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My new app - Carbon (beta download below)

Sync apps and app data between phones.
Backup apps to your sdcard, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Check the video out. Drop me bug reports or comments below.


Requires Android 4.0+.
This is a beta. This version will cease functioning after one week.

This version requires root. The final version will not require root.
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This is wonderful. I'm very curious how it will operate without root. (I assume there will be a paid version later, or at least a donate version?)

Lots of questions about how apps will handle this, like what if an app stores data that is specific to a resolution or some such?
+Cole Mickens then whoever built the app didn't build it right. If it's something like tablet only settings then more than likely it'll have absolutely no effect 
I'll check it out. I have a nexus 7 tilapia on the way, should prove useful for transferring some apps. 
+Koushik Dutta so I discoverd a bug already.. You click on the transfer PC option then click devices then it force stops:p I have the bug reports. Just need a email to email them to
It doesn't seem to be working for me on nexus 4. I did a backup of an app to google drive. It gives me the backing up message with the blue line, then broefly pops up the black screen where I can enter an encryption password, then pops back to the previous screen. I let it sit a good 3 minutes for a small app (anydo), and it seems to just stick there. Yes, u granted it root permissions. Yes, I'm signed into good drive. 
It would be nice if separate folders were created for each device on cloud storage(or does the app do that already?)
Wait, scratch that, it gave me a failure message. But now there's a backup on my google drive. Let me uninstall, reinstall, and start over and see if it works.
Great work, Koush.  Is it possible to sync/backup to/from a NAS?
Seems to be working now, might have been a connectivity issue the first time around. I'll keep fucking around with it and let you know if I have any other problems. Looks awesome though, I'll definitely buy it.
I tried backing up AnyDo to do list app because it's a small app. It seemed to hang up, but it looks like it created the backup in spite of the failure message. 

I was able to restore AnyDo successfully from the backup. 
This is awesome. Can't wait for the final version.
Amon RA

Is there an option to select all applications? Manually selecting apps is only possible up to 36 apps on my Nexus 4, after that the app selection window get's too tiny to be able to select anything. I guess most people will want to select all apps the first time they run this app.
+Amon RA I'll be adding app batches and other convenience stuff. You'll notice system apps are missing too. I'm devising a way to handle that.
+Cole Mickens Want to try the rootless version?

Connect your unrooted phone to your PC and run this bash script (requires adb):

Fun hacky script that keeps a process with shell permissions resident to proxy commands. It's like Superuser, except for the ShellUser.

Shell user has magical permissions that allow you to run adb backup.

The reason I haven't released the rootless version is because I need to make a Mac/Windows installer program thingy that runs that for users. Basically going to try to make it out like a "Connect to iTunes" type thing, so it does't freak users out.

Just tested, it doesn't work (I had broken it). But I fixed the problem in my internal code base, heh. It's been a few weeks since I'd actually tried the rootless version.
Seems very slow, 5-10x slower than titanium backup, backup process is very weird, gives no indication on the process, with tweaks and improvements I'd like use it.
Can the app list be alphabetically sorted? Took a lot of time finding Angry Birds ;-)

Backing up multiple apps I get a confirmation prompt for each app from the system. I guess there is no way around that?
Looks very nice :)
I will try if I have more than 1 device :P
Great app, clean ! I love it. What happen with 2 devices using this app with the same account? Everything in the same folder? Any chance having different folders for different devices? 
Just take my money because I'm buying this app when u push it to Google play. I buy all ur apps just to show my support
Crashing if you lose your internet connection (One X) while selecting apps to backup.
It is beginning....
Now that every android application is turning my phone memory into garbage by writing directly on root folder instead of Android/data, my Google drive will also be filled with tons of folders I cannot manage
I have a com.koushikdutta.backup folder on my drive root.
I was just afraid to see 50 folders there in one year when more applications will use Google Drive sync
You could set this beta test up using Google+ events, thus making it very easy for people to upload screenshots etc.
Waiting for the final version, been looking for an app such as this

Would make it easy for those who flash roms
Don't like that troll face thingy you have used for the icon!
+Christophe Versieux com.koushikdutta.backup is the package name of Carbon itself. All Carbon backup data will go in that folder. It will not litter your root directory.
+Koushik Dutta Won't be deleted on Google Drive! :-)

Today, I have a com.koushikdutta.backup folder, tomorrow a  com.someotherapp.backup, com.differentapp.backup, etc.. 

Please use at least /Android folder on my drive and the Drive of the millions of people that will use your app.
Out of curiosity, why does it need Google Play Billing Service permission?
+David Hay It will eventually use Google Play Billing (in app billing)... I just have the permissions in there already.
+Koushik Dutta as +Amon RA stated, select all option is a must. Also, I would much prefer the apps to be in alphabetical order (or at least have the option to sort the apps list that way). 
Worked well. Would be ideal without root permissions.
Gave me an error very first time (when I was prompted by SU to allow it to run), but tried again and it was fine.
+Koushik Dutta  What about an option to backup just an app? Without data and with it's name and version (example: Carbon_1.0.0.apk --- not package name)?
+Miha Kukovec Well, right now the adb backup mechanism only allowsthe following:

apk + data

I'm not really interested in apk backup. Can always get the apk off the market. Or just clear the app data after a restore.
Can't wait for the rootless version. I've unrooted my GNexus temporarily so this means a lot.
I let it run, 55 APS to backup. Stopped with message "unfortunately carbon has stopped"
Nice to be able to sync app between devices. But I already have a great apps backup and restorer. Also why only one week? Is this going to be paid for app?
Perfect Idea man.. was looking for an app like thiss because planing to buy new phone :)..keep up the great work
very nice to share GTA save from your phone to your tablet
Seems to work purty sweet so far! Haven't manage to break it yet...
Where/how to find log file ?
I am running 4.2.1 on tf101 . was backing up to Google drive
Are all these permissions strictly required by your app?

Don't mean to be rude, just asking.
Nice app, only seems to be missing a select all apps button.
+Koushik Dutta - are you looking at either timed/cron syncs (either to/from G Drive or across devices) or possibly "sync on change" for app data?  
I may be explaining this wrong but in the same way Google Books syncs across devices so you can just "pick up where you left off" if you are playing games or doing something in an app it would sync the app data across for seamless "pick up and go" ?

As it stands...this app is already so much win.
Been waiting for 7 and galaxy nexus in sync
I don't want to steal the show but Titanium Backup already backup your stuff to dropbox.
Looking forward to what the play version looks and runs like! There aren't any "new" looking backup programs available that back up apps and their data.
Very cool - seems to work really well. Thanks! :)
Works great so far other than the dialogs having dark background on my tablet
This is awesome! Been waiting for this very thing. Will it be able eventually to sync the most recent? 
im waiting too, what it looks like...
Does the sync mean that it has the appdata, Like in-game progress?
I don't waste my in playing with tabs and phone, as I am a very hardworking and pious person 
Awesome! I have been needing something like this 3 phones ago. 
Shameless Plug!! And it's an awesome plug by the way!! 
oh snap, i tested it before reading it needs root :) you might get quite a lot of useless reports from unrooted devices. and i can apologize for my own behalf :3
How will this get around locks for purchased apps?
Loving the name +Koushik Dutta I see a lot of people asking the same question (root required), you already answered that. My questions is will it support Mac and does will this app allow me to sync my Angry Birds progress on all my devices? :)
Cant wait for the final release! This app will be very helpful when I switch to the s4
looks Awesome +Koushik Dutta This is the kind if app I've been craving for, and that Titanium Backup (as good as it is) really didn't quite satisfy!  A+++, instabuy once it's out of beta
Let's see how it competes against Dropsync...
Just installed this app on my Nexus 7 and GS3. Solid app. Using Titanium Backup has always been great, but app sync on the fly like this is unbeatable. Great work, +Koushik Dutta ... Looking forward to the completed app.
What a great app!

Only Issue I'm having is it is not fully automated like you demo'd in the video. I have to tap the backip/restore buttons for it to continue. 
Also I noticed that it only asked for root permission once, rather than twice like it did in the video.

I'm using the latest version of SuperSU on both devices.
Downloading and testing... Thanks! Keep up all the great work.
wasn't Carbon spose to be a name of an Android twitter client as well? 
Too many comments so forgive me if this is answered already.  I can send my Angry Birds progress from my Galaxy Nexus to my Nexus 7?
Arjun R
A version without root requirement wood be awesome. I've been trying to finish Zenonia 1 for ages and I keep having to start from scratch because of one reason or the other
I want to know how its will work on my phone and i have installed it so keep it up Dutta .
One note for +Koushik Dutta. The device name needs to be adjustable, for those of us who have two Nexus devices that just show up as "Galaxy Nexus". :)

BTW, this is working great on both of my Nexus devices (Toro/CM10.1 & Maguro/CM10.1)! Great work Koush!
Thanks for posting it. I'm slightly converned about the troll face icon though...
+C.A. Bolden Perfectly. I had some issues about 2 weeks ago so I did a wipe and updated to the FF02/FG02 radios and it's solid now. I've been dirty flashing CM10.1 nightlies every few days without issue. :)
Nice app, I tried backing up my apps but I received an error message while it was backing up. Also a select all option would be nice when choosing apps.
Will there be an option for a rooted version so we don't need the pc? 
+Ray Snoke +Koushik Dutta Would love to see SMS/MMS support as well.  Wallpaper/Widget/Home screen would be nice too if it's not asking too much.
Beautiful!  Waiting for batches and the like to be added.  Great work!  Will definitely donate.
Really looking forward to the finished product. 
So correct me if I am wrong, but this is basically able to backup a NON ROOTED PHONE to a ROOTED PHONE then?

Sold. I'll even buy two copies--one for me, and one for my girl who is constantly breaking her phone.
+Koushik Dutta I noticed you don't have an icon. If you want a free one, contact me. I'll do it the best I can, there's no harm in trying it, right?
+Koushik Dutta Mind if I mirror your video to YouTube? If you do, just let me know and I'll take it down, but I'd like something embeddable for our post.
It would be even better if we could use a custom cloud storage service that uses WebDAV :)
I just transferred my son's "Shoot the Apple" data from my N7 to my GNex.  The N7 crashed after the transfer. 
Hi. Iam a 40 year old. .. no experience in programming. ..can do some basic stuff in Android like routing. ..baking up. .. custom roms etc. .. am also a Linux buff..programming has suddenly caught my fancy. Could you advise when and where can I begin. .. wd like to be able to write simple Android apps for my smart phone. ... Thanks in advance. 
Nice app. Eagerly awaiting the unrooted version for my other devices.
Will it compete with Titanium in terms of features it has?
+Goran Tepshic the main feature which is free is an additional fee on titanium. uploading your backup, using media sync. i bought titanium but don't want to pay for an upload feature, i feel cheated lol
+kirk shaw i don't feel cheated at all, Titanium is awesome piece of software as far as i'm concerned :)
I'm already cobbling together this type of functionality from Dropbox and Titanium Backup. Looking forward to having an app do it for me! 
I would love to see a select all button.  

Also, the way the preview table showing selected apps is set up, it eventually will fill the screen and block your view of the list so you can't select any more apps
I need this type of app... i'll go and check it out...
Great app....wish it would sync to my google drive ):
+Koushik Dutta , nice idea for hooking up adb backup~ I sudden recall that had seen some guys ever mentioned sony removed the function from some of its devices, you may wanna to check it out. Personally not owning any sony devices, though.
But when i backed it up... it failed and sent a report to clockwork 
Thank you Koush for this app, looks like a great idea, but somehow my screen is messed up. I think it might be the theme I'm on (stock theme on ROM Jelly `Beans 7', by beanstown106). Also, and this might be there but I cannot see it, but is there a way to select the whole list?
remind me after 7 days, cheers for the work.
+Koushik Dutta awesome, any chance you will implement the webdav protocol? It would be fantastic use your application with my +ownCloud server!
It's so hot in here but iam just trinig to cool off
It's so hot here but iam just trinig to cool off
Installed on Galaxy Note 2. First impression.... after marking 46 apps for backup i can't add any more because the bottom display part which showing the added apps are growing up which each selected app to top since the selection part is unvisible. Please take care about this and add a checkmark for 'add all apps' I want to use Dropbox for sync... not supported yet. So how should I test this? Please go go go... this app looks like it will have a really chance :-)
+Koushik Dutta Since it uses adb backup, it can't backup paid apps? At least not on my rooted GNex on CM10.1.
To bad I cant select all. 
Non ho capito di che si tratta. Non e' comprensibile il linguaggio che usa

thanks sir ! will try it out... although the idea is ingenious !
cheers !
This is brilliant and I can't believe it hasn't been done before.
Keeps FC'ing on me when It gets to the screen where it askes for the backup password
Wow I'd love to try this on my Non Rooted device. Where can I sign up to be informed about the final release version? Thanks so much.
No luck with local or Google Drive backups here on my DROID RAZR MAXX.

* Got "Backup Complete" message almost immediately after selecting to backup to SD card.

* Uninstalled the backed up app and attempted to restore it from SD card. Immediately get "Restore Complete" message, yet app is not restored.

* Backup to Google Drive results in "Backup Error" and log being sent to ClockworkMod.
I know this app is not done yet but it will be good to add schedule to automate backup process. I will buy this app when it comes out.
And bulk actions! (All, all recently updated, all not yet backed up.. )
That's amazing if the final version doesn't need root!
Tested using Xperia S rooted with locked boot loader, worked fine but error message appeared "error sent to ClockworkMod", Apps appear in Google Drive but unable to load google Drive under Restore and Sync (possibly only very long load time?).
+Collin Anderson this is great on phones that lack large internal storage (Nexus 4) or for guys like us that constantly switch phones!
+Koushik Dutta how are you utilising the desktop backup interface from outside of ADB backup? This is the most interesting part of this app for me. I've been hoping to find out how to do it since 4.0,
This works like a dream to backup to cloud. will be great to see the final version :-) 
Thank you so much for this.  Epic.
I can log in to my Nexus 10 but not on my SG3. Both are rooted. On the SG3 I click login and it just does nothing.
Haven't done this in a while...Logcat is taking too long and Log Collector wants me to send you an email...thoughts?
Works well. Nice app. Could have used ut recently after I soft bricked my s3 when i wiped the boot loader... Lol
Very cool so far. Will post updates after I have a chance to play with cross-device syncing using the N7 that my mother should be getting this week... yeah.
Will this work w/ gwallet on Verizon s3 and surrive cm10.1 nightlies? I've heard of using, but I am unclear on getting that work. Any suggestions? Thanks I will try this now.
So looking forward to the final ;) I've chosen not to root my devices, so this will be great. 
Downloading it right now 
I got excited when I heard Carbon for android released. Then I realized it wasn't the twitter client that I had all but given up hope ever seeing. Now, I have officially given up hope. Thanks.
Jojsp G
Thanks men.. 
So far so good on vzw gnex 4.2.1. Plus one for select all option and alphabetical sort. Also would suggest ability to create groups. Will test further and report. No bugs noted yet.
I really like your apps... Could u show me how u make them... Email would be great. +Koushik Dutta 
I like the idea that I can back up to my dropbox
If you could get all my photos/videos to automatically upload to a Google Drive folder, I'd pay $5 for that haha. While I like how they upload to G+, Drive makes a lot more sense for my general use.
Definitely needs a select all and limit the height of the selected apps area. The app list area gets really small when it hits 3 or 4 rows in the selected apps area.
Will this work alongside my voodoo root back up?
I dont understand peoples fear in having root access. Sound like trying to run Linux without sudo. I'd go crazy
This app looks awsome! I might replace Titanium Backup with the final release of this... :-)
Yeah this app looks awsome! But I realy don't know how to download its software, and I like every idea used in this app! Nice work!
+Arnold Davie just klick the link provided in the first post, make sure your device is rooted and "install from unknown sources" is checked :-)
I hope Google pay you a lot of money to buy this and incorporate it into the OS :)

look forward to the final ver
There will be a version for lower version of Android? (i.e. 2.3.7 ;-D)
While performing a backup to Gdrive : An error occurred while performing your app backup. A log of the error has been sent to ClockworkMod.
While performing a backup to SD: Your app backup is complete

Running cm-10.1-20130114-NIGTHLY on Samsung GAlaxy Tab 10.1
Connecting a new device to Google already results in it automatically restoring all my apps.  Although I have told Google they can backup my app data too it doesn't seem to happen.  What takes me the longest time is having to go into every application and login (Skype, Github, Dropbox, Humble Bundle etc) as well as redo configuration (eg music off in many games).  Most significantly the app icons aren't put in their normal positions in my launcher (stock android).  This is what takes so long.
Akil N
And Forgot To Say I'm A Big Fan of Your CWM Recovery :)
Please implement as well the possibility to choose All Apps to backup without to select every app for himself to back it up ;-) Looks good so far... 
I like it. I can back up my games to Google drive from my n7 and then update my save game on my GS3. Notice.
Dave A
I'll add another comment in here about a select all button, that would be great. Selecting all of my apps eventually filled my screen with the list of icons. 
Yeah same here. I couldn't get through to all of my apps.
I'm a fan of the simplicity. I currently use Titanium, but it's a little overkill for what I need.
Very cool man..... I cant wait for the rootless version. 
Carbon work .. +100 for you :D
+Koushik Dutta  But , can you add the black theme(in the settings of your app) ?
Thanks ^_^
Could you please tell me how to root Nexus 4?? I am going crazy about this point. Ciao !
When you're backing a lot of apps, is there any way to avoid having to press "Back up my data" for every single app to confirm? In the demo video he had up there it seemed to be pressing that button automatically.
Great brother... i was thinking about this kind of app, just wanted to store my apps data but everytime i flash new rom , i lost whole of my apps data, i again use to install all apps, if this works then a big thank you to u.....if not then again a big thank you I'll rather wait for much stable version
Can't i backup to my pc....?? And interface is annoying , I cant backup my all apps because the windows down goes up and up and finally to the top, so this is annoying... plz fix it!!
+Koushik Dutta Been looking for an app just like this to keep my two HP TouchPad's in sync. Just tried it and here are some quick observations:
- Apps not sorted alphabetically. No other sorting options either.
- Sync aborts if we simply touch outside the dialog. Any subsequent attempt to sync just hung, and any attempt to browse the other device failed, until I restarted carbon on the other device.
- Need to be able to filter apps by installation status
- Is the sync always from the other device to the current device? A 2-way sync, irrespective of from which side it is initiated would be great.
- If the devices are on the same wifi network, will the sync still use internet? If not, why is it so slow to download? Would love the ability to do a direct sync, since I have a very slow internet.
- How about an option to restore just the app with no data?
- Doesn't detect app version differences?
Hopefully this backs up data and settings on all apps?
Oh, THANK YOU so MUCH!!! I got my Nexus 7 for Xmas, and knew from the start I was going to unlock and root it... But I was too anxious to play with it and got a bunch of games going, then I had been putting off rooting it so as not to lose my app data. You sir are the man
Will you be adding support for Box?
hey, I really like this app but one thing I can't really say I like is the icon. I got some experience with graphic design and logos in general so if you want to we can work together and make a better logo. All I need is file size, resolution and some inspiration.
Will D
Problems on HTC One X running MIUI, aborts on backup to Google Drive, and crashes on backup to SD card. Also no option to select all apps, and selection screen at bottom fills up so cannot select more after 40 or so apps.
Looks really nice! Thanks for all your hard work!
Will D
When it failed to backup to Google Drive, the app said it had sent you a report. How do I find & send you the crash log?
I have a problem. I have a Galaxy Ace with CM10.1 but every time I run your app, it forced closure. I hope you could repair that because your app will be awesome. Thank you for your work
+Koushik Dutta I've selected 28 apps to backup or so, and I have to push the "Backup my data" button every time (although I think sometimes it did it automatically). Also, when it finished I went to GDrive to make sure every app was there but some were missing and had to back up those one by one. Great job anyway!
I've been wanting this app for months. Thank you! I just purchased DataSync+ the other day when someone showed it to me ( This looks to be very good as well. I'll probably switch if it does automatic syncing.

EDIT: Some things worked, and some things left my Galaxy Nexus on "Loading" while trying to back up from the N7. Still looks promising.
This thing sucks idk if it me but it been performing backup on a game for a long time and I can't even see it on the app if its in the DRIve
Live the app just wish it didn't limit for many apps you can back up at one time
I am getting an error when trying to link my Dropbox account, "could not connect to Dropbox. Please make sure you have an internet connection and try again." I tried using 4G and WiFi. Please advise. Thx.
Damn, my Droid X2 is stuck on GB 2.3.x so I guess I'm SOL for this app.  Any chance you'll later add GB compatibility?
hrm if they're both on the same network is it possible to cut out the middleman and go directly over wifi?
Not on the same network. Verizon 4G and att WiFi. I tried uninstall and reinstall. I connect to Google Drive just fine, but get that error when I try to link Dropbox.
The dropbox error was explained - it has to do w/the fact that the app is in beta and not production status as far as dropbox is concerned so they are only allowing 5 connections to dropbox right now.  Once they update the status of the app on their end, the dropbox login issue should cease.
I see. Thanks for the info!
Eagerly eagerly waiting for the final version. Don't really want to root my phone but desperately want a full backup option. Thank you so much for working on this!
can you select multiple apps at once? (e.g I want to root my Nexus 7 but don't want to lose my data. When Carbon gets out of beta could I back all my apps up to Drive, root and wipe then restore everything?) thanks, can't wait for the final beta!
Hey Koushik can you add backup of messages and call log? i think that will pretty much complete this app along with all the other additions people have asked for
Just installed the beta. First impression:
- Looked for "select all" but understand that it'll be added later
- Manually selected all 42 installed apps
- Started backup to SD card
- When the display switched off (and I guess Easy Battery Saver kicked in) I got an error.
- Any chance of adding a "keep display on during backup" option
- Tried backing up a few apps which went fine.
- Can't find any info in the app where a backup to SD card is stored

Other than that: Good work! Keep it up :-)
+Claus Jessing There's a select all button. Admittedly, it is not well exposed. This will/has been fixed.

Can you let me know your app version code?

The display shouldn't need to be on in later versions.
Got home. Attempted a full backup (found the "select all" btw ;-) ) but the app crashed when I hit Backup - you should have received a crash report according to Carbon.

When backing up a handful of apps to my Google Drive there was no indication that Carbon was uploading to my drive. When the backup was completed the phone was lagging quite a bit for some time. I looked for Carbon among running apps but couldn't see it.

It would be nice with an indicator displaying the current status of whats going on.

Just a thought :-)
+Koushik Dutta one thing I don't like with all existing backup applications is the inability to take backup of the data files only, without the apk itself.

Would it be hard to have an option like that? To restore the apk with a link from play store and then restore data only.

That would save a lot of space for people that have many apps backed up...! (like me:) )

Today I found it's possible to fall in love with an app. ;)

I do wonder if I will be able to schedule backups/syncs to automatically occur?
Really great and perfectly simple. My only request would be a "Select All" option on the app selection page.
Cool! The app just went from awesome to awesomer! :-o
With Nexus 4, the Beta 3 could not restore my backup from Google Drive. Stuck at "Loading.." forever. Tried downloading the json file to restore with USB Storage luck, Carbon couldn't find it.
Any option to restore from a nanadroid backup?
+Koushik Dutta  Great app!!!..I am facing issue while using Backup in S3. "Backup Error :: An error occurred while performing you app backup.A log of the error has been sent to ClockworkMod.....Click backup to attempt to backup the remaining apps" could you tell me the reason ?
Hi, this App seems to be really great with the Sync Feature!
But are there no problems with the compatibilty!?!
The Developer from Titanium Backup says when after changing the Android System (e.g. from ICS to JB) or the ROM, only restore the App not the data! (FC or battery problems)
Isn't there a similar problem with carbon, or can i sync here without any problems?

I paid for the app but it won't backup to Google Drive. a black screen pops up then goes away then it says error and just wants to backup to the PC, which works fine, but I paid so I can backup to Drive. What's up with that?
Ah, duh, it would help if I picked "login" first huh?
... the premium package (which I also bought) is still named as "Carbon Backup"
Add a comment...