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The One HTCDev Unlock

Uh. So, I wasn't expecting this, but the HTCDev unlock on this device actually behaves properly, unlike its predecessors. It behaves like a Nexus device.

You can flash boot from recovery. Confirmed on Sprint and AT&T.

This is awesome. +HTC, I hope you sell a gorillian of these.
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So, you didn't get the developer version and you aren't lying to me?

And, you plan to build Cyanogenmod for it?


Would the T-Mobile version be any different for any reason?
No wire tricks like the HTC vivid? A real unlock that leaves the phone able to root and flash a rom? 
Oh my… Seriously? Like, it's actually S-Off? If it is, then I would actually consider purchasing another hᴛᴄ device, which has been off the table for me…
Wow! That's amazing news! They also released Kernel source quickly too this time. Way to go +HTC. 
Phil K
Looks like a nice device.
OK, this is likely a revert to the original Dev Unlock that simply unlocked the bootloader, without other restrictions. +Shen Ye would be right it will be S-ON still, but without restrictions on bootloader, inserting an exploit for S-OFF will be easier.
I read XDA ROM stock that you still have to fastboot flash boot.img if you flash a rom... Is that partition locked? 2.14 hboot on onexl was like that and it was a pain in the @ss until we got S-off.
This was the first thing I was working on yesterday morning.  HTCdev unlocked the BL but the device still has S-ON.
+Jason Hall I figured as much.. I was just asking for clarification. I sure hope the bootloader is still unlockable when I get mine on the 1st. :/
This is the sexiest device i have ever held.. 
I'd buy one today if it had T-Mobile 1700mhz bands in it. I think they would sell a lot more of them to TMo customers if they had done that.
Looks even sexier after putting a full body Zagg shield on it.  The Zagg makes the metal back have a nice shiny gloss makes the metal pop.
Afaik recovery still doesn't have write access to boot partition. There's some updater script trickery that will flash boot img next time you boot to system though - was first found for the evo4g. Same basic effect for the user as you still flash though recovery and it installs on next boot but there is a slight distinction to make there. 
+Steve LeMoine T-Mobile plans on selling it so why wouldn't the T-Mo version have the 1700MHz band?
This is the best cell guys... A lot better than s4
WOOT. Great news, even though I don't plan to buy one.
Still a toss up if I'm gonna get one of the or the GS4
Held one in person today. Devices these days are already too tall, and HTC still put their power button at the very top LEFT of the device--the worst possible location for the power button. Good thing CM lets you wake devices with the volume buttons.
Went from SGN2 to this. Awesome phone so far.
HTC has said that they will be making it to where the AT&T One can't be unlocked through HTCDev. I'm honestly surprised to see that it's still working today, and hope that it will be by the time I get my check cashed tonight and go get the phone.
+Kristopher Davis "Before you get too excited, though, HTC's affirmed to us that AT&T's One will not be supported by the HTCdev unlock service, which will effectively render its bootloader untouchable. As for the current discrepancy, one might speculate that the phone's identifier hasn't yet been blocked on the HTCdev site -- something that'd likely be resolved before the phone becomes officially available through retail channels this Friday."
I love this phone. I'm getting one. Lol one lol 
+Brian Haslip the source from that article is xda. Which prob means it was someone running mouth about something they don't know. I just searched around and asked a buddy at HTC n can't find anymore to it than that article. Interesting but I highly doubt there's truth in it
+Kristopher Davis I hope not, as I'm just waiting to get my check today so that I can grab this phone. However, knowing that AT&T is selling a "developer" phone that's unlocked, I can see them pressuring HTC to lock this down. I sincerely hope they don't though...cause I'd like to be running an AOSP based ROM on it asap.
+Brian Haslip there's an unlocked sprint dev model too...I just read thru the xda thread which Is the supposed source, seems it's not very reliable I'm sure you 'll be fine, it's b.s. ;)
No expandable storage is still a dealbreaker, unfortunately. Otherwise it looks amazing. 
+Todd Moore I stopped by my local Best Buy to pick up something I bought and noticed they had the non working display models there. Even without it actually functioning that was the first word that came to my mind upon holding it. :-) 
I got the +HTC One. I freaking love this phone. They cleaned up everything about their phones. It is absolutely amazing. Way better than anything else that will be released to the market this year. 
Showed an iPhone user in work and he's decided to get one. Result .
+Zachary Bugay congrats I can't wait till mines comes and btw I'm going to be giving away some #htc one cases on my youtube channel next week so if your interested... 
Who will buy me one as a gift. I really luv to have one. .
Soo nice ... 
Just so y'all know as of right now this will work for AT&T One's but shortly the hole will be closed and you will be stuck with a locked bootloader.
I have the HTC One and pretty much everything about it is fantastic... rooted (ATT)
Why is everyone so worried about S-Off?
Isnt that just to give access to the radio partition? What do you win by having access to it?

S-On by HTC Dev Unlock gives access to everything anyone could need to get any custom ROM working right? (Even Cyanogenmod)
You can't fastboot boot and /system is 'nand locked' when booted (changes aren't saved). Feels not a lot like a Nexus to me. Love the device though regardless! 
The unlocking works for the AT&T phone, however it voids your hardware warranty. Stupid. Mine is going back in favor of a GS4
On one hand I really want this device on Verizon. On the other, I know I can count on Verizon to take a dump into the usb port on each individual unit so...
So what are the implications of S-on still being enabled if the boot loader is unlocked allowing partition flashes? I haven't owned an HTC device in a long time...
Someone at work had one, and it does behave. It looks & works like it has an extra gear in it. Superb, Classic look... The Boom Sounds concert-like. The person who owned this jewel wasn't s's familiar as he should be. If I had it, I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN AT WORK. 
Can't wait to get a US unlocked One. Even with the HTCDev unlock you still have carrier bloatware and tracking on the default roms and I want the freedom to use it on any carrier. I don't think I will ever buy a phone from a carrier again. 
I'll get my wife one of these but as for me, even tho the nexus 5 will more likely be behind on the hardware specs when it releases, I'm still going to wait. I still love my GNex
Jealous for sure but I'll wait for my LG Optimus G Pro to arrive.
It is one the most advanced smart phone available in market today followed by galaxy note2
It is sweet . Best battery life I have seen . Use it all day and its still above 50%. Great camera and so thin and light.
Verizon you'd better pick these up or I am going to leave you.
Hello what's app? Have a nice cool Sunday love you all!
It's the best phone I've ever had. It make my S3 seem 6 years old.
Replacing a GSII, this is good news. Can't wait to recieve mine soon.
I just find myself hitting the + button on just a posted pic of the HTC One. Come on Verizon...daddy needs a new phone!!!!! 
a gorillian? that's bananas!
+Koushik Dutta sir how to install custom rom on karbonn a9+ , pls add dis device into rom manager .... :)
My next phone purchase is a pure android phone, but if this phone gets CM support, im jumping ship to ATT. 
I misread this as an AT&T edition, my mistake. :-) in which case, I wonder what's different from retail non dev devices, bootloader? 
Robo Jr
? @all: is there any chance to get 4.2.2. JB for HTC One soon? 
I'd like to own mine.the phone looks great.  
Technology brings more beautiful.
+Ankit Samedi they are switching all 1700 over to 1900. most is 1900 already. there lte is on 1900 too.. they told me ny metro area will be fully switched over to 1900 and lte.. by july. I live on long island. im going to give it a shot.. mine should be arriving on monday..^-^ call and ask what they are on in your area.. 
No removable battery or memory... No buy 
...but they didn't change sth in their unlock token or elsewhere so that maybe other htc (one series) phones will gain that, too...? really annoying sh*t, htc -.-
Matt R
Well they did say this phone was different from any others :p
+Jon M Curley This Zagg you speak of...probably a silly question but it only protects from scratches right? its so beautiful that I dont want to cover it, but of course I want to protect it..
Matt R
this is a cellphone.
Wait, does this apply ONLY to HTC One or any device from now on?
only one, as it looks til now. someone tested it on xda with one x. maybe future hboot versions do...? -.-
+Jaxon Lee the vivid was my last phone (before my one) and I was able to unlock my bl and flash plenty of time without s-off
necesito desbloquear mi htc one como lo hago
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