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Apparently Captain Janeway doesn't drug test.
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I've found the installation guys tend to be the most sane of any at a telecom company. The Comcast guy agreed that Comcast's desktop software sucked, and was more than supportive of the nifty trick I used to defeat the mandatory installation. :)
+Michael Novak Apparently with Windows it's not skippable. So I cloned one of my Windows VMs, installed it (which activated the router), then trashed the whole OS. :)
+Jake Weisz you can call and have them manually active it, that's what I do. Now, your way may be easier then spending 1/2-1 hour on the phone though :/
What Comcast software are y'all talking about? I don't run anything from them.. (never would)
Its fairly newish. Security software and crud.
Dammit, that's just funny. Thanks for the post and quick wit.
Or they were just taking us on their trip :)
I always preferred to think of her as Seven of Boobs
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