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Finished implementing the #1 requested/missing feature from Carbon right now... backup and restore of SMS. I ended up kanging most of the code from DeskSMS.

The nice part about this is that Carbon actually merges/syncs the messages with the existing messages on your phone. It doesn't blindly replace everything like a normal app restore would.
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Impressive.  I think I will go shell out 5 dollars now.
I don't use SMS though, I use Google Voice so I don't have to worry about this.
yeah thats a huge win, my biggest gripe with TB on that is if my backup is even slightly out of date i lose messages when restoring if i forget.
I used carbon to back up my nephew's vzw gnex prior rooting and attempting to flash paranoid android using a non cwm recovery.  Needless to say, it got stuck at the boot screen.  "Sorry dude, its 130 am, I gotta go to sleep, you can live without a phone tomorrow" lol.  I'll be restoring to a nandroid and install cwm tonite.  The carbon installation and backup process was very seamless though for the non rooted gnex.
+Koushik Dutta If you could find a way to save/write APNs in ICS+ that'd be amazing. Google removed the permissions I think so I have to keep reentering mine..
+Daniel Wilson I am assuming you used TWRP? no reason that should cause a boot loop.  did you maybe mess something else up?
"kanging". Love it. I'm kanging that expression.
+Scott Miller Yeah just Google'ed it real quick and saw some posts from 2010. Still, new to me :)
I don't check MD5s either.  I always use TWRP because it has a better interface and I like the menu layout better (sorry Koush)
+Scott Miller I told him it was the black screen of death, I thought he was going to cry.  I love effing with him. lol
For a rooted user is there anything this app can do that titanium can't do?
This is one of the reason that I'll buy this :-)
awesome! Carbon is quickly becoming one of my most treasured apps. At least one Carbon app is actually impressing me ;-)
Yep, I don't think there is any reason I can come up with to not use this app now. 
awesome! Include Home Screens and Call Logs and you will be my only required back up solution :-)
+Koushik Dutta can you make the backup file of sms readable with a text editor on the pc like the app sms backup and restore?
This is awesome and something that finally makes me want to buy it. Any thoughts on adding a call log option? 
I definitely miss the delete backups option, for deleting old backups to free up some space on the phone.
Great, now i don't have to use another app to backup sms!
Awesome! This new feature will let me drop SMS Backup & Restore.
Super awesome! Thanks for bringing this great feature! :)
Does it count if you take your own code?
Are call logs next in the queue? :3
what advantages do i get over Titanium Backup on a rooted device?
Where in the filesystem is the messaging store?
You musT be the dumb fuck that has spent the last few days hacking my tracker. well you had all my mail rerouted here so all i had to do was click the trace dumbass. at least I Get to tell you "FUCK YOU"
Thank you! You'll be getting my money , does this include MMS?
I still have no idea WTF +laura pierce was talking about. Just incoherent babble... That and a lack of profile pic/any activity leads me to be suspect...
+Koushik Dutta How difficult would it be to have the product remember all app settings (Folder settings in Gmail, usernames and passwords for apps like Facebook, linked in, Foursquare).    Something else that would be really awesome is if you could remember home screen layouts.   This way when you do a wipe and restore, you can pretty much have the device 100% back how you had it and ready to go instantly.   Just a thought.   
Not that this is a big deal but a good function would be a pseudo blacklist function to ignore certain apps like Google Music or games with huge files that are side loaded onto the device. I know we can "hide" them but its like icing on a cake.
+Koushik Dutta I know that function, I was just mentioning something to automatically be listed as ignored or hidden fresh off of installing the app. Its not necessary but it would be a little more user friendly for users like +laura pierce :)
Nice. Now I would really like to see a way to backup all but selected apps so that newly installed apps are automatically saved. 
I tried the beta and liked it, but was wanting for this and the call history/log to be backed up. One down. 
Damn +Koushik Dutta, this is great! I love it when a Dev hits their stride in app and just keeps cranking out more and more awesome.
+Koushik Dutta Has this update been released already?  I just updated on my Non-Rooted GNex and don't see the Messaging backup.
You made a screenshot of the screenshot capture window? I jest.

Cool feature! I have a few bash scripts with SQL statements that I had used some time ago to carry over my messages from one phone to another. I recall it was from CM7 to CM10 and the columns were all different.

Is there a similar app/way to backup files/directories. Is that a planned feature with Carbon? I like the auto backup to Drive 
+Koushik Dutta how about this for a feature?  A way for the app to know if there is a delta from what is on the device and what is backed up already.  This way it only needs to backup what has changed.   Sort of like an incremental backup...   Just a thought.
Want the user dictionary as well!
+Koushik Dutta that's really interesting that it's able to merge the messages.  I thought with the way the IDs were generated/stored, you'd run across duplicate keys and such and that's why I thought 99% of the SMS Backup/Restore apps over-wrote everything.  That right there is a reason to buy Carbon :)
+Koushik Dutta Thanks to +Chris Lacy's post, I bought Carbon Premium in anticipation for this haha.  I bought the Nexus 4, and this will be the simplest way to transfer my messages it seems!!
+Koushik Dutta Could you give details about your implementation of call log support? As far as I know the call log in Android has a limit (200 or 500 I don't remember). I use an app that gives you the option to ADD the calls currently at your phone's call log to the backup file (archive mode) instead of just creating a new file with just the current calls, which is the way that i backup my sms, because there is no limit for those.
How are you doing it?
+Koushik Dutta Is the ability to change where the location of the backups are done on your roadmap?  For example, I use Dropbox and would like to configure where these backups go rather than the root folder by default.
Definitely has potential but even the latest version hangs on me ("Zedge" and "MyUsage" apps are examples), no timeout and no recovery possible (cancel only option and then phone needs reboot). Also on a recent previous version would not work at all without root (haven't tried latest version without root). Nexus 4 on Android 4.2.1
I just updated but the option is not on my phone. Is this for root only?
Can you add call logs next? Sms and calls is the only thing I really care about restoring 
Can you please add Skydrive to cloud storage?
Alex V.
+Koushik Dutta Hello, your app is not compatible with the Nexus 7 anymore? I cannot install it from the Market...
Hi there.
I'm having an issue with the app and not being able to restore my backups.
I backed up to both Dropbox and SD card before I wiped. Was smart enough to check if the backups were on Dropbox (they were) but forgot to actually move the backups out of the card, to restore later.
Now that I reinstalled the app, after wiping, I was trying to restore all my apps and settings from my Dropbox backup but I can't. Even manually moving them (which I assumed would work) back into the SD card, the app says it doesn't find any back up (which I moved to the Carbon folder, where backups are supposed to be stored).
On Restore and Sync tab, under My Devices, when I click on USB Storage, it doesn't find my old backups, and when I click on Nexus 4, I get an error saying it couldn't retrieve my apps list.

My questions being the following:
- What's the difference between restoring from USB or Nexus 4 (I thought USB storage was SD card?)
- Why do I get an error when trying to restore from Nexus 4?
- Most importantly, how can I restore my apps and settings now?

Thanks in advance.
I haven't been able to make a complete backup since I bought this app. Half way through a app will fc and stop the backup procedure. Really upsetting
+Koushik Dutta can you add the 'date_sent' field from the smsmms.db file? Can you also add the contact name to the message in the output file. Just so it's easier to read.
+Koushik Dutta I'm running the Nordic Jellybean on a galaxy s2 I9100 - if the display font size is set to anything higher than the default, then you can't see the Select / De-select buttons at the bottom of the screen 
Good job Koushik. One of the backup related apps( removes the existing messages and replaces. This should be a unique feature
+Koushik Dutta Please provide a CWM zip version that I can flash when I install a new ROM so that I can pull important applications even before going into Web. TB allows creating a flash able zip. 
Out of curiosity, Why isn't the carbon app available on the samsung galaxy 8.9? (love the app btw. Works flawlessly on my nexus 4 and xoom) Getting the paid version now.
+Justin Morris It requires Android 4.0+. I think there was a bug where it wasn't allowed on tablets, so that may be why. I just fixed that on Google Play and republished. Also posted about it.
Would it be possible to side load it?
K Prom
Thank you, that was the one thing it was missing. Buying now. 
+Koushik Dutta Thanks for your reply. I can, I just need to know what kind of log, and how to make it. Sorry. Thanks in advance.
does carbon work if your device is encrypted
+Steven Moore Would love to know the technical reason why Carbon doesn't work on encrypted devices... Only reason why I don't buy the app as my phone is encrypted (yes I'm paranoid like that ;-)) 
I am getting problems trying to download it to my Razr and my Nexus 7. It stalls out at about 30% of the download and I can't seem to dowload the apk on my pc to install it manually. I have tried installing other apps and they all install fine.
 Any suggestions?
Love this app, when I get the cash in paying for premium, thanks for the great work
Great app, +Koushik Dutta I just bought the Premium version in order to be able to use Google Drive but every time I try to back up to it it gives me an error and says it sent it to you for investigation.  I tried to use Dropbox and it's currently backing up there.  What about Google drive? How come I'm getting this error?
Any way to zip the backup from Carbon to install while flashing a Rom using Rom Manager? 
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