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ROM Manager supports TWRP and Incremental/Delta updates


The other recovery ;) is now supported by ROM Manager. Just use the "Setup Recovery" button to indicate you have TWRP installed.

Incremental updates

If you download nightlies every day, this will be very handy if you're on a slow connection or have a data cap/limit. If you have a previous ROM zip on your SD Card, ROM Manager can send you a much smaller (20MB) incremental zip instead of the full zip (180MB+).

Both of these new features are in beta, so, use at your own risk :)
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Tinfoil hat time, its the end of the world.
Epicsauce. Mako twrp build scaled wrong?
+Koushik Dutta out of context...but how do I begin or learn what I need to learn or where do I begin if I want to do development for android like you do? can you point me in the right direction??
+luis zarate
step 1) get a programming book. maybe C or Java. read it.
step 2) write code for all day, every day. you eat, breath, drink, and dream code. you will write shitty code for the first 7 years, that's just how it is.
step 3) you do this because you love to do it. you live to do it. it's not about the money, fame, or women. you will skip parties and dinners with friends to hack on code. you'll stay up for 2 days straight to get an algorithm right. you sacrifice. why? because this is your calling.
step 4) 10 years pass. congrats, you are now an "expert" level software engineer!

not kidding. 10000 hour rule:
+Koushik Dutta since the day I have heard of android I have dreamed of programming but nobody has pointed me in the direction I need to go....thank you for the wax on wax off days begin... 
+Koushik Dutta As an electrical engineer I was mostly dreaming about circuits and transistors and layouts all day. It turns out that for my graduate degree I have to work on both hardware design and write software for hardware layouts. I feel the pinch of not paying much attention to software programming and just concentrating on hardware design/programming throughout these years.
+Saurabh Gupta funny. i have the opposite problem. sometimes I wish I could engineer/synthesize the physical/electrical component to some of the ideas I have. 
+Koushik Dutta haha well atleast there are some very basic C to Verilog (HDL) tools available out there.

Edit : Thanks for bringing TWRP support to ROM Manager ;)
Haha that sounds kind of terrifying... I mean, HDLs are decidedly not programming languages, so I'm kind of frightened what the output would look like. Though IMO Verilog is pretty easy to pick up if you know C and have a basic understanding of logic circuits and bit twiddling. When I took a digital systems class I think the hardest part by far was dealing with timing issues. Kind of analogous to race conditions in multithreaded programming actually.
+Ibrahim Awwal It is probably the worst way to have a synthesizable verilog code. But there are actually some solutions and papers on it. I tried some of them and the output was ugly but it actually compiled and was successfully simulated. I was just saying that there is atleast an option if one doesn't really want to spend time learning it. And yes learning Verilog is easy the hard part is optimizing the hardware (and personally I think the same can be said about Software)
Can't seem to find the TWRP-option.. Just me that's blind, or? 
Looks like it not rolled out yet.. What's the version-number? :) 
Koush I have CWM recovery touch intstalled via adb on GSM Gnex, retrieved from your official repository. Rom Manager never detects it as the latest version of recovery available and always gives me prompt to update to Even on the latest Rom manager premium with recovery setup, its showing me current recovery version as 5.x.x.x
BTW The CWMR is installed just fine and its not a corrupt installation issue and I have been using it for months
Nice update, thanks Koush!  As an aside: I'm having trouble getting ROM Manager to recognize that I paid for it on the N4 and N10, both of which are running cyanogenmod 10.1 or a CM based ROM and franko and stock kernels, respectively.  I purchased it for one of the original Galaxy phones (captivate), if that makes any difference.  Anyone have any suggestions?  When I google it, I get search overload for some micro SD card issue.
One question: are the licenses redeemed with a code for the device, or for the Google account?
Does ROM manager update Cwm recovery properly on the D2ATT galaxy s3
Thanks! I prefer TWRP but will sometimes switch back to CWM just to have the convenience of RM. Now we have the best of both worlds, like chocolate covered bacon.
Thanks! I really prefer CWM, but without it supporting encrypted storage, having TWRP support will be really helpful.
Thx +Jeremy Loper , last time I used it it screwed up my phone. I will try it again :)
I just wanted to give delta updates a try. But I noticed, rom manager downloads cyanogenmod for the wrong device (maguro... i recently switched to a nexus 4, and installed rom manager from scratch). now when i hit check for update or even download rom, rom manager directs me still to a galaxy nexus image. has anyone encountered this problem and knows a work around? my current rom is cm for mako, so the check for update feature should look for cm for mako, am i right? :\
+Nathaniel Pitts He is working on adding encryption support. That's a fact. I don't know when, but he commented on it a few months ago.
Putting in the extra work to make RM work with TWRP was really cool of you.  Always nice to have extra options. I'm a cautious guy and often have both TWRP and CWM backups on my phone--just in case.
+Martin Steil Click setup recovery to get onto the N4. It probably has a saved setting somewhere that thinks you're on your Gnex still. I suspect you used an app to restore RM.
+Koushik Dutta That did the trick, thank you very much.
You are right, I restored rom manager via carbon. but after deleting app data and even removing the app and starting from scratch it thought i was still on the Gnex.
+Martin Steil ROM Manager does a lot of stuff to maintain settings between wipes. This is to prevent the app from pestering the user to constantly reflash the recovery.
+Koushik Dutta Every time Rom Manager flashes a delta update I have to go back to recovery and flash a custom kernel. Do you have an option to auto flash the delta update and then the custom kernel? Thank you
I know it's a new feature but I have a bug with TWRP. I have TWRP installed, set up my recovery and chose TWRP, and I have external storage selected in settings. The storage path is listed as the proper TWRP folder but on the internal sdcard. I ran one backup like this from RM and it saved on the external where it should have. Once back in RM it still has the internal path and says I have no backups. Thanks Koush!
+Neal Wettstein Thanks, I'll be revamping how the manage/restore backups work so it lists both internal and external backups in the same list.  
+Koushik Dutta A friend and I just finished reading Outliers. It's an awesome read. Highly recommended. 
Thanks for the TWRP support the lack of support was the main reason I stopped using ROM manager 
Using pro on CM10.1, Nexus 4 - no incremental but full updates are downloaded. Anything to configure to do so?
That's cool Koush... When will CWM support ext4 on external SD? 
Thanks for the app. But now it doesn't command TWRP to flash yet, 'cos I tested it and it only had the phone (nexus 4) rebooted to TWRP: no flashing.
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