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I'm tempted to get a Lytro. Any of you all have one? How do you like it?
"Lytro will introduce the first light field camera that allows consumers to instantly capture interactive, living pictures and then focus them AFTER they are taken." Best of Innovations Awar...
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I saw them on CNET a few months ago. I kinda think I want to wait until it becomes more incorporated, new models and devices using it. The square thing doesn't do it for me.
If I'm in doubt I just take two or three photos..... I often do this as a precaution.
I believe the image processing is done server-side and you have to use Flash to view the photos. It's neat, but those are a couple rather large compromises.
Holographic cameras also have that property (capturing the entire wavefront; intensity and phase). Does this use some holographic technology?
+Cole Mickens I don't think you need flash and theres no 'processing' per as. The technology is on how it captures light while it's taking the picture. And because of that it allows you to look at the picture from different focus angles. I also say no flash because Cnet or some nice site did a review where they took over 10 different kinds of pics and clicking on different points in the picture, you could look at it from a different focus; and I saw it on my iPhone, just like the review said. 
+Naren Mangtani I meant... Flash as in Adobe Flash to view the images, and I'm pretty sure you can only process and view them through Lytro's website. Although the end of your comment makes me think maybe they've changed this? It wouldn't surprise me at all if the clicks on the iPhone cause a new image to be rendered on their server.

also, their website more or less doesn't work on my computer without Flash.

Page 12 & 13 seem to corroborate my understanding:
+Cole Mickens yeah I meant Adobe Flash as well, and that's why said I didn't think it needed it cause I viewed it on my iPhone which obviously doesn't support it. But the manual you posted does talk about it. Interesting. 
As a photographer, I wanted to jump on this asap, but held off. I'm glad I did from the initial reviews. Sure it's a fun toy, but thats about it right now. I don't think there is real world use for this right now... but time could certainly change this.
I wanted one, until I realised it's one mega-pixel. I'm going to wait.
Too low resolution.
I prefer to do focus stack with MagicLantern and my 550D.
I loved the idea thought, and when they'll get a decent definition I think I'll make the jump.
Low light Res is pretty grainy and washed, but outdoors it takes good pics. If you aren't overly worried about image quality, but want the ability to quickly change focus perspective for some fun shots w/o lugging around a dslr, then it's worth it.

Take a look at the demo pics on their website to get an idea of the image quality.

I played with my sisters for about 5 min, and other than the screen being TINY, it was pretty cool. Oh, the zoom function is pathetically slow, but they may have corrected it with a FW update...?
Never seen this before but seems a cool concept.
Paap Taap Har Leti Sabke Ganga Ki
पाप ताप हर लेती सबके
पाप ताप हर लेती सबके, गंगा की जल धार है।
सन्मति पा जाता गायत्री, गंगा से संसार है॥
हर-हर गंगे, जय माँ गायत्री...॥

सगर सुतों को जीवन देने, गंगा भू-पर आई थी।
सुरपुर से आकर स्वर्गंगा, शंकर जटा समायी थी॥
आशुतोष की कृपा भगीरथ ने,तप से ही पायी थी।
तब शिव शीश वासिनी गंगा,धरती पर लहरायी थी॥
पतित पावनी गंगा ने कर दिये, दूर संताप सभी॥
मूर्छित मानव के जीवन का, यह सच्चा आधार है॥

सृष्टि देख निष्प्राण प्रजापति, ब्रह्मा भी अकुलाये थे।
गायत्री से ही वह उसको, प्राणवान कर पाये थे॥
गायत्री कर सिद्ध विश्वरथ, ऋषिवर विश्वामित्र हुए।
बला-अतिबला विद्या से, सम्पन्न राम-सौमित्र हुए॥
गायत्री सत्पथ विधायिनी, विद्या है, वरदान है।
मनुज देवता दोनों की, संरक्षक है सुखसार है॥

गंगा गायत्री स्वरूप है, दो दैवी वरदान मिले।
इन्हें वरण करके सुर मानव, को अनगिन अनुदान मिले॥
दोनों ही गतिमय जीवन का, पावन भाव जगाती हैं।
अुण से विभु, लघु से महान, जीवन को यहाँ बनाती हैं॥
नाम भिन्न हैं, पर अभिन्न हैं, दोनों भाव स्वभाव से।
एक स्नान से, एक ध्यान से, कर देती उद्धार हैं॥

जब देखी बह रही विश्व में, विष से भरी हवाएँ हैं।
विश्वामित्र, भगीरथ दोनों, एक रूप हो आये हैं॥
है दैवी संकल्प मनुज में ही, देवत्व जगाने का।
करुणा की गंगा लहराकर, धरती स्वर्ग बनाने का॥
पहुँचायी संस्कृति की भागीरथी, समूचे विश्व में।
दुश्चिन्तन पर आज विश्व में, होता प्रबल प्रहार है॥

‘गंगा’ है पतित पावनी, गोते लगाइये।
‘गायत्री’ ज्ञान गंगा, जी भर नहाइये॥
मानव हो मुक्त पाप-पतन से अज्ञान से।
जीवन में यूँ ही ज्ञान की गंगा बहाइये॥

पतित पावनी गायत्री माँ, हे! गुरुवर हे! गंगा माता।
तारो अब तो भक्तों को माँ, तुम ही हो सबकी सुखदाता॥
I was looking at them as well but the image size is small from what I read I think it is only 1Mp. You can change the focus but the ability to enlarge the photos sounds like it an issue. It may be neat to have one for some things but I still like my DSLR. If you take a shot and keep as much in focus as possible you can still do a lot of editing afterwards as well. Very rarely do I find myself wishing that I had the focus somewhere else in a picture I take.
It would be cooler as a video camera...
Its not measured in megapixels do your research I have read the entire dissertation on this camera and its amazing ... definitely getting one!
+Tyson Kemp I have been looking for months too and I am sorry but an image that is only 1080x1080 is going to have issues when being blown up. It is great for some point and shoot scenery and I have seen instances where people try to enlarge them for print and they look horrible. I might still get one because of what it can do but not a first generation there are still a lot of issues I want to see worked out for the price tag. A rule of thumb is 2700x1800 for a 30"x20" print. To put things on the web it is fine but you will not see this take off in areas where photos need to be blown up for a while. Just like anything else out there some people will have a need and solid use for it and I hope those people and you enjoy yours. I will wait for a while is all. There is also too much editing for most people. You can't just plug this thing in and start spamming pictures to Google+ or Facebook which is what most people want. You have to do post processing of some sort to get the data to a usable image format. Also, there is only Mac software currently. Lots to do yet but once they get there it will be something fun to play with.
I am an early adopter of the Lytro™. I got mine on 2 March, so mine was sent within the first day or so of shipping. I decided to order it because I believed it was really something new. I still believe that.
Lytro, Inc. brought it to market as a consumer camera designed for web sharing while introducing the radical concept of the light field. I brought it along to a mother's day party yesterday and everyone who saw it liked it and the ones who saw my first look video recognized the difference and talked about wanting one.
I decided to put together a video series about it because I did not see much on line except from people who had limited access to it and were seeing it often while interviewing someone from the company. It is cool technology, but this product is really about point and shoot and play later. The other company with a production model of a light field camera is from Germany. Much more for the techie, but still requiring some programming knowledge.
The Lytro™ is about taking pictures and sharing them, and then throws in the "play with focus" as an option. It does the most interesting macro pictures with no big effort on capture that I have seen. Great for studying things like plant structures, for example. It is not about user control, like over color, density, HDR, angle of view- although the 8 to 1 zoom works well in the creative mode- but is a new way of seeing the world.
The resolution in use for most web stuff with it is below its full size. The typical Mac laptop has a screen with less vertical resolution than its maximum height. For my website I generally embed them at around 600 pixels, with the default being set at around 400 with their player. All pictures viewed on the web are hosted through their server. This means that sites with a lot of content from them will display slowly.
They do play well on the iPad and iPhone, so whatever technology is in use on their player, it is adapted to that world. I remember the SX-70 from Polaroid®. This camera is far more like that than Cambo RS® that I used to make translites for Spiderman 4. Different tools for different work.
My video series is low on technique and instructional methods, focusing more on lifestyle. And I am keeping them under 3 minutes. LightFieldPlay is the channel on youtube. We have another one in production this week. Stop by if you like. for the first look. A great site for education is Good mind stretching stuff there.
^^ wow! I read about these in PopSci magazine awhile back. Amazing to see the refocus feature in action. Very cool!
If you do get one, +Katie Oliveras and I will be over to play with it :). We've been wanting to experiment with one, but not enough to buy our own.
I am in the forbidden zone of LA. But I really would be happy to meet up with those interested to see it if you are motivated. Could be in West Hollywood area or Van Nuys.
I have one now... Fair warning... You have to be very resoursefull if you have a windows PC. They are set up for a MAC. The camera it's self is very simple. I am reminded of the pictures I used to shoot with my first olympus digital... (well a bit better I guess). Using the camera is like using my first kodak film box camera. Just point and shoot. It does have a zoom, but I have not yet figured out how to employ it while composing pictures which need focus both in the foreground and the background. They are Lytro's speciality of course. Getting them to Lytro's web site (the only place to display them for friends if you are not a facebook person) from a windows machine is a very difficult task. I had to get a copy of MAC os, vmware for the pc, and spend several hours getting it installed. All this just to pull the pictures off the camera and upload them to the lytro web site. Here is my first picture.
It is an expensive toy camera at this point, but with lots of potential. It remains to be seen how Lytro will do at exploiting this potential... They can't even produce a window application for the camera as of yet. Recommended if you have a recent MAC, and you like expensive toys.
I have one and like it. It's definitely a situational camera. You also have to almost plan out exactly how you want your picture to look before taking it to take full advantage. It's fun, but can take some work.
It is definitely an artist's camera at this point. I am not the world's most
creative person, so I am struggling with it. I do have a few strawberry
pictures I like, and I managed to catch a hummingbird doing his thing a
couple of times. Are you going to post links to your pictures? I have not
had a chance to try the chrome plugin yet myself.
+Kellen Barranger and +Gary Kirkpatrick's comments call into question the original promise of the light field camera.  Professionals and artists will plan out the depth of field ahead of time, and make sure the focus is correct.  The ability to change the focus (and focal depth) in post-production seems largely consumer oriented, so people can take snapshots and then later on determine what the best point of focus is. 

That said, as a photographer, there are definitely cases I could see a light field camera being valuable.  There are some cases it would reduce the number of shots required, in cases where you might be bracketing against focus.  Also, when shooting with a fast lens it could help avoid misses when the depth of field is really tight (e.g., a centimeter or less).  (Obviously the literal application of a "fast lens" doesn't apply here, but the concept still applies). 
The artistic part is composing a scene where multiple points of interest have an different focal point. You then zoom through the picture showing those point. The best pictures I have observed so far (in my opinion of course) are those with a surprise for the viewer. 
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