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Aaron Swartz
November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013

Aaron was arrested for "unlawfully" downloading academic documents from JSTOR. JSTOR dropped the charges, but a misguided prosecutor continued with the case; likely for career progression. After a year and a half in the court system, and facing 35 years in prison if found guilty, Aaron committed suicide.

Although I'd never met Aaron, he was someone I respected and admired.

Swartz co-authored the "RSS 1.0" specification of RSS and the online activism group Demand Progress.

For remember, we live in a world where the architects of the financial crisis regularly dine at the White House — and where even those brought to “justice” never even have to admit any wrongdoing, let alone be labeled “felons.”

In that world, the question this government needs to answer is why it was so necessary that Aaron Swartz be labeled a “felon.” For in the 18 months of negotiations, that was what he was not willing to accept, and so that was the reason he was facing a million dollar trial in April.
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The role of government generally is that of the bully. Both apply force, or the threat of force, to coerce others.

The only difference is that a government is supposed to do this for the "common good"... a concept that our douchebag government has ignored for a very long time.
If you robbed a liquor store at gun point, shot the clerk, fired at officers during a high speed chase and crashed into a school bus during the chase you would be charged with less felonies and do less time in jail. We all know this government is total blasphemy. 
Rest in peace Mr. Swartz. :-(
+Julio Lagara I'm not sure what that rant had to do with this article, but it is factually wrong. Also, I'm pretty sure blasphemy doesn't mean what you seem to think it does. ;-)
I can understand why some filings in PACER are sealed, but court documents filed in the course of a proceeding are public record.
I think that he was terrified of becoming another Bradley Manning.
This is exactly what is wrong with America. It makes me and many other furious to know that those who are well connected and corrupt can walk and sleep without any remorse. And those who give a shit about making a difference are bullied by the former.
So sad...RIP Aaron :(
The prosecutor should be charged with bullying...
That is so sad, that prosecutor should bear this in his conscience as long as he lives.
Shouldn't they aim on catching and prosecuting the "real" criminals?
I met him in 2009 when he was in Brazil.I Lived in a flat that was a hotel also and where he stayed. At dawn he was wandering the lobby and we ended up talking for a while.
He sat with arms sunburned on the couch. Not a word about technology. Only local curiosities.
It seemed an introspective person at that moment. But funny and later talkative.
This is really sad! Having lost friends to suicide myself and knowing Aarons contribution all I can say is that he will be missed but his efforts will not be forgotten.
Friends and fellow G+ers I do not want to turn this into something else but I must bring your attention to this very disturbed person that is in this thread. +Jorge Monteiro has posted hate messages here AS WELL AS many more on his stream. I am strongly urging you to report him immediately. I have done so on every post he has posted in the last couple months. Its one thing to think what you want its another to be inflammatory and rude in the wake of a mans untimely passing. +Koushik Dutta and other please help bring some much needed attention to Jorge so he can get some help.
Dear Lord, our justice system is a joke. People routinely do less jail time for manslaughter. 
+Koushik Dutta Just go to his posts. You'll see a litany of terrible and disturbing ideals.
+Tyson Kemp LOL wow this guy actually thinks Sandy Hook may not have happened... 

I'll keep an eye out in case he douches around on my posts again.
+Koushik Dutta Yes, Judging from his posts this guy really is disturbed, I have being still going through and reporting this has hate speech and violence, and bullying abuse. This upsets me so much not only because of Aaron but because of the other friends I have lost to suicide. Others that see this I really urge you to report this guy. His danger to others speaks for it self.
Just a quick aside on trolls / nuts:

I will never understand how publishing something such as CWM could be the fly paper for all of society's biggest and worst dipshits...
+Koushik Dutta: certainly true of the stereotypical Android fanboy; the guy who wears his phone on an Otterbox holster, tucks his shirt in, and refuses to move away from Sprint, because he started there (on his walkie-talkie-phone), back when they were Nextel.

Is there a name for that stereotype?  There should be.
May he's soul find peace! 
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