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Begun, The Clone War Has.
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Thats awesome.
lmao!ha!I want to see me from Yoda!Then merge me with Kate think...or is she Yoda?
Well, that look is basically Snow White, and since Disney now owns Star Wars, it makes sense...
Lmfao... Quite intriguing yet scary at the same time. 
I have absolutely no problem with this.
Oh, and anyone who wants to merge me with Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry can go right ahead.If they're not in fact the same person.
I'd happily merge with either of those as often as required ;)
Wow. I hadn't paid that much attention, as I don't watch all that much TV nowadays, but you're spot on. Almost creepy, but then again that's fashion for you.
Someones dad has some explaining to do...
I know 2 out of 6 not counting Yoda. I'm proud of myself in both respects. 
Hollywood stars are not even considered people anymore. They've signed off almost all of their fundamental rights to agencies that govern their image. They are brands. They all have brand stylists that keep them rich by keeping them branded. They tell them consistently what to say and how to say it, what to wear, how to do their hair and even where to shave their facial hair to create a "brand image"
SaL 13
I cant tell the difference. Mmmm... Mia Kirschner
I'd pound all those sweet muffs. Bring on the clones...
Capitalism and consumerism is distorting and rotting the American culture. But as long as we continue to create demand...
but on topic, Emily Blunt do you believe love (verb) can exist between 3 people? Reply later, for now I'm gonna stick with the answer that I think you'd give
I don't mind those clones, make more i say!
So many whores that look the same! Lol
The dark side is much more cunning than depicted in the films......... 
I would totally +1 this if I didn't love New Girl so much
Women with large eyes have always been regarded as attractive in the West.  Bangs (hair in front of the forehead) are fashionable today.  Other than that, the only thing they have in common is dark hair.

It's as silly as the "curse of 27".  
Hi. Is what they say before they blow the fuk up.
There's certainly nothing to fear with these clones ;)
Haha, there should be one like this for Megan Fox.
nam paw
what shade of clone?
Send me a clone or to I'll take care of them for you lmao
wish I could find my other "mes" like this... lol!
Greg S
I am hot and want to suck a hard and hot coc...............
Regardless I would like to share intimate relations with all of them 
Rob C
Zooey is my dream girl
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Thar all sexy. In thar Owen way well mabe not yoda
our main objective is to remove wit rahit shikha niti from bihar because it is a black spot for the name of  our society and humanity
A new beginning
A new destination
With happiness or sorrow
With pain or pleasure
Happy Makar Sankranti
I remember Star Wars from when I was a little kid
Zoe is still the hottest.
Put them all on the death star, use the force luke, and let god sort them out
Wow, they all look like Shannon Doherty.
Ray Wil
ha i knew it. I feel better I'm not the only one that noticed.
You can add picture of Lenka Kripac now. She is the same.
They can clone as many Katy Perry's as they want as far as I'm concerned.
They're all hot! One more clone please ;-)
Clone away. I do not see the problem here. 
To be fair, Zooey Deschanel was in 'Almost Famous' long before these other people showed up. If anything, she is the progenitor of all these other people. I guess there can be only one conclusion ... OH MY GOD ZOOEY DESCHANEL IS BOBA FETT!
I thought I was the only one up haha 
I thought I was the only one up haha 
I thought I was the only one up haha 
Nail, everyone of them i would, a chance though, I would have not.
These are the clones your looking for.
Is George Lucas starting the clone wars in Disneyland....???
unbelievable!!! they are products of the industry. That is crooked :-p
I would do all six of them 
Notice it works with Brunette's only!!!! Doesn't work with BLONDES or REDHEADS. ;-) 
"And I think to my self, what a wonderful world."
I'd tap them with my light saber....
Haave to add Alessandra Torresani as (Zoe Graystone) to that list.
will never work here in uk its always cloud
Look beyond the physical & recognize people for their individual talents & what they have to offer. Different strokes for different folks.
add to the list the actress Maeve Dermody. Another cloned beauty
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