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Google+ has suddenly become a cesspool of people resharing posts at a chance to win Android related shit. Can't click unfollow fast enough.

For all you clowns defending contest reshares, what you are doing is on par with the Farmville spam on Facebook.

Spoiler: you're not gonna win.
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The people I follow haven't been too bad, but I do see it a bit still. Never had the heart to do it to my account/followers like that.
Until more people migrate here -- it's gonna be that way. Sad, but sometimes, G+ is an after thought for posting something.
I'm passing by...
I am guilty of this myself but for the chance to win a galaxy nexus... yes my friends will sadly pay the price.
Yeah a lot of Twitter and Facebook mindset has transferred here to Google+ and that is far from a good thing
I am guilty as well, but only a couple of times for a Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime. 1% of posts I hope is acceptable.
I thought it was against +Google+ TOS to do contests on here... I'm pretty fucking tired of seeing that shit.
I thought its against G+ rules to post contests?
i put all pages in a circle.... and turned that circles posts off lol... although i can't lie, i did a few contest posts.... but its all +Prash D. 's fault!
I'm guilty of it, too, but like +Anthony Russo said, I try to keep it under control and to a minimum. As +Robert Scoble has said, G+ needs better noise control so you can simply click a "block similar posts" or something like that.

That said, I really don't care that much for being required to share the contest post in order to enter. I'd much rather a simple "comment on the post in the required format and you're entered" method. But ... I can see why the websites in question would want to do that, as well; they (in theory) get their site publicized much faster and pick up more readers, etc.

And I see a couple people above posted that it's against G+ TOS to do contests ... I'm not aware of that, and would be interested in a link to where it says that. I haven't read all of the TOS, so I could quite easily just not know about that section; I'm not saying I disbelieve them. ;)
I'm guilty of this myself. I think they may be getting around the G+ TOS because they're not holding the contest on G+, rather they are linking to the contest on their site.

So... no more contest shares on G+, check!
Prash D
Blame blog sites that make it a requirement to spam to enter contests then. I rather not but they specifically say to share to public. Otherwise I'd love to keep my non-android circles out of the android spam.

But now that you went and publically bitched about it, I will make it a point to only share those with you. <3
I guess I understand the "no contests" clause.
you have been entered for a chance to win a new car ....
LOL @ the fact that people posted on this post admitting it! Hahahaha #Lame
I guess this is where I hang my head in shame. I admit doing it occasionally. I try to restrict myself to doing it not more than once every couple of weeks or so, because I don't like seeing that kind of thing all the time, but it seems it's gotten out of control. I think that means I'd better quit before G+ becomes something I wouldn't like hanging around.
I reshare funny shit.... fuck unfunny shit
Weirdly, I haven't seen any contest reshares.
It's no different than Twitter to be honest. I'll admit I have done it a couple times myself. As long as it's not constant and the people are posting normal stuff, I just let it slide. I get more annoyed by the Foursquare and GetGlue posts on Twitter.
I'm guilty of it also this one time. But who wouldn't want a free android devices?!
When did this post turn into a confessional... lmfao!
We all aren't rich. So sometimes a simple reshare to win something isn't that bad
+Simon Brodbeck your idea about sharing to just the relevant pages is a great idea. The problem is these sites want to shamelessly promote and it is that same old Twitter and Facebook mindset of spam.
I repost everything I like on facebook so I can show all those people how much it sucks to not be on google+!
I just shared more funny shit.... really, this shits stupid funny!
Thank you, +Karl Carpenter and +Scotty Brown for the links. I see it is against G+ TOS to directly run a contest on here. I'm not sure that the Android Police contest is in violation, but it sure is a gray area.
Google+ should have the option to turn off all reshares like Twitter used to let your turn off retweets from everyone.
+Ben Marvin Or websites/companies can get their shit together and not encourage spamming.
that would be awesome if i wasn't reading spam 80% of the time.
Hmm, guess you're following the wrong cesspool of people, Koushik! I don't think I've seen a "win some crap" reshare yet!
+Scotty Brown That too. I'm guilty of taking part in it. I should probably just create throwaway G+ and Twitter accounts for that sort of thing.
At least it's not an Android developer that you happily donated to for an ads free version of his app recently starting some sign up for "exclusive deals from our partners" bullshit in his application...
Thats why I never post on G+ its all spam and crap.. ill read shit and if I deem it worthy Ill repost or reply.
I'm so guilty of this. But in my defense, I'm flat broke and my phone is near bricked. It goes into constant reboot loops, system crashes after 10 minutes, and all sorts of other things that just make it a pain to deal with it. Give me an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus or a T-Mobile Galaxy S II and I'll stop.
=/ guilty, but I'm stuck with an evo 4g that can't charge, SD card slot doesn't work AND I'm stuck with sense!
thanks +Pete Flores but not only am I on cricket but as I said USB broken, sdcard slot doesn't work and oh ya.. its s-on.. that's what I get for flashing ics while it was so new
Or you could Just Say No to chain letter style posts... c'mon, we're supposed to be free-thinking adults.
At least it's Android related crap, not iDevices or WP7 turd ;D
Oh sh*t, haha, do people even buy WinMo7 phones? I think i'd trip if i really ever saw one.
Pretty much they don't :D Only one I ever saw was a developer loan :D
I think all those contest things are fake, that's why I refuse to participate in any of them. If I want something I work hard, save money and go buy it. I don't have much but I have enough gadgets to keep me entertain and learn more about android.
looks like +Jose Rojas hasn't won anything in his life... Hard work is great, but why not get something for free once in a while?
They pretty much are Jose. Legitimate contests don't need chain posts, nor would they even care to track it. Far more efficient ways to achieve that.
There's a world of difference between 'I don't like how this is ran' and 'This is illegitimate' -.-
For all you clowns defending contest reshares, what you are doing is on par with the Farmville spam on Facebook.

Spoiler: you're not gonna win.
Guess it's not popular enough for normal daily use... it's a shame though :(
QUICK! Find any way to get people onto G+!!
First i thought it's an good idea but after a bunch of posts i can't see them any longer.
I haven't seen any. Guess I'm not following enough android fanboys.
I don't disagree, but I do think I have done a reshare once/maybe. I too unshare people who seem to reshare this stuff too much.
I've started to mute those posts, disappointed to see that for me so far it's someone associated with CyanogenMod thats been carpet bombing my G+ feed.
huh… just as +John Lyden I've not seen any contest posts... In fact I only see pretty damn cool posts
I've apparently missed this news. Oh well, not like I reshare that much anyway.
I haven't seen a single such post so far
They'll do anything to get on the public stream. Honestly this marketing is king attitude annoys us all but what would the internet be without it?
"but what would the internet be without it?"
a less annoying place?
Damn, heated debate eh? Don't uncircle me if you have me circled.
Point the finger wherever you want, but it's YOU who decides to click share. Nobody holds a gun to your head. Think for yourselves people. If people didn't do it, the tactic wouldn't work. Being annoying because someone said it's required isn't a legitimate excuse. Look at this heated debate. Gotta love teh interwebz.
I thought it was against the terms to run any comps?
Koush: is there any way to get an up to date rom-manager APK that doesn't require the android market?
Reshares of real content is perfectly fine, but resharing crap like contests will get you unfollowed. +1
Didn't Prash win a shitton of stuff last time by resharing?
Prash D
Nah +Itzael Martinez I won a caption contest, they're giving away stuff almost daily all December. It'd be silly NOT to enter those contests really. I normally don't win anything so that was a big boost in spirits for me :D
Well, time to mute this thread. Wow.
Ah, thanks for clarifying +Prash D. I still hate you for winning so much stuff. The only thing I've won from any contest is an app.
Yeah I'm making an effort to post much more on Google+
I don't follow spam bots like you I guess
^^^ Is this clown serious right now? Do you even know what a spam bot is? Scrub lol
Do I have a chance of winning something if I share this?
Yeah, I follow so few people myself (e.g., just people I personally know, and a few who are interesting to me in other ways -- like Android Devs) that it's not a problem for me.

I blame the people who follow for sake of following 'cuz "everyone else is doing it".
Real Talk. Contests are the cancer killing G+.
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