

If you are a ROM Developer and you haven't listed your ROM in ROM Manager, you really should! It's super easy to sign up and host ROMs on the free ROM Developer portal:
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Thanks! I really hated my guts off of that full-screen ad. It was maddening. Hats off for ya, kind sir :)

PS: can't see v4.8.1.4 on market yet
Ok, I was able to update even if the details view didn't let me. The my apps list did, so... Who knows. Thanks again
funny it is in the updates section in the market, but if i choose it, i cant install it... but it will come :D

thanks a lot! i really like the rom manager and use it like hell....
Wow, that's stunning.
Why not adding a new option to the "Show ads" selector: "Show less ads" or "Show only non-annoying ads" ;-)
Thanks for that grat job you do.
I more than appreciate it; this app has saved my ass (phone) many times. Thanks
I never noticed any ads... But then again I bought it ;) Keep up the great work...
Has the problem on the Bionic been fixed? I'm stuck on right now... the later versions since don't work.
I just installed the update and it says "ROM Manager Premium" at the top? Was on free ad supported version before...
Wow that is big cash hit to take on the behalf of the users. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!
Dang! $1000 a month? How are the paid versions doing? I am wondering if I should remove my paid version to help give you that little bit more in ads (or is there already an option to show ads in the paid version... if so, I might've already enabled that).
very good.rom manager finally working with Xperia MT15i NEO :)
Is NOOK color listed now as a unsupported device? RM isn't installing CWM recovery for Nc...
Put the adds back in when you download free apps. Given what you provide, you deserve that $$$!
Hum... it's strange. I'm talking about the NOOK color (that old B & N guy) not the new NOOK Tablet. I had CWM 3.x.something installed just before the upgrade I made 30 minutes ago. Now RM says I don't have CWM installed and my device is unsupported.
Put the ads back in +Koushik Dutta I am glad I support that way some how
So to support I will not upgrade so you get my 2¢ until the update adds something worth my ads based support on my purchased premium going away.
I am confused I will just uninstall and reinstall it I have premium though
Thanks K.D.! Hope you make that $$ up somewhere!
Updated Rom Manager and now I can't flash clockworkmod recovery. Worked fine before. Galaxy Nexus CDMA running Bugless Beast 1/22 nightly with Franco.kernel 13.1. Have flashed recovery since then, wasn't until the Rom Manager update that it stopped working. App just freezes when the status bar gets to the end :-(

EDIT: Disregard, sorry. Tried over and over with same result. Finally went and cleared cache and tried again and worked fine. Sorry again :-)
I just wanted to say "I love your work!" Thanks, and keep it up!
First off all I want to say, really great app :D
But sadly LG O2X listed as unsupported device & no recovery available after updating the ROM Manager to
Have tried to clear cache but still the same
Wow. I just wish my ads would earn more than 50¢ per month...
Just see this as one more reason to support developers who give you the option of buying their premium products. Still very satisfied, thanks Koush.
I'm finding that my OG Droid had more support for ROMs through Rom Manager than my Galaxy Nexus LTE does. Is there going to be a push to get more people to start using Rom Manager again, or are we just going to be moving straight into just downloading from someone's app that they've put out themselves.
I'm developing for the marvelc family of Wildfire S, but have both marvel (A510a) and marvelc devices [which I could loan out alternately to you [if you ever care to officially support wildfire s]. I know.. you get more requests than you have time ;) me too. Just thought I'd make the devices available to you if you ever consider it.
+Robert Sink Please open an issue on the ROMManagerManifest repository with the details. I'll need the android_device_wildfires or whatever repository, and any changes you made to recovery (if necessary)
I have to ask:
Was there ever a CWM4? I can't remember ever using it. Did you pull a Nullsoft on us and decide to combine the best of 2 & 3 to make 5?
Koush, does this support my iphone 4s yet?

RIP Tunnerbol.
Gary D
I've ported CWM Recovery over to the new samsung galaxy tab plus devices - seems that I should somehow upload that work back to, but "developer portal -> device selection" isn't very helpful. I'm also not certain what needs to be done to allow the's (there are 3 for different models) to be flashed with ROM Manager when there's no existing CWM on the device.
Personally I was never bothered by those ads .... as long as that stuff helps make revenue for independent devs or small businesses I'm okay with it :)
+Koushik Dutta Sir please preorder some aakash tablet through and please build custom ROM for that as it will not have any android market and will be too slow.....pls!
Hi koushik can u please release cwm recovery for lava iris pro 30....thanks in advance..
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