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CyanogenMod App Store

I've been bouncing this idea around for a while now, and it seems like an even better idea now, given my recent brush with this problem: we need an App Store for root apps. We also need an app store for apps that are getting shut down for no good reason, other than carrier, or some random corporation doesn't like it. [1]

+CyanogenMod has a huge following now. In fact, we are about to pass 1 million unique, active, user installs.
This is huge.

As the project grows, so do our server requirements, hardware requirements, etc. One of the ideas I brought up to +Steve Kondik was to have a built in app store in +CyanogenMod, independent of the Android Market. A portion of the sales from the App Store could go towards funding the CyanogenMod project. [2]

What are your opinions on this topic? Would you users actually use a CM App Store and buy apps on it over the Android Market, etc? [3] Would you app developers list your stuff on the CM App Store?

[1] Apps removed from the Market includes, one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, Visual Voicemail apps, and more. These are all completely legal (Nintendo emulators are fine, ROMs are NOT, there is a distinction).

[2] I've actually approached Amazon about bundling their AppStore in CM if they gave CM a cut of the sales. But they brushed me off, saying that was something they could talk about in a few months :p

[3] There is no reason that it would be a CM only app store, of course, any ROM could include it.
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I would support and purchase available apps through the CMAppStore first.
i don't know why no one's thought of it yet, and i'm glad you just did...
I think this has the potential to be huge. Definitely something you should pursue, especially if it helps fund the Cyanogen team!
Can't say that I'd use it, but why the hell not? Can't hurt to put something like that together.
Would absolutely use. Despite my flirtation with new ROMs from time to time, CM is my daily driver and my favorite software on any device. Please do this.
I'd love this and I'm sure so would many other users, Android should be open, apps should be available to all android users, carries should not be able to remove apps for no reason.
I've been running CM for over a year. Its the only daily driver I've used. But what happens to an app if you are running another ROM? Will the app store be able to be installed on other devices? I think that is a must.
Great idea, I'll support
Sounds awesome, lets make this happen, I'm ready to help
This is along the lines of something I was talking about earlier with a friend about how CM doesn't come with Google apps etc because of Google complaining in the past - but the thing I don't understand is surely every device that doesn't have access to Google services is a lost customer?? We were chatting about the possibility that in a few years time - manufacturers might actually offer a choice of operating system when you buy the device (like the PC market) - you could say yes I want your new quad core phone, but I don't want HTC Sense - I want CyanogenMod thanks.
Yes, without a doubt. What a great way to demonstrate the power/necessity of root to other power users and even to casual users.
Google must moderate their marketplace for some pretty obvious reasons, the problem is they have to walk a very fine line and not everyone is going to be happy. CyanogenMod on the other hand is another beast. An app store with exclusive content would draw even more users to CyanogenMod, win win win.
I think this is a great idea, and with 1,000,000 users, just a small percentage buying a few apps could really add up to some money. good idea, it is too bad amazon did not want to go in with you, such a good idea.
Hard to say. I actually hate the fact of multiple App Stores. But for the fact that this would be for root/removed apps is another idea. I would support it!
We need an app store that has more freedom - just hope people won't abuse it and flood it up. Just have to make sure everything is organized and kept up. Very good idea guys! If you need any graphic work, you know who to come to >_< -WJD Designs
I'm game for that! Would be willing to purchase apps, to support amazing developers!
Ken Kuo
definitely a great idea.
I think it would be great
I would support this. I for one am used to doing a google search and downloading the apk or I know the develop and he would send it to me. It is a great concept would be TON of work and then getting a decent amount of content for launch could be difficult.
Great idea. Amazon made a gigantic mistake.
This is actually a very good idea. It'll also help with expediting CM's availability on currently unsupported devices (like the MyTouch 4G Slide).
This is a brilliant idea! Will this be your next app you build?
Would you provide the app so that we could use the store even if we use another rom(rooted)? If so my method for app shopping would be CM Appstore, Amazon appstore, Market.
It sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see all of the root apps in there instead of taking over the Android Market - where most users do not know what root is.
I'd support this 100%. I'd freaking buy Rom Manager Pro AGAIN
I would definitely use it, though it would have to be fairly universal (able to install or at least use on non CM phones) as I don't want to lose access to apps I buy/are exclusive if I am trying out different ROMs or am stuck with stock on a new device until ROMs are released. Basically, while it would have CM branding, I would want to see it like the Amazon appstore and able to be installed on any sideload-enabled device.

Seems obvious I guess, but it's still pretty important.
This is a fantastic idea, however, I feel that that I'd only use this if an app isn't in the Android Market.
I know it's counter to the idea in some ways - but would you guys consider filtering it to make sure it's full of SAFE root apps? :) I think I know the answer but its an interesting problem. You don't want to damage the Cyanogen "brand" with crapware.
I love the idea.
Go for it man!

Next step is to have phones ship with CM.
I like the idea and would certainly use it, so long as you could sideload it on any rom, and not just bundled with cm. I would LOVE to support the cm team with my app purchases! 
+Koushik Dutta and then someone would make a market for apps that CM market refused :p
plus, all rooted roms dont need one root apps, and pretty much no tether apps either :)
i think as long as its linked with an account.. be a CM account or another way, where you could buy apps on one phone and open up your tablet and open the CMappstore and install the purchased app there too. would be awesome.
Love the idea, would def use it
I would definitely be for it. For that matter, why would it necessarily be limited to apps? Patches and the like would be pretty nifty to have in a centralized source. Similar to Rom Manager, but with less of a focus on full roms and more of a focus on things like kernels and mods.
Go for it. I can't fathom many CM users being against this great idea.
As long as it is safe and secure I would definitely support something like this. It would kill two birds with one stone. I would get the apps I need while supporting development.
If we could install and use it on non root devices as well it would be nice.
Would it be made accessible to other roms aside from CM!yangenmod?
Great idea! I've always hoped for something like that...It's about equal to putting a "Root" section in the Android Market times 10,000!! I'm sure the interface will be fantastic too ;)
Do eet! (I would recommend a "market" to keep Apple from trying to sue you as they have tried Amazon and, I think, GetJar.)
CyanogenMarket? Trebuchet Market?
Definitely! I would use the CM app store first, then the Market, then Amazon.
Normally I would be the nay sayer, saying "Great, not another app store for Android." But since this is a ROM that I use on ALL of my Android phones, I think that adding an app store that supports the +CyanogenMod project would be an excellent idea. Maybe even take a page from Amazon's book and offer a paid app a day or week. *shrug*
First and foremost, yes, I would. However, I would also love to buy from the Android Market, but I can't, because of the Credit Card-requirement. Please make sure to give people a reasonable amount of payment-options, if you do this.
Yep. I'd use it. As others might have suggested, the overhead for a project like this might have to go at least in part to providing dedicated staffing for this, tho. An policing what apps can be included, maybe, too? Could get very time consuming (read: expensive)...
This would definitely benefit the modding community and developers i would definitely like to see this
Wowwww huge idea. Kush youre a genius. BUY ALL THE APPS!
am i the only one that thinks partnering with amazon is a bad idea. specially if its run like it is right now? updates would take longer.

how would it work out if you guys partnered with amazon?
Although the idea is fantastic, wouldn't this be a potential monetary drain on the CM team for legal fees? With all the lawsuits being tossed around, baseless or not, wouldn't this add another target?
Would absolutely love it... cydia has allowed for many devs the opportunity to share/sell their apps to the delight of many!
If it were UNIQUELY and DISTINCTLY more open that the Android Market, I would be interested. I'm not interested in an equally closed-source, uni-sourced, yet more openly/freely-curated Market. I have SlideME for that, and it's just Meh. I want something more akin to a package manager, something that will work even if ClockworkAppStore or CMApps or whatever decided they were going to start banning [insert random category] of apps for some unforeseeable reason.
+Koushik Dutta this would need Apple-level verification to get onto the store (to prevent bad apps and harmful apps). Since it'd be small this wouldn't be much of a problem.
Also, would this have a way of linking to your google account?
Love the idea. Would monetarily support it 100%
Yes, with auto download or restore option that are actually remembered on your account.
I would buy apps there...
+Koushik Dutta having multiple market may cause fragmentation ... i have both Amazon Appstore and Android Market... but if you are gonna -provide root only apps or apps that are removed from market even tough legal or even with the threat of being removed, then it might work!
I'll support it, never trusted to buy the emulators off of slide me market....
That would be freaking awesome.
Great idea. I would use the CM app store over the Android Market.
Wonderful idea, do it!!
my guess is all 1million of us would use it atleast....
That would be awesome, it'd be a whole market for custom rom users. I'm thinking about reading user comments with helpful feedback both for users and developers concerning root apps.
Giant +1 on this also - great idea!
I tend to buy utility apps way more often than games. I would especially support it if ratings/reviews are coming from CM users, giving me a better idea of how good it is than just average users.
Tony C
I'd use it more than the Android market.
Kush, very cool idea... Don't know if this is taboo to say or not but.... Have you talked to Surik from Cydia?
Sounds like a great idea.
I would say do it, but have very strict requirements about what gets admitted. I don't want to see it burgeon out into another huge marketplace with very little exclusive content. If anything, specifically limit it to things that are found to have issues in the Market despite their legality.
This sounds like a great idea that I would definitely use!
I don't think this makes a lot of sense. Are end users really going to store their credit card/payment information with "enthusiasts", rather than a true business/retail outfit? I would buy apps directly from a Cyanogenmod website if an intermediary were used such as Paypal or Google Wallet, but I wouldn't sign up for a "CM Market" like the one-click options that Amazon and Google already have and leave my credit card information with yet another entity.

I imagine there will be lots of support for this idea in theory, but the number of users who would actually make use of it would probably be another matter altogether. I think before you dedicate a lot of time/money/resources to this that you try for some more accurate feedback than asking the G+ hardcore users if they'd sign up, without any real details on the privacy and identity (ie. credit card) implications.
+Jason Kurtz You act as if a group of core guys capable of shipping software to 1000000 phones is incapable of founding a company/business. I also have ideas around how to not store credit card info on the servers :P
I would for sure use a CM market over any others to support the cause.
Sounds like an excelent idea, make it so!
Nintendo emulators are not fine on the Android Market, regardless of the ROM legalities: the emulator sensei yongzh was sent packing by google late last year, and is now plying his wares at There remains only one decent emulator on the Android Market at this time -- Mupen64Plus, AE -- by the dev Paul Lamb, and that too will probably "disappear" soon, once the Suits bestir themselves.
Personally, I would love to shop around that store. And I know plenty of others that would love it too
Love the idea! I want 1% for my opinion. Lol
+Koushik Dutta You asked for feedback, I gave it. I'm not bashing you, if that's how you interpreted it- I'm sure you and the team could do a fantastic job. I'm just pointing out that it'll take a lot of time and money to do so, and usually before people invest either of those they create a business plan, do market research, and/or seek hard data on whether or not their business would be successful. I'm not sure this is the right forum for that, but would wish you the best of luck. I would, however, not jump right in with both feet and send along my credit card data with another store- much in the same way that I didn't with the iPhone version of this, the "Cydia Store".

Sorry if it sounded as though I don't have any trust, but wouldn't you rather get some critical feedback than a bunch of "absolutely!" 'esque responses? Be sure a lender would ask you hard questions if you were seeking capital...
Yeah. I think it should be root/removed only, and they should be reviewed before it's submitted to the appstore. Since it's rooted phones we're handling.
I would definitely support it, by buying any Apps that interest me on the CM store over any other store. Great idea!

Would "Rom Manager" be able to support a library of apps? I think ROM Manager could possibly be a front end for all things root. I imagine a "market" full of apps, roms, themes, ect. Then you could get the other ROM developers to join up to have their ROM hosted/updated/delivered through your service, and it would give them an opportunity to make some money on their wares... Thoughts?
I would definitely use this, but, tbh i would primarily use the og market, for consistency's sake. But if it wasn't available in the og market, or more ditectly supported the developers, i would use this new market. Great idea.
Two things, it should be installable on any android device, rooted or non rooted and also, I hope you guys are prepared for the backlash that is sure to come WHEN this app store becomes huge, as this backlash would not only be against the app store but may also be against Cyanogenmod project itself....The powers that be may try to project the entire Cyanogenmod project as being taboo
+Jason Kurtz I know, your points about the credit cards are valid. I was more taking issue with the demeaning "enthusiasts" comment ;)
I will support a Cyanogenmod App Store. I would prefer you will allow Google Checkout as a payment option for app purchases. :-)
+Koushik Dutta Enthusiasts are awesome, I'm a bit of one myself! Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge the concerns.
Are you guys still looking for a datacenter to partner up with?
sounds Like a 'DUH' moment to only reason for NOT rooting is having accessibility and/or usability of apps I already own/use...AND not knowing IF/WHEN/WHERE to get 'viable' apps that will work with a rooted phone. (I mean DUH in a...'why didn't I think of that" way ;-)
Hell, the first thing I do with a new phone is gain Root access, and then install Rom Manager, then CM. Hell yes I would use and support this!
I agree the comments and feedback would be awesome from rooted users
If anybody can pull it off it would be you guys!!!
It sounds great if you can make sure that apps are being updated. Fdroid has a lot of apps that are out of date compared to their market versions. I vote for dwolla as a payment method. Transactions under ten bucks are free. Sounds perfect for an app store.
I was thinking the other day, "The CM team does this for free, but how cool would it be if they were a legit business?" This a great idea. I would support this 100%
Absolutely do it... But I already bought most of the needed root apps.
I would. So would all my friends that use cm on there phone.
I think this is a great idea!!
I would love to see something like this as long as the apps stay updated and checkout is easy. I'd definitely support your work through a CM market.
Count me in 100%. CM store first, market second, everything else third.
Would definitely buy apps that have fragile existence on market - root stuff, emus, tether, etc.
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Nanik T
Go for it mate ... I'm all in !
Sounds awesome to me. Similar to Ubuntu... the is is free but you can support them by buying other merchandise. Count me in. I'd look at the CM store prior to the market when looking g to buy root apps.
My only concern would the ability to fight legal nonsense. If you guys are hosting emulators, root tools, etc, legal or not, the manufacturers could serve C&D, sue, etc. I could see it being easy to fold under pressure if you don't have the time, money or resources to fight a legal battle.

EDIT: With that said, I think there is a huge market for this and it could be wildly successful. I would monetarily support it 100%!
I would definitely embrace this all the way. I don't use third-party app stores because I understand this is where you get pirated apps and malware, but I have a great deal more faith in the CM team; both in terms of their intentions, and competence as developers.
Hope it pays enough for the lawyers that will be coming. Just something to think about.
As long as it has parental controls and a way to block in app purchasing (or none at all) I would buy from it first.
this could be interesting... /me grabs popcorn.
I would use it for no other reason than to support CM. You guys do more for the software side of Android phones than the phone manufacturers do, trust me I have a Captivate. I think it's awesome that I was able to run GB on my phone way before the official release and now I'm rocking ICS, which Samsung says won't work on here. Bottom line is do it, I know there are plenty of people out there that will use it jsut to support CM.
Do it; I'm sure given time it will beat out the Android App Store itself.
+Ali Abedi with 700,000 activations a day or whatever they are up to now, 1 million is but a scratch. However I would support it.
I'm with +Michael Mayhew about the legal part. It's a great idea. Or maybe pair up with other ROM distirbutors from the xda community and make an appstore for the hack community. Let put it this way... However this is gonna end up... I'm in too...
This is an idea that is born to be successful. It will infuse more competition and more competition means great apps for users. There are not much pluses to plus this post...
I would love to spend my money there.
I definitely would use a CM store, but i would want to be able to run it on all my devices, even stock ones, which is how i imagine you guys would do it.
M Hteit
...& U guys r thinking about? Come on! We're all in. CM is the best thing that happened to smartphones since...well, CM !
I would definitely support it. I'm just one person though. I also know several (around 7 or 8 people) of my friends IRL who I just ran the idea by are definitely for this. Jason I think you are underestimating the potential of this. He said there are 1 MILLION distinct downloads. Surely that could blossom into something big. Surely those same people would support a venture like this.
i see a few issues with this.. one being how open or closed will this market be? maybe u guys should be as tough on devs putting apps on it as u r to allowing certain code into cyanogenmod..

also, being a person who solely uses the android market, i would hate to end up using two markets.. maybe somehow add onto android market? maybe mirror android market in ur app with also the stuff u guys want? (i already know the problem with that.. its more like a pipe dream.. i would totally use two markets if this one opens)

and then the name.. it should not be really associated with cyanogenmod because its fairly obvious as soon as this market is made it will explode and be on EVERY custom rom.. period.. i thought of black market as a name immediately but meh... i dont like app store; not only would apple destroy u, but its not the feel that is right with android..

TL;DR = be tough on apps being allowed in, two markets suck, but id deal with it, the name game is tough and we all know everyone would totally throw this into theyre custom rom.. it will be everywhere!
I don't use Android (iPhone user on board), too bad I don't, but I think this is a great idea. Cydia was revolutionary for jailbroken iPhones, this should be for Android too. Now, if you can come up with a name as good as Cydia (which is an allusion to the Codling Moth, with a scientific name of Cydia pomonella, which is the proverbial "worm in the apple.") maybe something that "Hole in the robot" is proverbial for? Lol, I kid.
I don't normally like to buy/download from dev stores like GO or Miui, but I trust CM, since you're an American (and live in Seattle like me) and the CM name is synonymous with quality. If you had a store, I'd buy and download from you directly.
great idea, but not if it is in lieu of the android market. You should include both in cm9
I will pay for just about anything if it means you will keep making awesome apps
This is a great idea. I know many apps which should be in app stores but end up in lonely pages of forgotten forums...
Brilliant idea! I would definitely support the cause. Let's make this happen!
I'd certainly use it. I'm a dev community supporter and I think there's room for another player on the android app market arena - especially if you're going to give a home to all of those legal apps turned away by the "corporate stores".
I was a CM7 user on my Nexus One, but since upgrading to a HTC Sensation 4G, I've been in love with Android Revolution HD by mike1986 (

So my question to +Koushik Dutta is:

Would I have access to a CM Market from other ROMs as well, or would this be only for devices running CM?

I totally think this is a worthy idea and fully support it.
Lue G
In before "CM is already bloated" comments.
Good idea! Would buy apps if the price is right and they are verified/reviewed. How would CM guarantee that none of the apps are keyloggers or phising /malware or such?
I would whole-heartedly support this if there was a way to ensure CM app store apps would be updated as soon as or close to as fast as market apps. That's why I hate the amazon app store.
Eric S
O would definitely use it, I'd love the know part of the money is going towards my favorite devs
Hello. I am the developer of Cydia, the alternative to the App Store on jailbroken iPhones. I have spent a long time building a payments backend that is scaled out and accurate, and have a lot of experience with this kind of community. I realize that Amazon brushed you off, but maybe you'd be interested in talking to me? ;P (I've, in fact, been looking at this exact problem--Cydia for Android--for a while now, but was waiting for a few other things to be in place first; however, with the involvement of CyanogenMod, that kind of indirection would not be required.)
Someone already said this but... Cyanogen bazaar or just Bazaar sounds very tempting. Dream big.
I don't think it gets anymore perfect than +Jay Freeman helping out with something like this. Cydia is the PERFECT example of this.
As an idea, it is great. But it is very important that it is implemented correctly -- that is, if this store is user-oriented rather than business-oriented (I won't go into that unless you want me to). Also, it would be great to get app sections that make sense and are usable (because the Market ones don't).

Does CM have dedicated user experience people, or just engineers?
The interface must be good, otherwise it will be like SlideMe
I for one think this a long overdue idea, and a fantastic way to help fund cyanogenmod!
Yes please. While I love XDA, it is a pain to dig up the latest version of apk's and ROMs there. I can see a combined Root Apps/Rom Store being a good thing. I'd certainly use it.

EDIT: Let's be sure to have some vetting though, I'd hate to see it become a pit for scamware.
I think that would be amazing. Access to all the apps that I would be using on regular basis without sifting through extra garbage or having to wait for the android market to start downloading all my apps just to get titanium after a clean install. I would love to have all my utilities installed before having the market start burning up my data when the apps are all on the sd card.
Fantastic idea! If this goes through I'll be using it for sure :D
I'm Dan Rather and I support this cause... no wait, I'm Sam. Oh well, I still think this rocks, and screw Amazon anyway, app tracking is creepy. Sign me up.
Sounds like a better SlideME. Hopefully the user experience would be better, because SlideME is clunky and ugly.
Just call it a community store. That way you won't infringe on Apple stupid trademark.
I would use it and buy apps from it to help support the CM team!
Jim Q
I can definitely get down with this idea.
+Ryan Palmer Thanks! Cydia now has something like 20-30 million users worldwide on jailbroken iPhones, so we have a lot of experience dealing with communities like this one (including all of the complexities that result from handling international payments, which we have now been doing for nearly three years). A while ago I had thought about "Cydia for Android", but given that a lot of the existing rooted users seem reasonably content with the Market, we felt we needed some kind of "hook" to make it work out; the hook I've been waiting for is "Substrate for Android" (which now sort of works as of a few months ago, when I presented on it during the Android Open conference), but that isn't quite ready yet. If +CyanogenMod, however, were interested in getting on board and distributing it, though, I think that would make it work.
Awesome idea. Started with CM 5 with my original droid and almost all you apps. I say go for it . Ill buy from you vs Corporate anytime.
I'll support this any way I can!
I would definately use cmstore as long as the prices weren't outrageous
I would absolutely use it and would love to see it automatically packaged into every download of CM!
I would definitely support it. I would prefer to see the apps on the CM store only.
I feel like I need to add something not said here, particularly with the US centric nature of responses here (it seems).

I do believe that a key aspect should be availability to countries other than the US of A, here in Australia and bucket loads of other countries around the world, most secondary markets like the Amazon App Store are unavailable without hacks or workarounds (read less than optimal experience). Android isnt just limited to the US, neither is CM. I think you'll find many users come from Asia, such as Korea (or so it seems from stats I've seen in the past). Don't ignore the other markets, and I can't see why this wouldn't work.
i'm onboard for buying i love CM ya'll provide a way to fix what carriers call "needed updates to fix issues"
I only use the Android market - but, I would use the CM market!!!
I will bring 30 to 40 people with me to support your market.
why would you include one-click rooting apps into a rooted mod's app store?
A lot of the issues i would have with this are already brought up, security, from the apps to the CC#s to the legal ramification of companies trying to get you to take down stuff.

Also i think if you are going to do it, do it yourself. Don't partner with amazon at all. I don't like them, as an app store, and i won't use them.
If you were to make an app store yourself, i would be more likely to use it But only if the item i want isn't already in the android market.

But in short, yes if you were to make a market place for root and. legal. banned apps i would most likely use it.
+Josh Leverette If you are able to install it on non rooted stock roms first you could then use it to download the one-click root apps to get you rooted.
An app store for root and other "squelched" apps sounds cool. Maybe you could team with the EFF on this. There has to be a happy medium between Apple curation (we can pull anything we like and don't have to say why) and google's. Maybe a "by invitation" app store?
Crazy idea but perhaps you can work out a system to credit users who get an accepted and merged commit to CM... it would be a win win for all. Of course you would need to filter out all the noob attempts to commit, but it might be worth looking into. So for example, if someone provided a useful addition or fix to CM, they get a five cent credit in the CM App Store :p
As long as it works on other ROMs too, sure! Bring it on! :D
pity i use leedroid, but its the same basic idea. rooted phone, apps should be available. I guess a "root market" app could be made and possibly downloadable on "market" but once again it brings in the issues of them blocking it very soon.
Considering they are removing apps which arent illegal i would have thought that is illegal in itself similar to how microsoft now has to give users which choice of browser they wish to install
If the app store was well designed (not like slideme), actually kept the apps updated (damn you amazon), and didn't have some sort of terrible drm. I see myself using it for all my non market apps and for most of my non-free (might as well not cost you server if I don't need to) apps (anything root/dev/customization related)
I think amazon has underestimated how far reaching cm is. They could potentially quadruple their sales but they are not seizing a profitable opportunity as they apparently do not wish to acknowledge the fact that cm runs in almost a million devices. Shame. I am all in for the cm app store.
I say bring it on... We have been waiting to recognize your work. Of the app store is searchable, keeps apps updated, then I am sold
On a side note.....would you use in app billing? :-p
I'd gladly & proudly support this. I love what the CM team is doing.
so koush , in short, you realized we need cydia.
I would use it. Would love to support developers and cyanogen.
I am on board 100 percent as long as updates aren't held up (I'm looking at you Amazon app store!) it would also be nice if it could be distributed via a normal apk so my wife could install it as well (I can't pry her from MIUI.)
i would use it probably but i have severel fears/questions/thoughts

if i buy an app on my Galaxy Nexus when the Nexus 4 comes out and i upgrade (as i most likely will) would the apps be tied to an account or would i have to buy it again on a new phone?

if miui or aokp installs the cm app store do they get to a cut or just cm or both?

if i install the cm appstore on miui or aokp do purchased apps stay purchased and install-able?

if a kanger releases a build with some build.prop tweaks and a new name (e.g. a cm compile with jpeg quality cranked in build prop and mod version as JP's rom-o-rama) how does the revenue split work?
They would need a way to tie it to an account +Johnathon Preston, otherwise, every time you flashed a newer version, all the apps would be gone...
A great way for the community to give back IMO. It can also show the manufacturers/carriers how much we care about OWNING OUR phones and how influential/large the root community actually is.
Excellent idea, and most certain needs to be undertaken. I would like to add that it would need to as streamlined as the android market.
Do it. We need you guys. You guys need to be compensated for your work.
Rom Manager was the first app I ever bought. I would be up for anything you guys put out. I'm sure the rest of the root and dev community would as well.
I'm using dooderbutt right now but I use cyanogenmod on my backup device. I love your work. Very few times do I purchase apps but if I knew it would directly benefit a great group of devs such as the cyanogenmod team, I would do it whole heartedly.
Fuck yes man. I actually did a google search a few weeks back for an underground app market for rooted apps, and was frustrated and disappointed when I came up with nothing. I would definitely support you guys--so please, take my money!
App Store sounds like a great idea. Count me in.
Great idea. I don't like thrid party app stores, but I would install and trust a CMStore. Maybe you have a naming contest like you did for Trebuchet.
I love this idea! I would definitely use it!
I would buy from that store. I exclusively buy devices that CM supports.
It will be great if CM builds an app store. I'd buy apps there simply because it'll have apps I want. Definitely not married to the Google or Amazon stores.
I'd prefer to give a cut of my money to you--Cyanogen is a great service, and provided you aren't jerk-ish about the way it's run like some app stores are, I'm totally in favor.
Sounds great to me! As long as it's completely available in Australia.
Perfect. I am tired of going to the Android Market and seeing apps blocked by +Verizon Wireless because they feel the need to block apps that would actually let me use my unlimited data the way unlimited data should be used.
All the more reason for me to finally start learning to code.
Sounds like a great idea. Would definitely like to see this happen.
I probably wouldn't buy anything in it (the only purchases I made on Android Market were during $.10 promotion and that's only because Minecraft was there to get me into it). However, if you allow developers to publish free apps for free I would definitely publish my apps there. I don't like using paid stuff if there is any way around it, and that includes Android Market's $25 fee for developers. The way I see it, make my apps free and use free apps and make the Android free/open-source experience better.

However, please make it easy to remove. One thing that makes custom ROM's great is the ability to tweak everything, and some people may prefer a market-free system with no monetary tie-ins. On that thought, a "Show only free apps" filter would make this better than Android Market.
I would also support this.
Why did the app store become to be in the first place? Cydia, this is only a step forward.
+Koushik Dutta I personally would buy from the cyanogen market. I would really prefer to give my money to you guys then to amazon. And having it controlled by people that actually use and approved the apps. Is a huge plus.
i would definitely love this and purchase apps
Please make it so that developers from any country could upload apps to the Market. That is one of the restrictions of the Google Market.
This is a great move for CM! Two ideas: 1) set it up so devs could get a cut for building it into their ROMs.
2) Crowdsource the moderation kinda like newgrounds used to (or maybe still do). If enough experienced users say an app sucks or is dangerous, it automatically gets removed or flagged for a moderator. Might make policing a bit easier.
Great idea as long as it takes security in mind. Where talking about Root apps here, so some sort of checks towards app safety need to be performed to protect the users. Providing these safety checks might just increase the load on your team.
Also it would be very useful it it would offer better payment methods than the default Google Market. For example; accept PayPal eg. something internationally accepted for which you could a method besides a credit card.
I would if it included all apps from Android Market. I really like the simplicity of just one app market.
Koushik, the more posts I read of yours, the more my respect grows for you.

This is a brilliant idea! It reminds me of Cydia for the iPhone (a market for banned apps) except that any cut CM would take would go to funding an amazing open source project. It is a win-win scenario for the type of people who would be interested in using/supporting CyanogenMod.
If you did this, do it right:

- Incorporate or become a not for profit with a legal counsel
- Host on decent servers, something like Amazon's cloud
- Possibly charge for access to the market, like $.99 cents for the app using paypal
- Allow for payments with either credit card OR paypal OR amazon's payment system
- Allow the app store to work on all devices. Rooted or non-rooted
- Have a simple download and install mechanism similar to Amazon's App Store
- Stay away from operations like GetJar. As cool as they are, using their app kinda was a crappy experience (my opinion)

- Get DEV's to join. It apparently is a nightmare to post apps at both the Amazon and Android App Stores, so posting needs to be simple to non-existent to ensure parity with those stores
- Make the costs to post an app similar to the Android App Store
- Determine a pricing model that addresses both the store and dev's needs.

Some other notes:

- I don't think that you could easily fund CyanogenMod from this initially
- Your target should be to grow the store first, make it profitable, and reinvest those funds in both the store and CyanogenMod
- The reason I say to become an official legal entity is because you don't want something happening after this store is running like what just happened with the TWRP. Additionally, if some group like the RIAA or MPAA decided to sue everyone involved, you would want to be covered from having everything you own taken in court.
Why not! Anything to piss off carriers makes me smile!
Tim KH
+1 from me, please do this!
Make ROMs a category just like apps and ditch ROM manager :) you probably should also make things device specific (ie voodoo shows up on the nexus S but not the Atrix)
I have to agree with everyone else when I say that I would be pretty sweet. Would love to see that kind of market, make getting root apps better and much easier to find. +Koushik Dutta Would you take down your apps on the Android Market and have it only on this then? If there is a way I could donate to this fund other then buying all your apps (which I already own) then please let me know.
I'd love a central repository where purchases could be made. Like +Cole Mickens my concern would be how it would be curated. I could see problems with accusations of "kanging" for profit etc.
I can't say I'd purchase apps from a CMappstore if it is presently available in the Android market just because Android market would me for widely available... unless you make it install-able on non-rooted devices. However if it was to purchase an app that was removed from the app store I would most definitely prefer to buy it from CMs store than Amazon, or getjar.
Anyway I can support all the developers, as yourself, to keep our freedom of choice, I am game and don't mind paying at all. I have paid versions of all the ones I use of yours... Nothing but support from this user!! And, I love CM!!!!!!
I'll throw my 2¢ in here and say that I would wholeheartedly support this app. CM was my daily driver on my last two phones, but I'm waiting for CM9 now and I love the idea. Someone mentioned above about leveraging existing ROM Manager infrastructure, but I think that you could take it a step further and provide a rom section of the market just like the Android Market has a Music section. For roms to be able to be included in this, the should just have to agree to include the app store in their rom. This brings me to the name! I think a name as simple as "Cyan Market" nods toward a black market but also distinguishes Cyanogenmod involvement without alienating other developers. I see a lot of potential support from this, CyanogenMod continues to grow and having this available on other roms might make CyanogenMod more known among other users. Also, go ahead and charge $1.00 instead of $.99. CM users aren't stupid and its just so much easier and nicer that way :P
As a consumer, I love this idea.
But I still think you will be labelled pirates or whatever else for allowing censored apps to exist, etc.
Would it be heavily moderated like the iOS app store or free like the Android Market? There are many important questions to consider. How will you handle payments and refunds?
Edit: this might also encourage manufacturers to lock their boot loaders, ertc. so that custom roms and this app store would be inaccessible on those phones. It might be a dangerous move.
What about just a rooted app store? Other Roms and cyanogen would get a percentage of the sale? 10% for the other 20% for cyanogen?
j stern
Do it...i will 100% actively use it on any basis..when looking for a root app hands down.
I would definitely support this!!!
Another point: Amazon App Store is unavailable in [most] countries. If you can make this truly international it would effectively be a second app store on my phone which is a HUGE win for competition, etc.
Would we be able to install it on non-CM ROMs? If so, I would definitely use it when possible to support the modding community.
Honestly surprised that no one has thought of this idea before. While I love that root apps can be bought and downloaded from the Android Market, there needs to be a truly open market where root apps could be downloaded. Apps like Transdroid, FaceNiff and WiFiKill would greatly benefit from being on this open marketplace.
I think this would definitely be interesting, and I see no reason for Amazon NOT to support this... their loss.
Have fun trying to audit all the crappy and malicious apps that Google deals with
As a user, if the prices are reasonable, I can find apps that I'm interested in, and I can feel a sense of security with my purchase, I will certainly use a CyanogenMod app store.

As a developer, I would certainly list apps on the CM app store, because I know the proceeds / percentage taken from what I would be getting goes towards a really good cause (if you want to call CM a cause). I think that only having root / removed apps might limit the CM app store though. Consider normal apps as well?
Legga L
Its called "Android Market" :)
I'm waiting for this!! I want customization apps for CM from CM store!
This is one of the best things rooted users could ask for.
I definitely would rather buy from a cm7 store than android market or amazon app store.
Another +1 here. Would definitely buy apps from the CM store instead of the Market.
I've got a name for your market: Agora.
That would be awesome. It would be a bit expensive to run your own private repository, though, wouldn't it? Or if it used a torrent-like program to download the apk files via computer, that would be awesome. The main problems would seem to be maintenance and cost of hosting such a repository.
Well it has to support other ROMS.....not everyone uses CM.
I'd use it, but I'd like to see alternative options for payment. Not as in alternative to money, it's just that creditcards are a lot less common here. Something like iDeal ( which is the standard in the Netherlands and a few other European countries. Not for individual transactions (too much hassle), but to create a wallet to use.
charge 5 dollars each user for every stable version rom download that is like 5million dollars . paying 5 dollars aint that much 90% of cm followers would def pay.
+Koushik Dutta why not just adding an extra page or section to the android market? Two markets are one market to much
+benny windolph - Because root apps are frequently booted out of the Android Market because of pressure from carriers.
I would use it probably at least as much as I use the Amazon store.
Yep I'd definitely use it.
DO IT!! you guys rock and honestly, you make a products better than they ever would be without CM. I will definitely buy app to support
I would totally use it. I love my root apps and I was very disappointed when I heard the news about your tether
This would be awesome! I would use it and support it!!
Why hasnt this been done yet?
+Koushik Dutta we need store like Cydia for iOS..Cydia is awsome it's havee tweaks, add-ons and other cool stuff
I'd support it and list my app "enhanced email" there for sale in it
Finding new apps that utilize root in new and exciting ways is always challenging. it would be interesting to see if market comments got smarter and more helpful.
I'm down... I would definitely be a regular shopper!
Personally I love the idea of a CM app store as long as it's done right :) Things I want from my app store: assurances that once I purchase an app it is available regardless if I change phones. An easy way to buy apps on the go. A mechanism to return apps if they are errant. Cyanogen has always seemed like a great project and I would love to see an official app store!
If PayPal would be a payment option I would definitely be a customer.
Soooo can you call it the "Black Market"? I think that is an ingenius idea Mr. Koush :)
This is post #1 on "What's Hot." Congratulations!
+Kinley Dorji i know, i meant to modify the stock market within the gapps to add a page or something that connects to the cm-server
+1 to this idea... This is how open source projects like this gets fund...
Depends how well it worked with update norifications etc. If it worked well I'd definitely use it.
I would totally use, but please don't name it CM App store, CM Market sounds much nicer.
+Koushik Dutta This would be a great idea, especially if we limit what's in this market to things that have been previously removed from the Android Market.

By requiring that an app have been removed from market by Google or Carriers, for reasons other than it being malware, at least we're not inviting the trash into the CM Marketplace

Furthermore, we'd do well by giving all submissions to this market a close inspection, We DONT want the CM Marketplace to have malware, especially since we're going to be serving up things like "One Click Root" apps for the various phones. Apps in this marketplace should have the seal of approval from at least one Cyanogenmod Developer/Contributor/Official Beta Tester
I'd pay to support. Premium or Donate versions of apps are great for donating
I would love it, maybe if they were reviewed for safety and not restricted to root apps and looked so much better than Market :D
Idea good but it must have synchronization with the official android market very well
Fully supporting this concept to a point where I could seriously consider ONLY releasing my apps on CM app store.
My only reservation is how you plan to guarantee app safety to an acceptable level (by peer review? By dedicated people?).
As an app developer, why would I support CM specifically over other app stores ?
+Joshua Kiley Totally agree - why would a user object ? Count me in. As for Amazon their store only works with certain AT&T phones after more than a year - I'd not wait for them to do anything really useful for you (esp. for Fire).
Good idea! If the CM app market would be secure (paying) and sales will be refundable for a short time (like the original app store) i would definitily by apps there.
I think the idea of a CM market is good, and I'd happily list my apps there (recently shifted to CM7 on my dev devices) but there are a couple of points I'd like to make (from an app developer point of view).

I'd suggest not using the Amazon app store, I can see the attraction as it's a pre-established store with some traction (and of course you can simply include it and not worry about anything else), but even assuming Amazon were willing to share there are a lot of devs who wouldn't be interested - I know I'm not likely to list anything in the amazon appstore mainly due to the speed, freedom and just plain hassle..

Make sure your back-end for developers is helpful, from stats to listing the apps to uploads, APIs to automate this would be great. Make it easier to upload and manage your apps on the CMarket than on the Android Market. Make sure your payment schedules aren't offensive to devs. If possible make sure you include the error reporting that the market has (in fact go better - which appears to be something of a CM motto - it would be great!).

If you want to vet each app first (and that could be a good thing) then vet apps as they come but have them available immediately with a vetted or safe list / badge etc - make the assumption that someone who has installed CM (or other mods) has the ability to decide between vetted and non-vetted apps. Don't make people wait a couple of weeks for an update and don't let the Android market versions of an app be a couple of weeks ahead.

And finally (as many have suggested) make it install on any device, so that you have a broader audience - the 1 million active devices give you quite an install base initially which should pull in developers, and the more apps you have the more likely people are to install on non CM mods.
If it was done right & I could trust it etc...
Great idea but I think it is important to include a mechanism whereby apps can be flagged as dangerous/ malicious and removed from the CM app store. The potential to do harm with rooted apps is huge so it will only be a matter of time until someone writes something really nasty. I'd hate to hear in the news that the fact that the CM app store allowed rooted apps was the cause of hundreds or thousands of phones being hacked/ deliberately bricked.
I am in! I would distribute my apps (AutoKiller and Autorun Manager) there.
ham zed
I am sure your app store will be much better than the "stock" Android market +Koushik Dutta , just like you CWM, and other apps.
I'd put my apps on there. In-app billing would be nice.
Nope. Ill pass. I only buy from the Market. I dont want to have to maintain apps from different markets. Amazon is annoying enough with their updates
wonderful idea. Remains to be seen whether paid apps (already not great on Market) would generate enough traction for you. For the time being, your ROM are free... that's (partly) why you passed a million downloads :)
CMStore might be the only place I would put my apps on other than the Google Market. You guys earned it to make some cash, which would go back into the project I assume.
Do it, but IMO you should get a partnership for safe methods of payment with companies as Paypal for example.
Still laughing at "bazinga store" :D However, don't know if i will use it as my first choice of download but i would install and use for sure. I think it's a good idea if it can bring some help to the Cyanogen world.
Yes! yes yes definitely would use it great idea !!!
+Koushik Dutta will it be open source/development? Would really love to contribute on such project
Please put a "license" entry and a filter for users who prefer free open source apps. :-)
If the store would accept other pyment methodas than CrediCard itcould become a huge success in Europe where till now many customers are left out by the all CC scheme of the other stores
many europeans (me included) never brought an app in the market because they have no CC
Let's see. A 3rd party app store from a trusted source that carriers and manufacturers can't touch? Yes please!!!
Answer is ofcourse yessssssssssss
"Bazaar Cyanogen" :D
that will be great, just like cydia on ios!
OMG, why did we have to wait so long for this idea. But one thing is for sure. If an apps store on this idea does come up, then the only issue would be that 99% of the apps would be porn.
gets my vote, only concern would be ensuring apps were safe to use and not intended to steal data.
that would be great just make sure you support paypal and other payment methods.
Sounds like a great idea. None of the other non-Google app stores are any good.
Sign me up, would need to be region free though unlike Market and Amazon.....
I agree with +Chris Perks if there are no regional restrictions, I would use it once I root my second phone
What I'd want to see is intelligent categorization and filtering. For instance, in the app submission page, there should be a "requires root" check box. That way, if I don't have root, I can filter those out.
Jason A
As long as the prices remained reasonable, I can see the community contributing to support the cause. Get it going!
Of course, I would love to see this happen, I'm in.
I'll buy any app if it's useful.
Great idea. Please make the CMAppStore app available for download via other markets, too, like SlideMe, AppBrain, Amazon's and others. That would increase exposure.
Devs should be encouraged to make a trialware version available whenever possible.
I prefer paid apps, not ad-supported apps.
its almost like we need some kind of interconnected web of computers that can share information, instead of cumbersome 'app stores'
I would use it, and I think it is an awesome idea.
Well, I'm gonna build my own app store, with blackjack and hookers. On second thought, forget the app store!

Seriously though, I'd definitely take +Jay Freeman up on his offer. "CMdya" or "Cydroid"? ;)
Heck yes I would by apps to support CM! Let's do this!
Definately love this idea, would support the CM team over google for root specific apps any time. you would need to support paypal though.
+Al Sutton I'm aware of the implications of what is involved in running a market. I've already helped build/run one. I won't get into details :P
My only concern, would +CyanogenMod police this app store? With root apps being readily available, this raises an extreme security concern. If The CM Crew polices apps submitted to their store, for security purposes,*I am all for it*.
definitely would, IF it was curated... can't have all the malware again, could we? -.-
How about general support for repos, like Ubuntu ppas. This is being done by but it needs CM to move it forward. Especially since CM prides itself in not needing gapps.
No. I wouldn't use it. I rarely buy any apps and the ones I would download are mostly location specific and probably won't be available in this appstore.
Make the donation button more prominent instead.
One stop shopping for root apps and goodies? HELL YEAH!!! Do it, do it, do it!!!
An app store geared specifically towards the Root community would be fantastic, I'd definitely use it to purchase good apps and support the devs who make our devices and community as awesome as it is.
This is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time. This could be a great place to consolidate all of the apps that we know are valuable but are currently hard to find and would help keep everyone up-to-date.
I think this is a good, and potentially necessary course of action. While I realize that 1 million users in the course of the Android ecosystem is still less than 1%, I could see this growing and potentially providing the leverage to eventually begin to wrest control from wireless carriers.

If this were available on stock ROMs as well (and I can't imagine that it wouldn't work there...), then us dedicated CM users could recommend and install this on other Android devices. This would help things hit critical mass faster.

Google is doing a great job with Android, but seems to lack the courage to really stand up to the carriers... (Although, I keep hoping that their plan is to put an Android phone in everyone's hand, then rip the carpet out from under the carriers by suddenly enabling all apps on every network. One can fantasize, right?)
I would use this app store, but only secondary to the existing Android Market. I would go there if I can't find something on the normal market.
Hi Koush, i think we can help you with the app store. We are Mall, the first ever Android Mall. Let me know if you are interested in a call so we can discuss in more details
This will make a revolution for the google market,
as a app developer, i will be posting to both markets, once my app will be banned from Android market it still be available on the banned market.
IMHO, Aptoide would be an interesting tool to start with. It's GPL V2, it's based in an architecture well know from Linux (Apt -> Apt+oide), by the SVN it really seams to be an active project and the interface between the client and the server is well documented.
F-Droid used as a base and it seems to be a one-man show.
In terms of Bazaar name, I think it should be avoided: search for "Bazaar Android" and you will find a site that creates Aptoide stores (repos).
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